ezCater: Director of Sales, Caterer Partnerships
40 Water Street
Boston, MA 02109

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ezCater is the worlds largest online marketplace for catering a $60+ billion market in the U.S. We make it superbly easy for businesspeople to find and order great food for meetings and events, and we help our catering partners grow their business. Were backed by $320 million in venture funding and in early 2019 were valued at $1.25 billion. Our mission is to power the worlds catering, and well make it happen even more surely if you come help us.

People love our service. Here at ezCater, our inside sales teams help people learn about us and become complete converts dare we say, addicts to our marketplace and suite of products. In its essence, our sale is conversational with a strong message, helping business professionals discover that they can order all their catering through us. As our Director of Sales for Caterer Partnerships, youll develop strategic and tactical plans for developing business and achieving ezCaters monthly, quarterly, and yearly sales objectives - all while contributing to ezCaters long-term vision and success.

What youll do:

  • Build, manage and develop a world-class sales team. You'll work with managers to deliver rapid, profitable growth.

  • Lead. You'll be a coach of two to four managers who have teams of ~10 team members each.
  • Coach. You'll help your junior managers become senior, and your senior managers become even better at their craft.

  • Invent. Weve been selling ezCater for 10+ years, but are always reinventing our inside sales efforts.

  • Provide Data. Create and advertise weekly, monthly and quarterly sales goals, while keeping the CSO (and more importantly the members of your team) apprised of the org's vision, goals, and progress. Youll also identify opportunities for improved sales efficiencies.
  • Hire and Train. You will also be heavily involved in learning and further developing the hiring process for our next generation of superstars. Working with our Sales Enablement Associate, youll have the chance to make our training program top notch for the dozens of new reps that will be hired over the upcoming 12 months. Youll possibly (and more likely) also need to hire and train managers to lead your team.
  • Collaborate. You'll collaborate with our Marketing department to help with targeting and lead generation, and our Customer Service Ninjas for killer support.

  • Implement infrastructure and systems to support the success of the sales organization.

  • Monitor customer, market and competitor activity, while providing feedback to inform product roadmap and marketing priorities.

  • Be Prepared. You need to know your stuff before you can teach it to someone else. Come in ready to learn the job that youre teaching others how to be better at first.


  • Have 5+ years experience building and managing high-performing sales teams.

  • Have 10+ years experience being a part of high-performing sales teams.

  • Have led and grown revenue to a large scale (like $50M+ annual revenue business)

  • Have experience leading a team of 20+ Sales Reps, and experience managing multiple managers with teams of 5+ Sales Reps

  • Love people. Youve hired, managed, and grown sales managers who are professional, personable, and effective mentors of great closers.
  • Understand Transactional Sales Cycles. The sale is a short cycle, phone-based, conversational sake. A lot of your deals close on the first call, and some need to be followed up with for a few weeks and be able to tell the difference. Your performance will be measured in your teams ability to deliver thousands of caterers a month - every month.
  • Be numbers-driven. You get that sales is a machine. Youve got your favorite ways to measure results and Excel is your friend - even better if you know SQL.
  • Be a success. People have worked for you more than once.
  • Be technically savvy. CRM and SFA tools are childs play to you.
  • Be nice. You play well with others and command credibility, too.

  • Understand and have experience selling to admins, sales people, and other business professionals.

What youll get from us:

Above all, youll get a tremendous opportunity to make an impact and grow yourself, all while keeping sane working hours and having flexibility around work/life balance. Have people in your life of any age who always, often, or sometimes need your help? We make room for that. Have a bad thing or a good thing happen to you? We make room for that, too.

Oh, and here's what else you'll get: Market salary, stock options youll help make worth a lot, the usual holidays, all-you-can-eat vacation, 401K, health/dental/FSA, long-term disability insurance, subsidized T-passes, a great office in the heart of Boston, a tremendous amount of responsibility and autonomy, wicked awesome co-workers, cupcakes (and many more goodies), and knowing that you helped get this rocket ship to the moon.

ezCater is an equal opportunity employer. We embrace humans of every background, appearance, race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, and disability status. At the same time, we do not employ jerks, even brilliant ones.


Employee Testimonials

Strategic Account Manager

I love how horizontal ezCater is. Everyone’s ideas are listened to, valued, and considered. That goes for anyone who has been here, whether it’s just one day or multiple years.

Growth Marketing Manager

Here’s ezCater in a nutshell: whip-smart colleagues, zero politicking, and a refreshing optimism that’s paved the way for explosive growth. People are generous. People have fun.