Rapid7: Credit and Collections Manager
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Employee Testimonials

Helen Ackers Rapid7
Aniket Menon Rapid7


Credit and Collections Manager

In this role you will:

  • Manage credit and collections personnel, including hiring, onboarding, training and development

  • Establish and maintain the corporate credit policy and recommend changes in the credit policy to senior management. Define credit and collections goals and objectives.

  • Be accountable for the entire credit granting and analysis process, including the consistent application of a credit policy and the assessment of the credit worthiness of potential customers, with the goal of collecting all receivables and minimizing bad debt losses.

  • Work closely with the Billing Departments to implement processes and policies that contribute to accurate invoicing and to ensure proper application of payments and accuracy of customer account balances.

  • Measure credit and collections performance with appropriate metrics.

  • Conduct credit reviews on customers to lower, maintain, or raise credit limit in accordance with established company policies and terms in a timely manner.

  • Monitor credit balances and customer payment performance and establish credit holds on customers as appropriate.

  • Ensure follow-up via direct phone calls and E-mails to customers that are past due.

  • Handle major accounts requiring individual attention, marginal accounts, problem accounts, special credit arrangements, and deviations from standards.

  • Refer accounts to collections agencies, as needed,

  • Identify and propose accounts for bad debt write off as needed, and maintain records of bankruptcy notices and filing of customers.

  • Manage relationships with credit reporting and collection agencies and sales staff

  • Drive credit and collections process improvements to decrease past due accounts and DSO

  • Establish and report key credit and collection metrics to assess individual team performance

  • Forecast cash collections and report to upper management throughout the quarter

  • Collaborate cross-functionally with multiple departments to resolve disputed invoices

  • Be well versed in credit and collection and customer confidentiality laws and regulations and ensure compliance with such laws and regulations

  • Ensure appropriate internal controls are in place and operating effectively within the assigned area of responsibility


  • Minimum of 10 (Ten) years of credit and collection management experience preferably with public company.

  • Relevant industry experience required.

  • Must have strong interpersonal and communication skills.

  • Must have strong persuasion and negotiation skills.

  • Bachelor's degree preferred or better.

  • Experience in assessing a businesss financial performance and key risk indicators, managing credit lines, identifying credit solutions

  • A working knowledge of all local, state, and federal laws and regulations pertaining to the management and collection of accounts receivable.

  • Must have demonstrated continuous process improvement mindset.


Employee Testimonials

James Green
Director of Engineering, Engineering, Software Development

"My favorite memory of being a 'Moose' is our first ever company-wide hackathon in Cambridge. After a fun–filled week for the company kick-off, we still managed to deliver, through the night, on some amazing ideas."

Brett Garofalo
Manager, Mid-Market Sales

"I am not a natural–born salesperson or leader. Rapid7 gave me the mentorship opportunities and leeway to develop those skillsets. Having the support of my management allowed me to take risks and learn from mistakes instead of being tentative and afraid to put myself out there."

Helen Ackers Rapid7
Helen Ackers
Marketing Specialist

"Every time you feel a little more comfortable with your job and what is expected from you, there is always something new to learn and something to add to the repertoire! I love this, it means every week I can see myself developing in my career."

Aniket Menon Rapid7
Aniket Menon
Manager, Enterprise Deployments

"I love the infectious energy and fast–paced nature of the job. Unrelenting progress towards becoming the #1 company in Cyber Security. The sheer number of Products and Services we have launched in the last two years is a staggering achievement."

Dennis Nahas Rapid7
Dennis Nahas
Systems Administrator

"The most fulfilling moments are seeing our products name dropped in the security press, knowing we all contributed to that."

Ashley Seamans Rapid7
Ashley Seamans
Director of Business Intelligence

"There's never a dull moment and always a new challenge to tackle. I have had the opportunity to work with people across the company on product launches, acquisitions, our global sales expansion and lots of new programs, each with its own hurdles but all equally rewarding."

Chris Wallace Rapid7
Chris Wallace
People Strategy Manager

"It's pretty cool to look around the room and know that I played a part in making all of that happen, and that I hopefully helped those people move into a role that they find really rewarding and exciting. Especially in a company where they in turn can have a big impact and take their careers to the next level. The fact that they are all good people, and that we all manage to have a bit of fun in the process, helps too."

Stephanie Philips Rapid7
Stephanie Philips
Counsel and Director, Contracts, Legal

"I love the truly collaborative team effort from everyone across the board – people are always willing to join an effort or a conversation to make a difference and find a solution, and they don't feel bound by their job descriptions or departmental functions if they have expertise that will help out a fellow Moose."

Roy Hodgman Rapid7
Roy Hodgman
Data Scientist

"I feel that [our core value for] continuous learning best represents me because it's been essential to my career here. There are no shortage of tools and techniques that can be applied to the projects I work on, and despite what I think I might know about the problem at hand, more often than not there are new and novel ways to approach it."