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6 River Systems Office Tour in Waltham

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6 River Systems is a Waltham based robotics company that is redefining fulfillment automation.

The company's warehouse robot, Chuck (named after the Charles River in Boston), helps warehouse employees increase efficiency and cut down on wait times for customer orders to be fulfilled, enabling them to process and ship faster than with just manual labor. Back in April, they announced $25M in funding.

Their office in Waltham is a welcoming environment for humans and robots alike! It has plenty of space for collaboration both inside conference rooms and outside on their roof deck patio, featuring an office garden. Around their multifunctional desk spaces, you can also spot some furry friends of the 6 River Systems team as well. Take a further look at their office in the slideshow below!

Also, 6 River Systems is hiring! Check out their BIZZpage for all of the company's openings!

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Increasing throughput, decreasing training time and delighting customers: we're leading the way to faster fulfillment.

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