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Career Path - Kristen Bilowus, Product Manager at goTenna [Video]

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goTenna’s Talent Acquisition Lead, Adam Freedman, sat down with goTenna’s Product Manager, Kristen Bilowus to discuss her role and what she enjoys about her role at the organization. Kristen is responsible for mobile products even though goTenna has a whole suite of products for off grid connectivity. 

Prior to goTenna, Kristen started out at Accenture in the Washington D.C. area. She spent a few years working as an app developer for the U.S. State department. When she arrived in New York, she joined a startup in the healthcare industry. After she worked at her first startup she found out about goTenna. She was attracted to goTenna’s technology as well as goTenna’s potential life-saving impacts.

She works with engineering, quality assurance, marketing team and the customer experience team to make sure goTenna is delivering their products in the best way they can.

“The hardware integrations leverage a lot of different technologies to deliver a really cool product that’s making a huge impact,” says Kristen.

Kristen is currently working on building our mission command suite for goTenna Pro, also known as the goTenna Pro Portal. This will allow pushing information from the tip of the spear up the chain of command for military and public safety team members.

“We all are really busting our butts to get the best products out there,” says Kristen “I can see that in everyone in goTenna. It’s important that our customers are taken care of. At the end of the day, it’s a safety factor and we take that very seriously.”

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