Klaviyo: Content Specialist
225 Franklin Street, 10th Floor
Boston, MA 02111

The Content Specialist is responsible for executing day-to-day content operations and will create high-quality, relevant, and engaging content to help Klaviyo and its customers grow their businesses.

Youll create mostly short-form content in a variety of formats (social media posts, videos, infographics, etc.) and some long-form content to support marketing leaders across the business (SEO, product marketing, community events, etc.), which will be published across multiple distribution channels (social media, blog, website, email, etc.) Youll collaborate closely with fellow members of the marketing team, sales, customer success, as well as our customers to create interesting and engaging content.

Content is the cornerstone of our plan to build awareness for Klaviyo and to grow our community, so youll be playing a critical role in both the growth of our business and in helping to level up our social media game across the company.

The successful candidate is first and foremost a marketer, and an exceptional storyteller and writer. Youll have a strong understanding of the content marketing landscape, and how to keep the quality of content consistent with Klaviyos brand.

Youll be part of the Content Marketing team and youll report to Klaviyos Managing Editor.

Some things youll do as a Content Specialist:

  • Publish content across the blog, newsletters, and other formats. Youll own all of the day-to-day activities that have to happen to effectively publish a piece of content. Youll work collaboratively with internal team members to ensure you have final copy, supporting creative assets, SEO optimization, etc., ahead of all target publish dates, and youll make sure the team understands deadlines and keep things on track.
  • Create engaging content. Youll create amazingly engaging content across social media, email, blog, and other marketing channels that helps entrepreneurs and ecommerce marketers more effectively use their owned marketing channels to grow their businesses.
  • Pitch content ideas. Youll understand Klaviyos customers, their challenges and opportunities, and youll regularly contribute ideas for high-quality content.
  • Monitor performance. Youll work collaboratively with fellow marketers to understand how to measure the performance of our contentwhats resonating, whats driving traffic, whats driving subscriptions, whats rankingand youll use data to help make recommendations about what content we should create.

In your first 30 days, youll have:

  • Come up to speed on our audience, market, product, and company
  • Spoken to at least 10 prospective or current users
  • Taken full ownership of day-to-day activities across Klaviyos content publishing channels
  • Created and published at least 1 piece of blog content

Within 90 days, youll have:

  • Mastered Klaviyos editorial style
  • Attended at least 1 Klaviyo-sponsored event
  • Established a calendar for historical optimization

In the first year, youll have:

  • Helped to build sales alignment around content distribution and social media sharing
  • Helped us hit a 6x growth rates for email subscribers
  • Directly contributed to a 3x traffic growth from content across platforms

About You

  • Youre a rock-star marketer, storyteller, writer, and communicator.
  • You deeply enjoy connecting with members of the Klaviyo community and you love creating content that makes an impact.
  • Youre excited to learn more about content marketing and how to use content to solve business problems.
  • Youre passionate about engaging audiences, curious by nature, and energized by being part of a fast-paced, entrepreneurial business.
  • You have at least two years of experience in digital marketing.

About Us

Klaviyo is a high growth Boston startup that prides itself on building a large, fast-moving, and sustainable business. Our marketing software is helping more than 22,500 innovative ecommerce brands get better at connecting with their customers. Were deeply passionate about learning, solving tough problems, and helping one another level up in all things. Working at Klaviyo means youll work on things you never imagined you would. Youll grow in ways you didnt consider possible. And youll do the best work of your career with people who are just as motivated and talented as you are. If this sounds like your ideal place to work, drop us a note!