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Data Scientist

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At TellusLabs, our goal is to provide insights from satellite imagery that will help solve some of the biggest problems facing our society. How will we feed a rapidly growing global population? How will we manage our increasingly limited water and forest resources in an era of climate change? Answering these pressing questions requires innovative use of satellite imagery and Earth observation data - a pursuit that our team is passionate about. We intend to be a big part of the conversation on these topics going forward. 

TellusLabs thrives thanks to an interdisciplinary approach that combines machine learning, statistics, remote sensing, and geospatial sciences. We are always looking for people who share our curiosity and our conviction. Are you passionate about helping to solve important and challenging problems?  Are you excited about  finding elegant ways to tell stories with data? Do you want to build predictive models but don’t care about click-through rates? If you find yourself answering yes to these questions you may be a good fit for our team!

We are currently searching for individuals with expertise in predictive modeling to join our team.

We are looking for candidates who have 2+ years of experience: 

  • using Python and/or R for data analysis (fluency in both is preferred)
  • writing well-documented, clean, maintainable code in a collaborative environment 
  • working in either AWS or Google Cloud
  • developing and applying machine learning, statistical, and econometric models to large-scale, real-world datasets

Additionally, successful candidates will be able to: 

  • work well both as a team member and independently 
  • translate the results of complex analyses into interpretable results, visually and verbally

The following attributes are desired, but not required: 

  • experience with git or a similar version control software 
  • experience with geospatial data
  • an advanced academic degree with a quantitative focus 
  • experience in a software and/or product development environment
Category: Data Science / Machine Learning

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Combining decades of satellite imagery with a machine learning platform to answer critical economic and environmental questions.


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