PatientPing: Data Analyst (SQL)
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Employee Testimonials

PatientPing is a Boston-based care collaboration platform that reduces the cost of healthcare and improves patient outcomes by seamlessly connecting providers to coordinate patient care. The platform enables providers to collaborate on shared patients through a comprehensive suite of solutions and allows provider organizations, health plans, governments, individuals and the organizations supporting them to leverage this real-time data to reach their shared goals of improving the efficiency of our healthcare system.

Job Description:

We are actively hiring a full-time Data Analyst with 2+ years of experience who wants to create something meaningful that will greatly impact peoples lives. PatientPing receives HL7 data from hospitals and post-acute facilities around the country and the Data Analyst will be part of the team managing and maintaining our data infrastructure and its quality. They will be responsible for working with our user success, integration, and product teams to ensure a well-maintained data support system. The Data Analyst will also work to diagnose data quality issues within large sample sets of data, building a business case for our product and engineering teams on revised processing procedures. They will write complex SQL queries in order to perform data analysis with the goal of assessing an issue and quantifying the impact to our customer base. This role will also involve architecting solutions for complex client needs and working with the engineering team to ensure PatientPing is continuously capable of meeting our rapidly growing data consumption demands. The ideal candidate will work well in a team, be detail oriented, and will take ownership of the data flow process as it relates to accurate handling of patient encounter data.

What You Will Do:

Develop SQL queries in order to farm data related to potential and reported processing is-sues

Perform in-depth analysis on large datasets in order to dig into possible issues and recommend processing solutions

Identify and prioritize resolution of multiple, complex data processing challenges across thousands of inbound and outbound data sources

Overhaul existing data quality issue investigation, reporting, analysis, and resolution processes to ensure optimal efficiency and customer experience

Synthesize findings for both technical and non-technical audiences to ensure comprehensibility for all internal stakeholders

Champion and drive forward cross-functional data quality improvement efforts with both internal teams and external technical contacts

Collaborate with Integrations Team members to continually drive toward operationalization of the most efficient, effective, and high-quality data processing infrastructure possible

What Success Looks Like:

In 3 months

Become familiar with PatientPings database schema and processing mechanisms

Contribute to data-mining for issue solutions

Begin using internal data management tools to build consistent and actionable customer-specific monitoring for data quality

In 6 months

Work directly with product, engineering, and customers to align and execute on data quality improvement efforts needs, keeping in mind the scalability and reproducibility of resolution steps

Design reporting and metrics revolving around data quality, in order to add transparency and highlight ongoing data quality improvement initiatives

Complete full data analysis for multiple projects in collaboration with Integrations Team

In 12 months

Operate in a streamlined operational construct youve designed for complex issue resolution

Build a strategy and roadmap for our data management story, ensuring the most sensible tools are utilized and up to date, and keeping to the highest standards of quality and security

What You Need:

Ability to write complex SQL queries to perform data analysis and utilize your experience with data mapping, data processing pipelines and data quality assurance

Ability to communicate clearly and comfortably with customers

Ability to collaboratively develop a high functioning data quality operational process

Ability to learn complex data structures and processes to understand how they tie into operational systems

Ability to be a driven self-starter who can clearly articulate issues for diverse audiences and influence stakeholders

What You Get:

Join one of the fastest growing health tech companies in the country

Have the autonomy to build something with a brilliant and enthusiastically supportive team

Learn best practices from world class investors and advisors

Become an expert on healthcare delivery system transformation

Receive cash and equity compensation with health, dental, and other benefits

PatientPing is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. We are committed to building a diverse and inclusive culture and celebrate authenticity. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, protected veteran status, or any other legally protected characteristics.


Employee Testimonials

Office Manager

Q: How does PatientPing recognize an individual's successes?

A: At PatientPing, we encourage public praise through channels like Slack and Lattice. We also set aside time for shout-outs at our weekly all-hands meeting. At our quarterly company meetings, each department recognizes one or two employees as "Star Pingers” -- we call out the company values they embody and present them with customized pins.

Senior People Operations Lead

Q: How have you experienced career growth?

A: I started working at PatientPing as an Office Manager/EA. Being the 6th hire at a startup means that your role knows no bounds, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to explore all aspects of our business from customer support to accounting. I currently support a team of over 100 employees as a Sr. People Operations Lead.


Q: How do you go about fostering creativity amongst your team?

A: Giving them freedom to fail. Creativity inherently means trying something new, which implies risk. We want people to feel free to take risks without feeling the fear of failure! That, and very powerful cold-brew coffee.

VP of Growth

Q: What does success look like on your team?

A: The people that have been successful have these attributes. 1. Grit–they never give up. 2. Adaptability–startups change at a hyper-fast pace, people that embrace change really thrive. 3. Curiosity–they’re constantly learning and improving their skills. 4. Humility–they look at how they can improve themselves and regularly talk about their mistakes.

Lead Software Engineer

What is a day in the life of an engineer at PatientPing?

Every day can be different. You can be heads down implementing a feature, solving problems with the CI infrastructure, hashing out technical designs with fellow engineers, collaborating with product managers and UX designers on solutions for our customers, or sitting in on user research calls to learn first hand about pain points that different people in the healthcare industry face. This, sprinkled with a couple of ping pong matches if you are so inclined, makes life fun and challenging in all the best ways at PatientPing.