ClimaCell: DevOps Engineer
What you'll be doing
In order to create the best possible weather predictions, we collect loads of weather observations and models, we ingest them into our system, digest and process them and output historical, realtime and forecast data of all the weather parameters in high resolution. This heavy and complex process outputs a high volume of data, that needs to be cached and served to a high load of customers as API. On top of the API, we have a set of web and mobile applications that bring it all together in an easy to understand fashion that is tailor made to the user.
This high-data-volume \ CPU-intensive \ high-loaded system, is built and supported by top engineers that rapidly push new features to the system. This presents a highly complex and interesting integration, deployment and monitoring challenge.
This is why we need you!
As a DevOps Engineer, you will be responsible to maintain and improve our continuous integration, deployment and monitoring for everything we do at ClimaCell.
  • Continuously improve and groom the continuous integrationpipeline. Identify bottlenecks and blockers, push to solve them
  • Build and maintain the deploymentpipeline. Aspire to bring it to “continuous” mode, with zero outages and downtimes, and fully automated
  • Set up monitoringtools and frameworks. Create meaningful and accurate monitors and alerts
  • Nurture, add and retire toolsto support our different processes and environments
  • Take part in the development process, from the design. Make sure developments are aligned and fit the deployment and monitoring standards. Finalize and adjust the systems to fit the new requirements
  • Supportthe development teams with issues and problems in the configuration, integration, deployment and monitoring systems
  • Handle emergenciesrelated to Infrastructure. Analyze problems after they occur and prevent reoccurence

Education and Experience
  • At least 3 years of relevant experience with AWS or GCP
  • Vast experience with CI/CD tools and pipelines
  • Integrated, maintained and customized Monitoring systems. (Example: New Relic, Data Dog, Prometheus, Nagios,, ELK, Coralogix, etc...)
  • Worked in an agile environment, with high velocity teams
  • Experienced with dockerized environments and deployments (Example: Kubernetes)
  • Developed scripts in the leading scripting languages (python, bash, etc...)

Skills we value
  • A passion for perfecting dev processes and know how things work behind the scenes
  • Continuous improvement as a way of life. And automation as the way of implementing it
  • You are go-getter and do-er. A helper. You're a true team member who is always willing to assist others.
  • "No task is too small" is your mantra: you'll take care of a minor task or request for help with the same passion and tenacity as the big tasks. 

Bonus Points
  • Used “Infrastructure as a Code” tools to build infrastructures (Example: Terraform, Cloud Formation, etc…)
  • Worked as a DevOps engineer of a distributed architecture services that interface via message queues, RPC, or REST interfaces
  • Experience with geographical systems and databases
  • Experience with high volume data workflows and systems