BHE: Director of Business Development

BHE has been a leader in providing custom research services and novel analytics platforms to life science companies for the past 20 years. BHE is expanding its offerings and is hiring aDirector of Business Developmentfor custom services and products, including the widely-used Instant Health Data (IHD) platform.

TheDirector of Business Developmentwill focus onhunting for new business from large and medium-sized life science companies.This role will also work to help develop/define the companys growth strategy as BHE continues its rapid expansion.

Position Responsibilities:

  • Significant focus onhunting andoutbound activity
  • Developing a solid understanding of our platform and how best to support current and future clients
  • Industry networking and maintenance of strategic relationships

Required Skills:

  • Domain Experience: Proven ability to sell research,database servicesand related products to various teams in life science companies
  • Track Record of Success: Consistently achieved or exceeded established quota
  • Relationship Development: Enterprise-level experience in selling and upselling to Fortune 500 companies inthelife sciencesector
  • Communication: Strong communication and presentation skills, with internal teams, prospects, and partners.
  • Strategic: Able to contribute to strategic plans, negotiate contracts, develop new strategic partnerships and work to strengthen relationships with existing customers.

Education and Experience:

  • BS/BA in business, technology, or related fields
  • 4-7+ years of business development experience selling technology products in the life sciences industry
  • Willingness to travel

Why We Work Here

Jennifer Benner
Senior Analyst

It’s awesome getting to work with everyone from clients to recent graduates to KOLs and thought leaders. It’s very rewarding working with such a wide array of people and sharing a mutual understanding of how we view complex problems and solutions. We are also at the cross-section of modeling and real world evidence (RWE). It’s been interesting to watch the interaction between both research areas unfold. The nerd in me loves the fact that I get to use calculus and statistics every day!

Jared Minton, Head of Business Development at BHE
Jared Minton
Head of Business Development

I’ve always loved interacting with business intelligence personnel in life sciences, for the simple fact they keep me up–to–date on what is going on in the market. I feel very fortunate because not everyone has the opportunity to speak with pharmaceutical, biotech and med device organizations at this level, so I feel privileged to go out and help solve business questions. It’s also great to be a part of a team like BHE that is so committed to being expertsin the RWE and HEOR space. Even though I’ve only been at BHE for a short time, the quality of people here has made a huge impression on me. It certainly motivates me to come in every day and roll up my sleeves and get to work.

Lauren Johns, PhD, Senior Analyst at BHE
Lauren Johns, PhD
Senior Analyst

Although my degree is specialized, my role isn’t and I can dip my toes in a lot different projects. These can range from coding data visualizations to creating training slide decks to writing up methodology for an analytics project. I also really like my coworkers. They are all very smart and energized to be here. It’s a very dynamic atmosphere and the work is constantly changing. I’m enjoying learning more about real world data analytics and the various methods necessary to implement large database studies. It’s a great space to be in right now as the technology is constantly changing.