Interactions was founded with the belief that we could combine technology and human intelligence to improve the way businesses and their customers communicate. To us, that meant helping people have natural, open conversations with the brands they trust – when, how and where they want. It is our core belief that technology should accommodate the customer, not the other way around.

Since 2004, we’ve been expanding what’s possible in customer care through conversational Intelligent Virtual Assistants. With our proprietary Adaptive Understanding™ technology, we were the first to apply the combination of Artificial Intelligence and human understanding capable of taking on the tasks of customer service agents.

The result? Conversational, engaging interactions across channels. Vastly improved self-service accuracy. Customers and businesses getting more done in less time.

Interactions successfully connects millions of consumers with the brands they love each day. And along the way, we’re creating happier, more loyal customers and saving businesses millions of dollars.

Other Office Addresses:

Indianapolis Office: 8435 Keystone Crossing Blvd, Suite 200, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240

New York Office: 25 Broadway, New York, NY 10004

New Jersey Office: 41 Spring St., New Providence, NJ 07974 


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We’re on a mission to…

•Accelerate the transition away from broken/uninspired communications.
•Lead the advancement of AI technology that understands on a human level.
•Make it easy for consumers and leading brands to engage and get things done.
•Empower brands to turn every interaction into a satisfying customer experience.
Interactions Core Values

We Are Passionate About Transforming Customer Experience

We believe every conversation, every interaction is an opportunity. We exist to eliminate broken communication and replace it with technology that conforms to the human. We enable our clients to transform their customers’ experience from one that seeks to contain and deflect to one that engages and satisfies.

We Are Obsessed With Our Customers’ Success

Customers are an extended part of our team—their success is our success. We are hyper-focused on doing what it takes to ensure that our customers garner improved customer experience, increased customer engagement and compelling ROI. We celebrate our client successes and the collective efforts it takes to deliver on this promise.

We Respect Each Other

We value open and frequent communication, honesty, courtesy, sincerity and timeliness. Our people are what make Interactions successful. We respect the unique skills of others, regardless of department or title, to foster an inclusive and supportive working environment.

We Create Opportunity

We endeavor to create opportunities for our employees to advance their skills, their interests, their passions, their careers and their lives.

We Embrace Disruption

We seek to change convention and the status quo. We are agents for change—our technology enables our customers to transform their support model and the way we do our jobs.  We not only embrace change, we seek to drive change.

We Do What We Say

We hold ourselves to a high degree of professionalism and commit to excellence in all we do. We make commitments and we keep them, to our employees, to each other, to our customers, to our shareholders and to our community.