: Director of Compliance & Deliverability

We are looking for a passionate, driven leader to take compliance and deliverability at Klaviyo to the next level. This is a unique role where you will be challenged to balance investments in technology and people to drive the optimal business outcomes. It's a role that encompasses technical infrastructure, software systems, and teams of talented individuals. 

How You'll Make a Difference 

  • By being the inspiring leader who can drive cross-functional teams to fulfill an ambitious vision. 
  • By building compliance and deliverability systems that efficiently scale to handle several hundreds of thousands of paying customers.
  • Level-up the company bring everybody up with the team.
  • By focusing on the most pertinent factors, even if they lie outside the scope of the deliverability and compliance teams. For instance, sometimes the key to deliverability is to provide guidance via in-product prompts, onboarding processes, or content.

What You'll Do

  • Set the vision for compliance and deliverability at Klaviyo.
  • Drive optimal levels of investment across technology and people for our compliance and deliverability systems.
  • Drive the execution of the product roadmap that fulfills your vision.
  • Own the business outcomes for Klaviyos deliverability systems across email, text messages, push notifications, and beyond.
  • Own the business outcomes for the compliance systems at Klaviyo.  
  • Manage the day-to-day operation of the compliance and deliverability specialists who work with our customers.
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to recruit and grow the compliance and deliverability teams in both R&D and Support.
  • Lead your team to maintain working relationships with all major mailbox providers.
  • Lead a team that establishes Klaviyos thought leadership in the industry around compliance and deliverability.
  • Lead a team that establishes and effectively communicates best practices for both compliance and deliverability.
  • Represent Klaviyo as an industry expert at events like MAAWG, EEC, and so on.
  • Lead, coach, and mentor to help Klaviyo employees learn and grow.

Who You Are

  • An individual with recognized compliance and deliverability expertise.
  • An inspiring leader who can rally the company behind their vision.
  • Someone who excels in a matrixed environment.
  • A great communicator.
  • Someone who has a strong data orientation.

Your First 90 Days

In your first 30 days, you will build the foundational knowledge to make you successful at Klaviyo:

  • Immerse yourself in an onboarding program that introduces you to the company and the product.
  • Like many other new Klaviyos, spend time in Support, helping customers work through issues. Theres no better way to learn the product and to get to know our customers.
  • Observe our Sales, Onboarding, Support, and Success teams in action.
  • Be introduced to everyone you need to know to be successful in your role.

In your first 60 days, you will start taking the reins for your area of responsibility:

  • Start providing day-to-day direction for the Compliance & Deliverability teams in Support and R&D.
  • Inventory all existing Deliverability and Compliance processes and technology, building a solid base of knowledge from which you can establish your vision, strategy, and plans.
  • Critically evaluate how we work, and identify ways to improve your teams impact and efficiency.

In your first 90 days, you will start having a big impact on deliverability & compliance at Klaviyo:

  • Take the ways to improve that you have identified, and start implementing them.
  • Lead the evolution of the strategy and roadmap for Compliance & Deliverability. 
  • Start a program of Deliverability & Compliance knowledge sharing with the larger company.
  • Develop a plan to establish Klaviyo as an authority when it comes to Compliance & Deliverability.