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9 of the Top Leaders in the New York Tech Scene - Lead(H)er Recap

It’s a great time to be in the tech industry, particularly in New York, and women are leading the charge.

As part of our Lead(H)er series, we have had the great privilege of interviewing so many incredibly talented women who are founders or executives at some of the fastest growing companies in NYC's vibrant startup scene.

They’ve told us about everything from the challenges, successes, and surprises of their careers to how many cups of coffee it takes to get through a day, so take a look at our list of the talented women we’ve spotlighted this year.

Maria Paula Saba ALICE

“In a corporate environment where things are already established, it takes so much energy to change anything,” Saba said. “In a startup, you’re creating the environment that you want to work in.”

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Terry Ladisheff LoadSmart

Terry Ladisheff, Chief Revenue Officer at Loadsmart

“The thing I love about the building stage is laying a strong foundation to help a company scale through really rapid growth” said Ladisheff, the Chief Revenue Officer at Loadsmart. “After things are a bit more established, I find the work a little less energizing."

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Stella Kim Mixlab

Stella Kim - Founder and CXO at Mixlab

“If you show that you care about people, whether it’s a coworker or a customer, it’s appreciated. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture -- the smallest things go a long way to show them that you care,”

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Jen Hau Troops

Jen Hau, VP of Product at Troops

“People who join startups are often intellectually curious and eager to make an impact, and I find their drive really motivating,” she said. “And I do love the chaos of a startup.” 

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Amy Holtzman AlphaSense

Amy Holtzman, Senior Vice President of Marketing at AlphaSense

“I love the diversity of marketing work and the ability to touch so many different departments,” Holtzman said. “Marketing sits in the center of a company, and if done well, it supports almost every part of the organization with results that are measurable in business outcomes.”

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Susanne Gurman SecurityScorecard

Susanne Gurman, Vice President of Revenue Marketing at SecurityScorecard

“When I joined, it was a new startup that was at the beginning of an emerging market and had the opportunity to really accelerate,” Gurman said. “I love aggressive goals, and I’m surrounded by people who are so intelligent.” 

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Meredith Wood Fundera

Meredith Wood, Vice President of Marketing at Fundera

 “I spend a lot of time working with my direct reports and supporting them however they need. As a whole, I try to make sure that we've developed a strong culture within the marketing organization.”

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Kelly Shortridge Caosule8

Kelly Shortridge, VP of Product Strategy at Capsule8

“I think it’s important to project an image of strength, but transparency and honesty are appreciated more than many leaders think. I think it’s a considerably better strategy to be open to other people’s contributions. Particularly in product strategy, it’s important to almost be a bit vulnerable with your engineers, sales and marketing teams by asking for their input -- being honest that you don’t have all the answers. Then people feel like they’re along for the journey and that they have a stake in the outcome, which helps foster a stronger culture internally.” 

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Amy Roy, Chief People Officer at Namely

“I started to think about a change and something that would allow me to still stay in the HR tech space while being a little more local. Larry Dunivan, who's the CEO here at Namely, let me know that there was an opportunity for a new head of HR,”

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