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An Inside Look at 39 of the Top Companies in Tech - CxO Briefing Recap [video]

CxO Briefing is one of our video series that features video interviews with executives from the fastest growing tech companies.

Here's a recap of the 39 tech companies that we featured this year. Each interview shares lots and lots of details on the company, its product, hiring, culture, and more!  


Knox is the smart and frictionless way to turn your current home into an investment property delivering passive income while empowering lifestyle freedom, and superior wealth creation. Interview with Spencer Taylor, COO & Co-Founder at Knox Financial.

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Formlabs is committed to bringing powerful and accessible fabrication tools into the creative hands of professionals around the world. Interview with Luke Winston, Chief Business Officer at Formlabs.

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Veracode delivers the application security solutions and services today’s software-driven world requires. Interview with Elana Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer at Veracode.

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Kyruus is the industry leader in provider search and scheduling solutions for health systems. Interview with Graham Gardner, MD, Co-Founder & CEO at Kyruus.

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PrismHR creates exceptional software and services for HR service providers and their SMB clients. Interview with Gary Noke, President & CEO at PrismHR.

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MineralTree is leading a paradigm shift in accounts payable, and changing the way businesses think about AP efficiency. Interview with Micah Remley, CEO at MineralTree.

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Born out of Boston Children’s Hospital, Mightier is a biofeedback game platform that teaches kids emotion calming skills through play. Interview with Craig Lund, Mightier's Co-Founder & CEO. 

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Knoq's technology recruits, trains and guides neighborhood sales representatives to go out into their own neighborhoods and talk to people about products and services that can make their lives better. Interview with Kendall Tucker, Founder & CEO at Knoq.

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Abacus Insights

Abacus solves healthcare’s biggest challenge: breaking down data silos to improve patient experiences, increase the health of populations and reduce the cost of care. Interview Minal Patel, CEO & Founder at Abacus Insights.

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HealthEdge is an innovative software company that provides the only integrated financial, administrative and clinical software platform for healthcare payors. Interview with Steve Krupa, CEO at HealthEdge.

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Poppulo is the global leader in employee communications technology. Interview with Eric Shealy, President Poppulo USA.

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Proofpoint | ObserveIT is the leading Insider Threat Management solution with more than 1200 customers globally. Interview with Mike McKee, Proofpoint's EVP and GM, Insider Threat Management.

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NetBrain was founded to deliver end-to-end network visibility to enterprise networks across the globe. Interview with Jason Baudreau, Vice President of Marketing at NetBrain.

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NWN Corporation is an established leader in delivering secure innovation adoption at scale for commercial, enterprise and public sector organizations through its solution-as-a-service platform. Interview with Andrew Gilman, VP of Marketing at NWN.

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Stormforge (formerly known as Carbon Relay) is the creator of Red Sky Ops, a breakthrough AIOps platform that simplifies performance optimization of applications in Kubernetes environments. Interview with Matt Provo, Founder & CEO at Carbon Relay.

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Takeoff's mission is to bring fresh and affordable groceries online! Interview with Curt Avallone, Chief Business Officer at Takeoff.

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Soofa is the neighborhood news feed that connects a community with screens everyone can see and anyone can use. Interview with Samantha Ward, Director of Growth at Soofa.

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Klaviyo is the world’s leading owned marketing platform known for accelerating revenue for online businesses using the channels they own like email, web, and mobile. Interview with Conor O'Mahony, Chief Product Officer at Klaviyo.

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Arcadia is a population health management technology company supporting healthcare enterprises taking on risk and transitioning to value-based care. Interview with Heather Trafton, Chief Operating Officer at Arcadia.

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BlueConic is the world’s leading customer data platform, liberates marketers’ first-party data across their marketing technology landscape, & makes it available as required. Interview with Cory Munchbach, Chief Operating Officer at BlueConic.

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Jackpocket is the first mobile lottery app in the U.S. that offers players a secure way to order official state lottery tickets, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, and more, via their smartphones. Interview with Peter Sullivan, Co-Founder & CEO at Jackpocket.

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Neurala is a pioneer in vision AI software. On a mission to make AI more applicable and useful in real-world applications. Interview with Dr. Heather Ames, Co-Founder & COO at Neurala.

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Tulip, the Manufacturing App Platform, is empowering the world’s leading manufacturers to improve the productivity of their teams, the quality of their output, and the efficiency of their operations. Interview with Erik Mirandette, Head of Customer Operations at Tulip.

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HealthcareSource is the leading provider of talent management software for the healthcare industry. Interview with Richard Juknavorian, Chief Product Officer at HealthcareSource.

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Devo unlocks the full value of machine data for the world’s most instrumented enterprises by putting more data to work, now. Interview with Dimitri Vlachos, Chief Marketing Officer at Devo.

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TRUX is the leading transportation management system for heavy construction. Interview with Bart Ronan, Chief Executive Officer at TRUX.

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At Motus is passionate about leveraging technology to make work-life better for mobile workers and their managers. Interview with Craig Powell, Director, President and CEO at Motus

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TireTutor makes buying tires easy - our one-stop shop for tire purchases. Interview with Jason Abrahams, Founder and CEO at TireTutor

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Skillsoft delivers online learning, training, and talent solutions to help organizations unleash their edge. Interview with Apratim Purakayastha (AP), Chief Technology Officer at Skillsoft

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LinkSquares is the first AI-powered end-to-end contract lifecycle management platform. Interview with Vishal Sunak, CEO & Founder at LinkSquares. 

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A leading provider of vehicle and driver safety services, Agero innovates to transform and safeguard the driving experience while building loyalty for their clients. Interview with Bernie Gracy, Chief Digital Officer at Agero. 

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Bullhorn is the global leader in software for the staffing industry. More than 10,000 companies rely on Bullhorn’s cloud-based platform to power their staffing processes from start to finish. Interview with Gordon Burnes, Chief Marketing Officer at Bullhorn. 

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Hometap provides homeowners cash upfront in exchange for a minority stake in their residential property so homeowners can pursue their financial goals. Interview with Andrea Garvey, VP, Human Resources at Hometap.

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Salsify empowers brands to win on the digital shelf. Interview with Jason Purcell, Co-Founder & CEO at Salsify.

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Veeva is the leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry. Interview with Henry Levy, General Manager at Veeva Systems.

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TrueMotion offers auto insurers a mobile telematics platform that enables next-generation digital programs. Interview with Rafi Finegold, VP Product & Experience at TrueMotion. 

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SecZetta enables organizations to execute risk-based identity access and lifecycle strategies for vendors, partners, contractors, freelancers, bots, service accounts, and other non-employee populations. Interview with Nicole Rowe, Vice President of Marketing at SecZetta. 

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Gravyty helps nonprofit organizations raise more money by increasing their fundraisers’ efficiency with actionable data analytics and artificial intelligence. Interview with Rich Palmer, Co-Founder & CTO at Gravyty. 

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Numerated helps banks reinvent business banking for the digital age with its real-time lending and growth platform. Interview with Dan O'Malley, Founder & CEO of Numerated

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