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Career Path - Phil Ashe, Developer, Professional Services at JRNI

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Meet JRNI’s Developer, Professional Services, Phil Ashe. Members from JRNI sat down (virtually) with Phil to find out more about his career progression, what a typical day looks like for him, and what he loves about working for JRNI!

Give us an overview of your professional experience.

I studied Computer Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. I always envisioned myself working on embedded systems, circuit design, networking, scripting, and other similar tasks typically given to Computer Engineers. Less than one year into my career, and by complete chance, I was offered an opportunity to work on a full stack web development project. It changed my life! I loved it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I spent countless hours trying out new frameworks, building apps, reading about all the new cutting edge developments. Now almost four years later, I’m here at JRNI continuing to do what I love.

What are some projects you've been working on recently?

Lately I’ve been working closely with some of our customers to make sure their booking journeys have the right flow to get them the highest possible conversion rates, as well as helping them maximize efficiency when they import their data into JRNI. I’ve also been working with Total Wine & More, one of our major retailers, to tailor their booking process for their specific needs.

What’s the most rewarding part about working at JRNI?

Specifically, the moment we deploy a new piece of work for a client. The feeling of accomplishment when taking a challenging new project, designing, building, and then finally delivering to a satisfied client is unrivaled. It’s the culmination of all our hard work.

What’s a typical day like for you?

  • Every good, productive day starts at the gym! I wake up early to go for a run and lift weights.
  • Log on, go through my Slack, email, and Jira alerts.
  • Start development on the priority task of the day
  • At 10AM, I lead our team’s standup meeting, where we talk about what we did yesterday, what we plan to do today, and what (if anything) we need help with.
  • Client calls are usually next; these typically happen around midday Eastern Standard Time, to allow for overlap with UK working hours. I’ll usually talk about the status of what we are delivering, and solicit feedback.
  • Lunch!
  • Generally, I get most of the afternoon to work on my outstanding projects. Depending on what we discussed at the morning’s standup, I’ll spend time checking in with teammates, or meeting with my manager to discuss the current sprint.
  • Lately, the day usually ends on a final call with the Australian team, who is just starting the workday at this point. We’ll discuss what I’m working on, what (if anything) is blocking me, and the next steps in our project.

Tell us a little about JRNI’s culture. What’s your favorite part about it?

I’d describe JRNI’s culture as filled with dedicated, ambitious people, who are simultaneously highly collaborative and respectful of one another. We’re “one JRNI”, and that’s the best (and my favorite!) part about our working culture. To use another term, we truly are “all on the same team”. When planning new projects, everyone’s voice is heard. Everybody is always there to support one another, and when necessary, we always find the time to help out a coworker in need. This makes JRNI truly exemplary.

What makes JRNI different?

Apart from the team mentality I just mentioned, it has to be the impact you can have. You’re more than a cog in a wheel. There is so much great engineering work to be done, so many processes to improve, and so many opportunities to shine. JRNI strongly encourages learning, so that you can arm yourself with the tools needed to be the best you can be. JRNI is a “go-getter’s” paradise. The sky is the limit here. Carpe Diem!

Do you have any hobbies you’re passionate about?

I spend a large portion of my free time learning new development languages, frameworks, and technologies, but outside of code - I enjoy traveling, horseback riding, reading, and home improvement projects.

If you could visit anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I’d go on the trip that never was (thanks, coronavirus!) - Tokyo, Japan.

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