: Director, Salesforce Development
60 State Street, Suite 800
Boston, MA 02109

Employee Testimonials

Ellen Thompson Pluralsight


The Opportunity 
The ideal candidate will be a leader with a great track record of leading the development of large complex Salesforce software projects and someone who is passionate about leading and improving software engineering processes and practices. Additionally, great organizational and communication skills, a keen sense of process improvement, and a strong desire to solve business problems are essential in this role.
Who you are:

  • A self-starter. You like to understand the expected outcome, get the context, and then work entrepreneurially to get it done.
  • Thinking about the tradeoffs between risk tolerance and common sense.
  • An amazing communicator and effective influencer. People trust and follow you.
  • A lifelong learner. You are curious by nature and are constantly learning on the go and discovering better ways of doing things.

What you’ll own:

  • Lead the Salesforce engineering team within the enterprise applications team 
  • Engage with business leaders in technology, sales, marketing, finance and other business functions to influence and create the right technical solutions to solve business problems and improve business processes
  • Oversee consultants and vendors when engaged on engineering projects and technical feasibility of solutions 
  • Provide the right training and recommendations to drive effective technical design across the product teams
  • Oversee accountability around performance agreements
  • Develop and facilitate a continuous learning environment investing in the product team members professional growth

Experience you’ll need:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field 
  • 10+ years in Software Development/Engineering
  • 8+ years of hands-on experience in Salesforce Development experience in terms of Sales Cloud, CPQ, Service Management and Communities 
  • 3+ years in a direct employee management role as a in leadership role 
  • Deep understanding of Agile 
  • Experience working alongside business and technology leaders to solve complex business and technology problems
  • Experience driving positive change
  • Experience building and fostering relationships with other groups within the organization
  • Strong decision-making skills
  • Able to cultivate collaboration and manage expectations with various groups of technology and business experience 

Employee Testimonials

Ellen Thompson Pluralsight
Ellen Thompson
Special Projects Leader

My 2.3 years of being a part of Pluralsight has been one of the most rewarding experiences for me both personally and professionally. I've been able to work with THE brightest and kindest people, all of whom are united together to change the world for the better. Pair this with the incredible benefits packages, extraordinary leadership team, and steady astronomical success? If you had asked me if it was possible to find a company like this ~2 years ago, I would've said no.

Shayna Cummings
Software Engineer

Shayna is passionate about advancing educational opportunities for everyone. She serves as a Director for Women Who Code in Boston, a teaching assistant for Girl Develop It and an instructor at General Assembly.

“Greater access to technical education is not only essential for empowering learners, but integral to helping our industry grow and bring in the diversity needed for businesses to evolve. Women and people from underrepresented backgrounds in tech need to be supported and empowered to grow in their roles.

Tech is changing (and has already changed) everything about our lives, and the more people involved in the creation and decision making, the better."

Senior Content Technologist

Isaac is an author, speaker, technologist and STEM education advocate, and currently leading the Pluralsight Skills Strategy team. He is active in STEM/STEAM initiatives, and is focused on improving lives through education.

"Pluralsight’s mission is my mission. I had an experience where I realized I wanted to do something about STEM education. Not just worry about it, not complain
that, ‘someone ought to do something,’ but to actually find a career path that will allow me to make a difference. I found Pluralsight, and the rest is history.

Doing things for myself makes me happy; doing things for others makes me joyful."

Maureen Botoman
Engineering Manager

A self-taught programmer, Maureen is a strong advocate for junior devs. She was pivotal in starting Pluralsight’s summer internship program, now in its second year, and is a teaching assistant for the organization Girl Develop It.

“The commitment to being a steward of our community, both in Utah and globally, is one of my favorite things about Pluralsight. We are all so fortunate to have the opportunities that we have, and as a company, we need to come together to help other people receive the same opportunities. We empower people from all walks of life to obtain the tools and skills needed to change the world. Creating pathways for success for people to skill up and find meaningful work, whether or not they grew up with financial means, is one of the most rewarding things I have ever worked on.”

Lead Analytics Engineer - Experienc

Curtis is a data visualization expert and Tableau Ambassador, and holds the title of 2016 Tableau Iron Viz champion.

“It’s hard for me to envision a future where my children don’t have the fundamental need for being well-versed in technology. Pluralsight is working on making that a reality in our schools. Our commitment to uplifting the lives of youth is one of the biggest reasons I came to work here.

My favorite opportunity that has stemmed from my Tableau Ambassador status is being able to teach data visualization in the MSIS program at the University of Utah. It’s really cool to be able to promote online technology education by day, and contribute in the classroom environment by night!”

Saswati Samantaray
Data Science Analyst

At the age of 25, Saswati moved from India to Utah to pursue a master’s degree in information systems.

“Coming from a culturally diverse and vibrant country like India, I have witnessed people who have access to the highest level of education, and also people with strong potential who have no access. Working for Pluralsight gives me immense pleasure because of the hope that we will be able to make a positive impact and elevate the lives of bright young people.

At Pluralsight we are a community of lifelong learners—we adapt to change and move forward. There is no greater privilege than doing the work that you actually love, and contributing to build a brighter future for society.”