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Agility & Growth Team Steward

404 Wyman Street
Waltham, MA 02451

Intralinks needs you. We’re already the market-leader and we are still on a growth trajectory. We’re investing in our Agility practice, building a new Agility & Growth organization with a mandate to drive continuous improvement and talent acquisition and development. It’s a great time to join Intralinks and get the opportunity to help us on our transformational journey.

More specifically, we are looking for someone to help plan, coordinate, and administer our training, recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and learning events and programs. Reporting to the VP Agility & Growth you will be an integral part of the entire team (including a guild of Scrum Masters) supporting them in their mission to nurture a culture of learning and continuous improvement. You will not merely be a passive assistant—you will be a strong advocate for our programs, develop and contribute your own ideas, and collaborate with us as a valued partner.

You Will:

  • Be one of the champion for agility and change in the organization, from the inside out.
  • Help with the scheduling, resourcing, procurement, and communications activities related to the things we do (like internal training courses, invited speakers, program meetings).
  • Help with the data collection and analysis for our talent acquisition activities to help generate empirical forecasts to meet hiring objectives.
  • Help design methods to set measurable goals and objectives, and processes to assess our progress against them, specifically with a view to understanding if we are helping our product development teams get better at what they do, and our new hires being happy about their decision to join us and engaged contributing team members.
  • Support the VP in preparing updates and reports for quarterly business reviews so we can transparently and effectively communicate the return on investment derived from the Agility & Growth organization.

You have to bring these things to the table:

  • Rock solid organizational skills—a genetic predisposition to structure and clarity. Loose ends result in severe allergic reactions.
  • Confidence in communication, with a high degree of outreach energy and the ability to make friends and allies.
  • A change-agent’s mindset—you are coming into this position with the ambition of influencing your own job description as you get a feel for the role and your colleagues.
  • Comfort with change, uncertainty, and taking risks.
  • You are at ease building relationships with remote people using Slack, Userzoom, email, SMS—whatever it takes.

You will be tested on this stuff.

It would be great if you also have:

  •’s PSM I assessment. It would be great if you completed this assessment with a token from the Advanced Scrum Master class. If you did, be ready to tell us about what you learned taking that course. If you do not have this, this is one of the first things we’ll set you up to do.
  • Read some books about agility in general (Scrum, Lean, Kanban… some of the things the cool Agile kids are talking about). At least take a look at the Agile Manifesto.
  • Experience coordinating business and operational activities that evolved under your watch and influence.
  • Experience working with or for an HR organization in the areas of talent acquisition and development.

Be ready to tell us some stories that support the above.

It would be mind-blowingly awesome if you also have:

  • Something else that we’d be surprised to learn about you that also qualifies as awesome. (Cliff-diver? Community leader? Artist/musician?)

Surprise us with what you can bring to the table!

Category: Software Engineering/QA

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