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Maura Grimes Toast
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Were not your traditional tech company and we dont aim to be. Going against the grain is in our DNA. Building a revolutionary product begins with revolutionary thinking. Thats why we value diversity background and lived experience. Together, we empower restaurants of all sizes to build great teams, increase revenue, improve operations, and delight their guests. We pair our deep understanding of the restaurant industry with powerful cloud based software and restaurant-grade hardware to deliver an intuitive all-in-one platform. Join us on our mission to empower the restaurant community to delight guests, do what they love, and thrive.

Toasts Data Sync platform stores the data entered into a Toast tablet, transmits it to our cloud backend, and transmits it to all of the restaurants other tablets. In the simplest case, this is a pretty straight-forward trip. But what happens when the Internet goes out? How do you keep the five tablets in your restaurant humming along, and how do you reconcile all of the activity youve recorded once they all come back online? Our Data Sync team tackles this challenge head-on, including: on-device database technologies, direct device-to-device communication, sharing business logic across the app and cloud, cloud messaging stacks, and event sourcing patterns. The Data Sync teams expertise straddles Cloud and Android technologies to provide this key service.

As Engineering Manager, you will lead the Data Sync team to deliver work that impacts Toasts success, and you will grow the capabilities of your teams engineers over time. You love finding ways to make your teams more efficient. You help connect their work to Toasts broader mission. You care deeply about helping the people whom you manage grow into excellent engineers and great teammates. You are interested in the technical work, with enough experience to make sure that engineers are moving in the right direction. On a given day, you might be reviewing design documents and PRs, coordinating discussions between teams, collaborating on roadmaps with architectural and product stakeholders, and conducting 1:1s with team members.

A successful Engineering Managers at Toast will be expected to do the following in order to drive impact within their teams and across the organization:

  • Coach individual contributors for professional and technical development
  • Mentor both new and experienced Team Leads in leadership
  • Guide teams to build systems that will scale to the next order of magnitude of growth
  • Drive knowledge sharing programs across the engineering organization

Do you have the right ingredients?

  • Experience writing, delivering, and operating software in a SaaS environment
  • 2+ years mentoring and growing successful teams
  • A strong sense of empathy for customers and teammates
  • A desire to build a diverse team that wins together and prioritizes customer success

Our Tech Stack

Toasts products run on a stack that ranges from guest and restaurant-facing Android tablets to backend services in Java to internal, guest-facing and restaurant-facing web apps. Our backend services follow a microservice architecture written using Java 8 and DropWizard; we use AWS extensively, ranging from S3 to RDS to Lambda. We have our own platform for dealing with user management, service elevations and robust load balancing. Toast stores data in a set of shared Postgres databases and utilizes Apache Spark for large scale data workloads including query and batch processing. We are using Apache Pulsar to communicate between modules and are exploring new NoSQL solutions. The front-end is built primarily using Angular and ES6. The main Toast POS application is an Android application written in Java and Kotlin. For data between tablets and our cloud platform we operate RabbitMQ clusters as well as direct tablet communication to the back end.


Employee Testimonials

Maura Grimes Toast
Maura Grimes
Field Service Coordinator

"Ahh toast is awesome! The people, the culture, the bouncy balls, the crazy customers, the killer POS system, and the incredible talent floating through the air. "

Edmund Korley Toast
Edmund Korley
Software Engineer

"I've been participating in the Toast2Toast mentoring project. As a relatively new engineer at Toast, getting the opportunity to discuss technical (and other) topics with a mentor has been really valuable."

Kendal Austin Toast
Kendal Austin
Sr. Marketing Manager

"I have a degree in Marketing Communications and have worked in B2B technology my entire career. My background ranges from social media to paid programs to product marketing. I heard about Toast from a mentor and was connected with the co-founder on LinkedIn. As the second Marketing hire at Toast, I've had the opportunity to be a generalist as well as a specialist, moving where I was needed as the team grew."

Archie Grace Toast
Archie Grace
Engineering Manager

"I looked at a lot of start-ups during my last job search and Toast was by far the most exciting. It was instantly obvious to me how the product is useful to people and why someone might want to buy it. The proof of that has been in the way we have grown and the excitement we have already generated. However, what really excites me about the company is that I feel like we are just scratching the surface in terms of what we can accomplish. There are SO many untapped opportunities around our product and as we continue to grow, I am excited about being able to explore them more.​"