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Director of Operations

800 Boylston St.
Boston, MA 02199
Who We Are   At Hometap, we believe you can have a house and a life. Our vision is to enable homeowners to access their home's equity - free of debt - do the big-ticket stuff that makes life better: start a business, buy a second home, get out from under crippling debt, or pay for college tuition.
  We make investments alongside homeowners today in exchange for a share of the future value of the home.  For homeowners, this is a simplified, sensible alternative to mortgage debt and monthly payments. For investors, this is a new asset class, allowing them to participate in the multi-trillion-dollar residential real estate market without the obligations and downsides of homeownership.
  Who You Are   As Director of Operations you’ll be responsible for defining, measuring, and evolving Hometap’s investment, recording, and reporting processes.  You’ll be in charge of how we can grow our internal workflows efficiently, eliminate errors, and leverage technology to make the work done by our staff more productive.   More specifically, you’ll be responsible for thinking through the entire chain of operations that stretches from the moment a homeowner provides Hometap with initial documents, through the moment we wire capital to our escrow agent and send our documents to the county office for recording.  You’ll manage teammates at Hometap focused on processing these applications and determine plans for new hires, redundancy, and other staffing contingencies.     What You Bring   To be successful in this role, you’ll need to be process and results-driven with exceptional attention to detail.  You thrive while improving operational processes in changing environments by bringing structure and analytics to your decisions and leveraging your prior operating expertise.  You have a good intuitive sense of how to manage at the intersection of internal staffing constraints, third party vendors, and home-grown technology to create successful business outcomes which are measured in terms of efficiency and error rate.   Your Experience  
  • Bachelor Degree
  • 3+ years of experience managing workflows that include technology and staffing elements
  • Applicable job experiences include - mortgage processing, financial services/reporting,  
  • Strong written and communication skills
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Ability to develop and foster cross-functional relationships with key stakeholders
  • Strong computer skills, ability to work with different software, CRM platform
  Our Team & Culture   At Hometap, we pride ourselves on being Owners -- of our jobs, our output, our careers -- and Good Neighbors -- we believe helping each other means helping the Company, homeowners, and investors succeed.    Equally important to your skill set is the way you fit within our team and business. We are looking for a creative thinker who looks for opportunities within challenges, rolls up his or her sleeves to get things done, values collaboration and communication, and embraces the Homeowner-first mentality. Critical to our mission is being thoughtful in everything we build. If you’re someone who embraces this builder mentality, you’ll be right at home here.                                                      
Category: Corporate Functions

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Hometap provides near-immediate access to funds so homeowners can pay for needs or pursue goals and opportunities. 

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