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DigitalOcean Office Tour in NYC

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DigitalOcean is a cloud platform for developers and their teams. The company is venture-backed and has close to a $200 million run rate. With almost half of their total population based out of their headquarters in NYC, DigitalOcean has more than 400 employees worldwide.

We had the opportunity to dive into DigitalOcean's office space for a first-hand look into the company's workspace. As one would expect, the theme is immediately set by a sea of ocean themed colors, a tank-shaped collaborative center, snacks galore, and colleagues ready to partake in the next group yoga session. With office space in New York City comes a fantastic office view, complete with beach chairs to lounge in and get work done! Take a look at their offices in the slideshow below!

Also, DigitalOcean is hiring! Check out its BIZZpage for all of the company's openings!

Alyssa Oxner is a Customer Success Specialist at VentureFizz.  Follow her on Twitter: @Aoxner23.

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