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Customer Success Manager

35 E 19th St, 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10003

We're looking for a Customer Success Manager with a few years experience to join our growing team at Blissfully. We're building amazing tools to help companies manage the explosion in SaaS tools they're using, and poised to ride the massive momentum as companies increasingly move to the cloud.

The role will require a desire to help customers onboard smoothly and get the most out of Blissfully. You'll be in on the ground floor of a quickly growing company, working closely with the founders.

Key Responsibility

  • Deeply Understand our customers: What are their key pain points, who are the key people that need to use our product, how do they define success, what are the key workflows they have and are looking to move to Blissfully 
  • Support an amazing onboarding experience for new customers**: help them get up and running quickly, and act as a trusted advisor throughout the entire process 
  • Work collaboratively with our entire team: You'll be the customer champion and take their feedback to the rest of the company to help that improve our sales process, marketing efforts, and product. 
  • Account Management and PQL (product qualified lead) engagement: Be responsible for customer retention and growing revenue from existing customers, including helping convert our 500+ free customers to happy paying customers. 
  • Customer Support + Training documentation: You'll be responsible for a first line of defense for customer support, and creating support material (docs, videos, etc,) to create more scalable customer support and success.

Ideal Skills and Experience

  • You have deep empathy to really understand customer pains and challenges, a strong desire to be helpful. 
  • Familiarity with the SaaS space 
  • Bonus: Understanding of IT and accounting - not critical but would be helpful 
  • Ideally at least 2 years of prior of experience in client services or account management. 
  • Strong communication skills. You must be able to quickly and effectively connect with a range of industry stakeholders, including scientists, project leads, and executives 
  • Self-starter and self-motivated - since our team is still small, you'll need to be driven to engage customers, be creative in solutions, even without tons of direct management.
Category: Customer Success

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