Panorama Education: Engineering Manager

About Panorama:

Panorama Education, based in Boston, is a fast-growing technology startup focused on radically improving education. Today, 900 school systems serving ten million students have adopted the Panorama platform as paying customers including the entire states of Iowa and Hawaii as well as large districts like New York City, San Francisco, and Dallas. School systems turn to Panorama to ensure that each child is getting the support they need, so that more students succeed in school, graduate, and go on to college. Panorama helps educators monitor how students are doing across academics, attendance, behavior, and college readiness, and then coordinate action to support each child. Panoramas platform also helps educators collect data about non-academic factors that are key to each childs success in school and in life, such as social-emotional skills, safety, teacher-student relationships, and family engagement. Panorama has raised $45 million from Emerson Collective, YCombinator, Spark Capital, Owl Ventures, Uncork, and others.

Our engineers are changing history way beyond git rebase -i. The engineering team is involved in every step of the product cycle, working closely with Panoramas many other teams and our users to brainstorm and build solutions to educations toughest problems. Sure, we already have strong technical chops, but we constantly challenge ourselves to learn and grow. From lunchtime guest talks, book clubs, to hackathons, and open-source projects (both in the office and outside it), we try to improve ourselves as we help schools around the world do the same.

About the Team and Role:

In this role, you will:

  • Lead a team of 3-6 full-stack engineers focused on delivering solutions to fascinating and challenging problems, for example:
    • Designing reporting architectures that allow exploring a whole state's worth of student academic data to determine how they can best support each and every school system.
    • Building intuitive user workflows to allow educators to quickly identify at-risk students and easily set up plans for intervention across every year of a student's education.
    • Creating novel data visualizations that uncover insights from school districts dizzying variety of data sets.
  • Help to hire, onboard, and grow engineers, both on your team and in supporting your peer engineering managers.
  • Serve as a coach, teacher, and mentor with a laser focus on helping engineers grow and learn on a daily and weekly basis. Continuous improvement and professional growth for all Panorama team members is an extremely important part of our culture and success.
  • Guide your team to build systems that will scale to the next level of growth.
  • Partner cross-functionally with your product, design, and other functional team peers to make sure that we are delivering the best value for our clients and the educators we serve.
  • Jump in to help the team by facilitating a design session, organizing the next sprint, clarifying the technical solutions across teams, or even writing, testing, reviewing, debugging, deploying, and occasionally being frustrated by code.

Our ideal candidate:

  • Has experience as an engineering manager helping teams to deliver products and achieve ambitious team goals.
  • Thrives on collaborating and working side-by-side with engineers, product managers, and designers to collectively figure out what's next.
  • Has an outstanding ability to communicate and influence both within their team and throughout the company. (Could even enjoy writing on our engineering blog!)
  • Believes that one of the greatest levers for their team's success is enabling the growth of every one on their team
  • Is comfortable with the challenges of a rapidly growing startup, and the continuous improvement needed to balance existing systems and processes with the need to modify them to meet the needs of the business.
  • Has hands-on coding skills and significant experience with web app development and deployment -- we want you to know what its like to be an engineer, even if that's not where you spend most of your time these days.

Panorama Education is dedicated to building a diverse and inclusive company because we serve students, educators and families from tremendously diverse backgrounds and identities across the country; weve seen how our product and impact are strengthened the more we reflect that diversity. In addition, we have found (and we believe the research) that diverse teams are higher-performing, and we embrace the varied perspectives that our team members share with each other. As such, we are an Equal Opportunity Employer.


Employee Testimonials

Jacob Evelyn
Software Engineer

I love working at Panorama Education because... I get to see the human side of engineering work. We're solving hard technical problems, but not to show more ads to people who don't want them—we're solving hard problems to make people's lives better. Period. Getting to talk to educators and see the impact of the work we do is what gets me excited for work every single day.

Sarah Robinson
Product Manager

I love working at Panorama Education because... we truly lead with our mission. When we consider a new feature for a product, we do not ask, "Will this lead more people to buy our product?" We ask, "Will this help educators improve students' outcomes?"

Stephen Eckenrode
Software Engineer

I love working at Panorama Education because... I get to help build products that really make a difference in the schools we work with.  It’s really cool to be able to come to work, solve hard problems, and see the effect we have at the end of the day.

Mitch Peabody
Lead Software Engineer

I love working at Panorama Education because... the engineering culture is thoughtfully deliberate about delivering high quality products that meaningfully impact the lives of students.