iZotope: Email Marketing Manager
60 Hampshire Street
Cambridge, MA 02139


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Q1 - What is the job title for this role?

Email Marketing Manager

Q2 - What is the job title for the manager of this role?

Director of Ecommerce and Demand Generation

Q3 - What location(s) are we open to hiring this role in?

Cambridge, MA

Q4 - What would you consider the charter of this role (why is this role important to the organization)?

This role will serve as the in-house email marketing expert and will manage a small team responsible for launching email campaigns, newsletters, and building our subscriber lists. Duties also include managing email databases and driving email segmentation strategy built on personalization and targeting of customers and prospects.

Q5 - What are the primary activities that this person will do on a frequent basis (takes up more than 50% of their time or is the sole provider of this activity)?

Driving revenue growth by developing effective email marketing programs

Creating and executing email marketing campaigns, ensuring brand consistency across all efforts

Developing email test plans (A/B, multivariate, etc.), reporting on key performance indicators and identifying actionable insights

Driving email segmentation strategy built on personalization and targeting of customers and prospects

Collaborate across groups, including product marketing, content, design, and customer care to ensure optimized performance of campaigns and communication

Creating and managing the email calendar to ensure all efforts meet deadlines

Analyzing campaign performance, identifying areas for improvement

Conducting regular QA of our communications

Managing third-party vendors

Q6 - How seasoned does this person need to be to accomplish those primary activities?

5+ years of experience

Q7 - What are the activities that you would consider important and impactful, but occurs episodically, only certain times on the calendar, or more infrequently than the primary activities?

Managing third-party vendors

Q8 - What are the elements that you would consider as nice-to-have's for this role?

Strong knowledge of:

Adobe Campaign


Marketing Automation

Q9 - How often does this person truly work independently, potentially with a lot of ambiguity?


Q10 - Does this role have any educational or professional certification requirements?

Yes, Bachelor's degree in marketing or related field

Q11 - What departments will this person be working with on a regular basis?

Operations (Finance, IT, HR, Admin, Legal)



Customer Care

Q12 - Generally, how would you describe the decision making of this role?

Final Decision Maker Regarding Strategy

Provides Input on Department-level Activities

Provides Subject-Matter Expertise to Final Decision Maker

Provides Input from Day-to-Day Experience

Q13 - Does this person manage or lead anyone?


Q14 - What roles/titles will they be managing or leading?

Email Marketing Specialist

Email Marketing Producer

Q15 - Will their staff be local, remote, or working from another iZotope office?

Local (within the same location as the manager)

Q16 - How many prior years of experience does this person need to have managing people?


Q17 - What does success look like for this role?

Meeting email sales goals

Setting up an efficient email marketing operation, including automation

Successful mentoring of team on the best in email business practices

Whats it like to work at iZotope?

Were the leaders in intelligent audio production and youll see that all iZotopians have a passion for what we do. Our company, our market and our customers are growing fast. This means all iZotope employees are engaged in interesting and challenging work. We have the opportunity to try new and different things and lots of room for career enrichment. We work with exceptional colleagues and foster an environment that empowers those closest to the work to make decisions and provide each other the support to move quickly and learn as we go. iZotope combines the excitement and pace of a startup with the stability and work/life balance of a market leader. Plus, its really cool to work for a company in the music and film industry!