Shoobx: Customer Success Manager
150 Cambridgepark Drive, Suite 202
Cambridge, MA 02140


Shoobx is looking for an energetic, hard-working individual to join our client service team as a Customer Success Manager. This role will be part of the team that builds and maintains relationships with our clients - by helping them through onboarding, getting to know their business goals and helping them achieve those goals using Shoobx, and ensuring a smooth renewal process. 

Your first year will likely include: developing an email outreach campaign to grow product adoption; hosting an EBR with a rapidly growing company; assisting in onboarding and training of new clients; learning about how startups raise funding; and working with partners, accelerators and other stakeholders in the startup ecosystem. While this role will have primary responsibility for client relationship management, you will also be responsible for responding to customer support requests, and you’ll have the opportunity to contribute to other initiatives our client service team undertakes. 

In order to excel in this role, a candidate needs excellent communication and relationship management skills, an ability to keep multiple projects organized and moving forward, and a willingness to dive in and learn new things. This individual should be friendly, tech-savvy, and interested in working with startup clients. Ideally candidates will have some experience working in a customer success role in a B2B SaaS company or startup environment, including working with executive contacts, securing renewals, and creating customer education and engagement plans. No legal or technical experience is required, just an appetite to learn! 

If interested, please submit cover letter and resume to