EF Education First: Director of Summer Programs

Do you like to build strong teams, train staff and help them grow? Have you ever looked at a large-scale event and seen areas for improvement? Do you like working in a fluid environment? Have you ever worked at or managed a summer program, summer camp, or college orientation program?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, a role as Director of Summer Programs at EF High School Exchange Year may be right for you.

The Role:

  • Provide oversight and guidance for a fulltime team of two that run day-to-day operations for two summer programs serving 3,000 high school foreign exchange students
  • Oversee the recruitment, hiring, and training of 150+ staff and volunteers
  • Act as the second line of support for customers during escalated situations
  • Execute existing, and look for ways to improve communication plans to quickly distribute information to 16 customer support teams around the world
  • Conduct site visits and review contracts for transportation and accommodation
  • Review and create content annually to ensure our programs continue to meet the needs of the business and our customers

You should:

  • Have 3+ years of staff management experience
  • Have experience with staff recruitment and training
  • Be comfortable in an ever changing environment
  • Have the desire to travel frequently for 6-7 consecutive weeks to the greater New York City area
  • Have some experience handling escalated customer service situations
  • Be familiar with the travel industry
  • Feel comfortable supporting remote workers
  • Excel at thinking on your feet in a fast-paced environment, making critical business decisions as situations arise

The ideal candidate will also:

  • Have experience conducting site visits and reviewing contracts
  • Have experience working with or running youth-serving summer programs
  • Be comfortable driving in a city

Employee Testimonials

Helene Vincent
Manager of Product Innovation, Language Immersion Tours

It's a big university town so there are always concerts and cultural events. There are also people from all over the world so you can hear all kinds of languages. It's large enough to be exciting, but small enough that we have a real sense of community.

Kate Berseth
Executive Vice President

I was used to a fast-paced and informal environment in previous companies, but I think what sets EF apart is the physical office space – light, open, minimal, elegant, fun and happy. It sold me the first time I walked into the Boston office.

Angela Xu
EVP, Recruitment and Employee Development

I love the fact that there are so many universities in Boston, a city of culture and intelligence. There are so many meet ups you can join, to meet new people.