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Associate Director, Storefront Engineering

4 Copley Place - Floor 7
Boston, MA 02116

Associate Director, Storefront Engineering

Wayfairs Storefront team creates the websites and apps where people shop and get inspired. Theyre used by over two million people every day. Were looking for an experienced engineering leader to join us.

Some Example Storefront Projects:

  • Augmented reality room planning.
  • Early flushing and HTTP/2 support.
  • Password-free login using an emailed link.
  • Search for products that look like photos you take.

What Your First Month Would Be Like:

  • Establishing relationships with your peer on the product team and those on other neighboring teams.
  • Coaching tech leads through running sprints.

What Your First Year Would Be Like:

  • Guiding managers through handling career development topics with their reports
  • Identifying new workstreams to incorporate into your product area.
  • Maintaining healthy collaborative relationships within your team and setting a high bar for performance.

Why This Job Might Be For You:

  • You care about technology, but you dont care about it for its own sake. Youre not married to specific tools. Youre comfortable moving up and down the stack to solve problems.
  • You care about your team. You learn together and you focus on the facts to drive decisions.
  • You care about the customer. You wont be happy if youre blindly executing on specs.
Category: Software Engineering/QA

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