DraftKings: Director of Data Engineering
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Were reimagining sports and technology.

DraftKings is bringing sports fans closer to the games they love and becoming an essential part of their experience in the process. An industry pioneer since our founding in 2012, we believe we can continue to define what it means to be a technology company in sports entertainment. We love what we do and we think you will too.

Shape a rapidly scaling industry.

We are looking for a Director of Engineering to run our Data Engineering Team. The Data Engineering Team at DraftKings has a broad charter and is the keystone to DraftKings business strategy. We work on all components of the data platform - from data pipelines to data modeling to data transformation to data delivery, we are the foundation for all analytics and data science capabilities at DraftKings. Sound good to you? Join us.

What You'll Do:

  • Grow a culture of strong ownership and accountability among multiple senior engineering managers
  • Advocate to executive and senior leadership for how to build a world class data environment through modern and scalable technology
  • Partner with Product leadership to shape the vision for each team
  • Plan the budget and headcount roadmap for a team of 20+ engineers and growing
  • Keep the team connected with a growing number of stakeholders and locations

What Skills You'll Use:

  • Your ability to manage multiple data engineering teams, and grow and support senior leaders. You are an experienced people manager
  • Your ability to evangelize and influence across both the technology and business organizations
  • Your experience building teams from scratch by identifying and staffing critical roles
  • A strong understanding of data and reporting engines, data modeling and warehousing, and data transformations and pipelines
  • A history of working closely with highly active and capable analytics teams
  • Experience screening candidates for management ability

Who are we a good fit for?

We love working with talented people but more than that, we seek out compassionate co-workers with a collaborative spirit. Our work moves quickly and were great at coming together to find creative solutions to some of techs most interesting problems. If that sounds good to you, join us.

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As a technology company at our core, DraftKings believes that the best innovation comes from diverse perspectives, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and experiences. We consistently push boundaries and challenge the conventional to ensure our culture and products reflect the expectations of our employees, and the customers we serve.

Were proud to believe that your gender, race, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, status as a protected veteran, or status as an individual with a disability should have nothing to do with our hiring practices. Well never discriminate against anyones background or creed. If youre good at what you do, we want you to do it at DraftKings.


Employee Testimonials

Manasa Konidena
Software Engineer

"The inclusive spirit is a huge motivating factor to working at DraftKings. When you are working on a project as a team which most times is already fleshed out by product teams and managers and gone through reviews, at project kick-offs and review meetings, your ideas and opinions are heard and taken seriously. An atmosphere is created where giving an opinion which you believe is valuable is the organic decision you make."

Tyler Dowse
Business Data Analyst

"Since my first day on the job, I’ve always felt like my ideas have been valued. Because DraftKings is so reliant on data-driven decision making, everyone in the company is willing to open up to your ideas if you have the data to back them up. Age, position, and experience have no negative impacts on how you are perceived at DraftKings, which makes for a very productive and collaborative workplace."

Ellen Kim
Senior Software Engineer

"I've found that working with really intelligent people to build new products motivates me to continue our journey at DraftKings together. Learning and sharing a variety of knowledge with each other, and solving technical problems together keeps me really interested in the industry and makes me feel highly valued at DraftKings every day."

Jessie Haffey
Senior Software Engineering Manager

"The problems we solve are unique because we’re dealing with live sporting events. Most tech products deal with relatively predictable traffic, as where our traffic on an NFL Sunday could be significantly higher than any other day of the week and might vary drastically minute to minute based on the game."

Jeff Singer
Tech Lead

"The first time I saw the engineering team work on a production outage, I was amazed by the deep understanding of our systems, the professionalism, and the urgency that my colleagues brought to the table. I have never seen anything else like it in my career as a software engineer."