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Data Analyst

Facing History and Ourselves
16 Hurd Road
Brookline, MA 02445

The Data Analyst serves as the primary producer of analytics for website and contact database metrics. Reporting to the Director of Data Management and working closely with the numerous stakeholders on both the Program and Development teams, the individual in this role is responsible for understanding our schema inside and out; understanding our existing data; understanding the universe of available data; and ultimately for turning data into reliable, trustworthy stories for all levels within the organization.


Reporting (50%):

  • Produce reports on-demand for C-level, program, and development staff
  • Reactively and proactively provide analytics from Google Analytics
  • Represent reports visually using tools like Google Data Studio or others
  • Be innovative and at-times experimental about sharing data using various clever means to keep the stories interesting
  • Summarize and translate analytics
  • Tease out trends in the data that might not be immediately obvious
  • Work with teams in each region to understand unique trends; facilitate sharing of best practices for data use across organization
  • Keep abreast of advances in analytics and data visualization
  • Occasionally attend relevant events, meetups, and conferences
  • Be forward-thinking - critical thinking about data is key!

Data cleanup and maintenance (20%):

  • Locate duplicates and assist in implementing means to prevent duplication
  • Constantly promote and apply best practices in data management
  • Spot check existing common reports and correct filtering or returned data errors
  • Help identify and purge vestigial data

Meta-analysis and improvements (20%):

  • Become deeply familiar with the data structures and mechanisms at Facing History
  • Recognize data that is unnecessary or not actionable and develop strategies to eliminate it
  • Assist in creation and maintenance of systems maps and schema
  • Identify areas for improvement in data storage and analysis
  • Cross-train teammates and be transparent with expertise
  • Identify data conflicts and misalignment and coordinate with the team on plans for improving data quality
  • Identify redundancies

Perform other related duties as required by position (10%)


  • 3-5 years of experience required in analytics
  • Google Analytics experience required
  • Salesforce experience strongly preferred but not required
  • EU privacy compliance law (GDPR) understanding preferred but not required
  • Google Data Studio experience a plus
  • HubSpot experience a plus


Qualified candidate must be:

  • Very detail-oriented with a focus on accuracy; this cannot be overstated for someone in an analyst role
  • A strong communicator, both written and oral, and be comfortable with phone outreach on occasion
  • Comfortable both producing and interpreting data
  • Able to work collaboratively and at the same time be able to work independently for long periods of time
  • Responsive and respectful to all requests but pragmatic around priorities
  • Flexible and agile in approach as needs change and evolve
  • Willing to experiment with and learn new technologies, and to share best practices
Category: Data Science / Machine Learning

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