ClearCompany: Client Solutions Specialist
200 Clarendon Street, 49th Floor
Boston, MA 02116



Looking for a way into the software startup world but didn't major in computer science? ClearCompany, based in Boston, Fort Collins, and San Francisco, is looking for an entry-level Client Solutions Specialist to help keep up with record-breaking sales of our cloud-based talent software. With over 2,000 clients and a decade under our belts, we're here for the long haul, but we retain the horizontal, open, and results-focused culture of a lean startup. Besides helping our clients succeed, this role will build your portfolio with a huge range of skills and experience. You'll gain exposure to a variety of fields within the company like client service, sales and marketing, and will have the potential opportunity to be promoted to one of our teams within 12-18 months.  

We are looking to fill a unique position with an energetic, entrepreneurial, recent-grad for a full-time job supporting our dynamic client base as well as our internal team, making our entire support system more efficient and intuitive. This is a great role for someone who likes throwing themselves at big complicated puzzles but also doesn't mind rolling up their sleeves and diving into day-to-day transactional work. 

In particular, people with any of the following types of experience are especially encouraged to apply:

  • Project management and communication: we're on the lookout for decisive, organized candidates who have a knack for crafting solutions and seeing them through from start to finish.
  • Client service: experience dealing with clients in any capacity, including call center, IT support, retail or food service.
  • Technology: while you probably haven't worked with applicant tracking or onboarding systems before (though if you have, definitely give us a shout), we are looking for people who enjoy working with software and are the kind of person whose friends go to them when they need to figure out how to do something.
  • Entrepreneurial élan: if you have run your own business before, or think you might want to start your own technology company some day, this role will expose you to just about everything it takes to build and grow a business. 

Finally, and in some ways most importantly, we're looking for people with a demonstrated independent streak. Company culture is of the utmost importance to us, so we strive to bring in employees who will complement and add to our current team both in the office and out. We're all about the team, but the team is small, and we don't like micro-management, so everyone needs to think on their feet and figure solutions out on their own sometimes. If you are the sort of person who feels happiest coloring within the lines, we can think of a long list of career paths you might find more suitable. If on the other hand, you've spent time playing in a band, writing a novel, or running down some other track that had all your friends looking at you a little cross-eyed from their nicely-upholstered cubicles at some brand-name company, then you might be just our type.


  • Put a smile on our clients' faces! Provide them with excellent email and phone support, act as a consultant to solve their challenges
  • Develop expert knowledge of our products to share with clients
  • Create efficiencies in our internal and external processes 
  • Identify, troubleshoot and resolve issues encountered by users, confirm and report bugs
  • Bring client-feedback to the team and suggest areas for improvement, then manage the subsequent projects
  • Have fun, be an active team member, support colleagues 

About Us

ClearCompany is a Boston, San Francisco, and Fort Collins-based provider of cloud-based talent software used by over 2000 companies across the US. As a small/startup company, ClearCompany provides an outstanding opportunity to develop entrepreneurial leadership skills in a practical, results-based environment where every contribution has a visible impact on the bottom line. Now in our 11th consecutive year of double-digit growth, ClearCompany delivers a robust product line and business model with proven success in the market.

ClearCompany is an equal opportunity employer. We support and encourage diversity.