Lovepop: Art Director

Lovepop is the world's leading designer of 3D cards. Our mission is to help people do something awesome for someone they care about. Our vision is to create one billion magical moments around the world, each moment bringing people closer together through an experience that is meaningful and unexpected. We do that by helping people tell magical stories and creating the most intricate paper art in the world.

Lovepop is continually pushing the envelope and were looking for an Art Director who can lead a team of designers towards shaping the future of our products. Youll have the opportunity to take the reigns of managing and motivating a great team of people in a business that is growing and changing the way people think about gifting.

What you'll do here:

  • Use creative talent, leadership, and managerial skills to empower a team of designers in Boston to build worlds that customers can use to tell their own stories and create unforgettable art that Lovepop customers will love
  • Manage and own the success of our product launches by overseeing project deadlines, keeping accountability within the team, and communicating trade-offs
  • Coach, mentor and manage an eager and passionate team of graphic designers and photographer, motivating them to think critically about how we evolve our design while taking into account how we scale for the future
  • Coordinate with Retail, Marketing, and Wholesale departments to prioritize design resources effectively
  • Manage outside freelancers and the prioritization of their work while operating within predetermined budgets
  • Stay ahead of our product launch schedule and be accountable for on-time delivery of products to market
  • Working with our production team to ensure everything that were shipping meets our Awesome Bar
  • Discover and maintain efficiencies in how we will expand the Lovepop product lines without losing our incredible focus on quality
  • Establish frameworks for standardizing our past, present, and future designs so that were set up to scale successfully

What you'll bring to the table:

  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Digital Design or Fine Arts strongly preferred
  • Real experience (probably 4+ years) of past experience as an Art Director/ Creative Director or similar role
  • Expert level judgment of layout, typography, sequencing, and composition
  • Minimum of 2 years experience managing a team of people
  • Past experience in customer development and understanding how to create frameworks for discovering user problems
  • Extraordinary project management, cross-team collaboration, diplomatic communication, and time management skills
  • Experience building and maintaining a backlog of design work
  • Ability to motivate, develop, and challenge designers and stakeholders decisions to always be pushing towards the right choices
  • Ability to balance speed of work with high quality to always meet the Awesome Bar
  • Willingness to work around time and language barriers to communicate at necessary times with our Vietnam team
  • No ego with the willingness to admit mistakes and eagerness to take on new responsibilities on the fly


Employee Testimonials

Customer Happiness

My favorite thing about working at Lovepop is the people. We are all dedicated and passionate about the company that it makes most of the work not feel like work. 

Prototyping & Office Manager

Working at Lovepop is a super rewarding experience that challenges my creativity while creating impactful products.

Industrial Designer

I love the visibility I have into what the teams outside of my immediate team is working on. I know that if I ask a question about what someone else is working on I’ll get the full answer and sometimes more.