Crayon: Analyst
268 Summer Street, 5th Floor
Boston, MA 02210

What We're Looking For

We’re looking for someone awesom-azing (we made up that word) to help us support our rapidly growing community of customers.

  • High Wattage. You’re smart.
  • Technical. We’re a software company so you should be pretty technical. You can probably write some html/css, you might find yourself “viewing source” on a regular basis, and you’re generally good at learning and mastering new technologies.
  • Get S*** Done. You’re dedicated and focused and good at seeing things through to completion. You’re good at getting stuff done. You don’t shy away from hard work… you grab it by it’s figurative horns, wrestle it to the ground, and make it your… well… you get stuff done.
  • You Love Customers. Customers aren’t for everyone… sometimes they ask for stuff… twice… and sometimes they even ask a third time. Sometimes they don’t understand what you mean, sometimes they need extra help. You’re energized by the challenge of serving customers at a high level. You’ve got customer genes and the heart of a lion.
  • Marketing chops. You get marketing teams, how they operate, and you're able to provide insightful insights and recommendations to customers in sales & marketing.

About the job

  • You’ll use Crayon’s internal artificial intelligence interface to read the Internet’s tea leaves and figure out what companies are doing based on patterns and signals in the structured and unstructured data on the web. You’ll be like an NSA Analyst, but for marketing.
  • Compile competitive intelligence reports & findings and deliver them to customers.
  • Understand & resolve customer questions & issues
  • Work with product & engineering to automate processes and brainstorm ways to make Crayon’s products more valuable to customers
  • All our people work at Crayon HQ in downtown Boston. We don’t do the remote thing.


  • Competitive Salary. We pay at or above market.
  • Equity. You’re early to the party at Crayon and we want you to be a shareholder in the company.
  • Medical & Dental Insurance. We have good health & dental plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield of MA.
  • Top-Notch Equipment. Top of the line Macbook pro, Thunderbolt monitor, and any other equipment you need.
  • Other stuff. We work in a beautiful office, you get unlimited snacks & beer & stuff like that, you get high fives any time you want them, we do happy hours and events, we laugh, we cry, we have fun.
  • Unlimited vacation. We don’t track vacation days… you take time off when you need it.

A bit about us

  • Crayon HQ is conveniently located near South Station in downtown Boston.
  • We aspire to make millions of customers happy and generate billions of dollars in enterprise value in the process.
  • We are product-driven and customer-driven. We care a lot about building a great product and we care a lot about creating massive value for customers.
  • We believe marketing & sales teams can get massive leverage by systematically ingesting data from their external environment and mining that data for actionable intel. That might not be obvious today, but we believe it will be obvious in a decade.
  • We only hire awesom-azing people.
  • We are passionately opposed to politics, bureaucracy and bs.
  • We have a no jerks policy.
  • We get free snacks & beer & stuff like that, we do happy hours and events, but that's not why we work here.
  • We get high fives any time we want them... we laugh, we cry, we have fun.
  • We're venture backed. We've partnered with some of the best investors in the world.
  • Crayon tracks over 100 million pages across millions of companies, and surfaces actionable intel for sales & marketing teams. If you want to learn more, go sign up or check out our about page.