Vertica: Ecosystem - Systems Software Engineer at Vertica
150 Cambridge Park Drive - 8th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02140


Develop innovative features in the core Vertica database engine and build integrations with all the different systems and building blocks adjacent to Vertica that are used to create modern big data applications. You’ll become an expert in many of the latest tools and systems in the big data space, both open source and proprietary, to empower developers and end users to create scalable, secure big data solutions with ease.


The following post describes an open position on the Vertica Ecosystem team located in Cambridge, MA.

The Vertica Ecosystem team is looking for multifaceted software engineers to help us take our Big Data Analytics Platform to the next level. A database platform is only as good as the solutions it enables. To make compelling applications it must be easy for developers to build upon Vertica and integrate Vertica seamlessly with the surrounding software stack.

Vertica was founded on the idea of “using the right tool for the job”, and in a modern big data solution, there’s many pieces to that puzzle, from traditional database world of SQL, ETL, BI & reporting, to the open source Apache data infrastructure world of hadoop, kafka & spark, to the cloud & devops infrastructure-as-code world of docker, ansible, Kubernetes and AWS.
The ecosystem team has their finger on the pulse of the latest trends in the big data & enterprise IT software space. We have to see through the hype and build database features, tools, apis and integrations to make it easier for Vertica users to design compelling, scalable solutions to big data problems using Vertica together with many other tools and home-grown application logic.

We need a self-directed engineer who is capable of solving problems in diverse areas, including:

  • Distributed systems
  • Systems programing
  • Networking
  • Security
  • Operating system integration
  • Application middleware and API design


Your responsibilities will include:

  • Design, build, maintain and own multiple independent integration projects across a variety of languages, tools and paradigms (Example:
  • Design and implement features in the Vertica Analytics Platform to enable better experiences for application developers and administrators
  • Define requirements for new features in collaboration with Product Managers, Support Engineers, and customers
  • Diagnose, debug, and resolve product issues discovered during the development process and coming from customers
  • Understand the big data technology space and evangelize internally & externally on how developers can leverage Vertica to solve challenging technology problems


The recommended requirements the candidate should meet are:

  • Bachelor, Masters, or PhD in Computer Science, Engineering, or related field
  • Strong understanding of data structures, algorithms, and software engineering practices for sustainable application development
  • Strong knowledge programming language concepts, intimate experience with at least one of C++, Java or Python, and an interest in learning several new languages as needed
  • Familiarity with the challenges inherent to distributed applications and concurrent programming
  • Comfortable writing software for Linux and working on Linux
  • Familiarity with some of the popular tools in some of these different areas
    • Databases: ODBC/JDBC, SQL Server, postgres
    • Data Infrastructure: hdfs, spark, kafka, s3
    • Operations: ansible, cloudwatch, docker, Kubernetes, RPM
    • Administration: Active Directory, AWS IAM/KMS,

About our team 

The best ideas often come from fresh perspectives. At Vertica, our open-minded, diverse and inclusive team is always learning from each other. We approach intellectually challenging work with a "get it done" attitude. Vertica Engineers are given significant latitude and support to pursue what they are passionate about to make Vertica an even better place.  If you are excited about building great technology with a proactive team, you will find yourself in good company at Vertica. Welcome to the family.  


About our product 

Vertica is a recognized leader in analytics powering some of the world’s most data driven organizations like Uber, Wayfair, Intuit, Cerner, and more.  Our columnar, MPP, distributed database delivers unprecedented speed, petabyte scale, with analytics and machine learning functions built into the core.  

We believe the future belongs to the fast. Join us for the ride!