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Why I Joined: Panorama Education

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There are many factors that play into one's choice when deciding on what company is the right fit for them, so we decided to dive deep into why Panorama Education is a great place to work by asking their team members the question "Why did you join Panorama Education and what were the major factors for you?"

Vinu Kumar Panorama EducationVinu Kumar, Outreach Director

I started working on the Outreach team at Panorama about 2.5 years ago. I was really interested in staying connected to the social impact space and was looking to join a company whose work could affect meaningful change.  I came across Panorama a couple months into my job search, and felt inspired by the company’s mission and focus on elevating the voices of students in communities across the country. 

When I was job searching, I was reflecting often on past experiences where I derived the most value and joy. The two factors that kept coming up from those experiences were (a)  the ability to work on and contribute to a team goal, and (b) the ability to build relationships centered around problem solving and improvement.

I had not previously considered a role in Sales until meeting the team at Panorama and getting a glimpse into the day to day of the Outreach team. Now, I have the pleasure of connecting with school districts across the country, learning about the incredibly thoughtful ways they are supporting students on the ground, and talking through how Panorama can be most supportive of their priorities. Those conversations, and seeing conversations turn into strong years-long partnerships, are really fulfilling. 

Finally, the culture at Panorama is what solidified my interest in joining the team. I felt that the culture at Panorama was unlike any one that I had experienced previously, and it was palpable from my early conversations with folks here. I met several wonderful people just throughout the interview process who made a deep impression on me. They seemed (and now I know this to be true!) to genuinely care about their colleagues and their work, and were excited to strive towards betterment. 

The biggest factors that initially piqued my interest in Panorama are the same ones that make me excited to stick around for years to come  - the opportunity to work at a growing company with big ideas and ambitious goals, working alongside great colleagues and being apart of a culture that values work-life balance and caring about people.

Ben Mark Panorama EducationBen Mark, Director of Field Sales

I joined Panorama in 2016 because after 7 years in student-facing roles, I was looking ahead into the future and didn't see myself as a career-long educator. I really wasn't sure what would come next, but I knew I wanted to stay close to education, while also doing something completely different from teaching. I took what I liked about teaching (learning new things, working directly with people, preparing lesson-plans/presentations) and just started looking around. 

As an organization, Panorama excited me because of its education focus and because at Panorama, I saw a lot of other people who got their start in the classroom and had made a similar move to the one I was looking to make. 

Finally, I wanted to make sure I was joining a company that felt like it was doing something exciting and meaningful, but also something that felt sustainable and scalable. I was convinced that Panorama was doing all of those things after my interview process in 2016, and I'm still convinced of that today!

Casey H Panorama EducationCasey Hill, Outreach Partner

From leasing companies to tech startups, and even a multibillion dollar data visualization company, I've worked in sales for some cool companies in the past 6 years. However, one thing missing from every single one of those jobs was a mission that I could really get behind.

Everything we do is for students. That’s the thing I loved about Panorama immediately. It gave me that sort of pit in the stomach feeling that I really wanted to work here. We help support students and enable district administrators to make their students successful. We are living our mission every single day, and it’s threaded into everything I do.

We don't have the Wolf of Wall Street sales culture here that I've experienced in other companies. Panorama embraces collaboration and makes sure that we understand every activity that we do is for students. 

For me, being an Outreach Partner at Panorama is the feel good sales role that I've been waiting for years to be a part of. Everytime I see a deal close, or progress in the pipeline, it makes me happy. Deals mean that we're helping to support 1 more, 100 more, 1000 more students succeed across this country! I go to bed at night feeling like I did a really great job and I’m excited to wake up in the morning so that I can call more districts and help more students succeed!

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