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Work From Home Setup Contest - Best Decorative Space Category [Voting] banner image

Work From Home Setup Contest - Best Decorative Space Category [Voting]

Last year, working from home became the norm. Everyone had to figure out how to configure their space to the new way of working. 

We thought it would be fun to see these new creative workspaces by holding a Work From Home Setup Contest. We have 3 categories: 1) Best Tech, 2) Best Decorative Space, and 3) Best Use of What You've Got.

Today, voting opens up for Best Decorative Space - think beautiful and organized. We had to narrow the entries down to a reasonable number as we had many submissions and so many amazing WFH setups to consider!

Check out all the entries in the slideshow below and vote in the form. If you think more than one WFH setup is worthy, you can vote for multiple entries on a single form! Voting will remain open until Friday, February 26th.

We'll announce the winner on Monday, March 1st and the winner will be awarded a $100 gift certificate to Wayfair! 

You can already vote for the Best Tech category and stay tuned as voting for Best Use of What You've Got opens up tomorrow!

Why 2020 Might Be One of My Favorite Years banner image

Why 2020 Might Be One of My Favorite Years

To my core, I think of myself as a start-up junkie.  I’ve had the good fortune to have been part of six, including the running of my own.  On January 4, 2021, I will be celebrating TEN YEARS at Rapid7.  It’s been an incredible ride, having joined when we were just 75 people in three little offices.  Today, we are over 1,800,  public and global. Our current business is long past the start-up phase, but I’m still just as passionate as I was the day I joined. What’s continuing to keep me motivated? The fact that I feel that 2020 might be one of my favorite years at Rapid7 should provide some insight.

Way back in January of 2020, we brought 1,600 Rapid7 employees from all over the globe to Boston for a kickoff aimed at immersing all of us in a deeper understanding and execution of exceptional customer experience. Leading up to this kickoff, I had just spent several months working with some of my favorite leaders in the company creating a new delivery structure, spending many an early morning in meetings working through the intricacies and nuances so we were prepared for  the main event.

I’ve played a fairly big role in each of our kickoffs over the last decade, with each year upping the ante of what we attempt to pull off.  There are no words for the production value of this last one.  We brought together our love of music as a backdrop to immerse ourselves in better understanding - and ultimately executing for - our customers.  We had a live band on stage.  We assembled a diverse panel of experts sharing their insights.  We listened intently as we heard keynotes from notable speakers. We wove in a multitude of opportunities to learn from and engage with one another.  Oh, and getting to interview Leslie Odom Jr.(of Hamilton fame) on stage and introduce Lil Jon at our night event was pretty epic as well.

I left that kickoff on a high, ready to tackle the year.  I remember thinking at the time, how incredibly fortunate we were, to be able to have that shared time together, getting us aligned for the year ahead. Little did I realize at the time how incredibly important that feeling was.

Zoom ahead two months to March 2020. I remember the series of conversations with Corey (Thomas, our CEO) starting Monday, March 9th.  When early news of the “Corona virus” broke out, we quickly evolved from “you can travel applying your best judgment” to “pack up your laptops...we are sending everyone home for a few weeks” within a span of three days. By the time we sent our entire company to work from home that Thursday, we honestly thought we’d be back together by early April.

As for all of us, the early days were a tough transition. The majority of our people were not equipped to work from home. Of course, we were privileged enough to have access to computers and internet to work from, but the luxuries of home office setups were not had by many.  Add on top of that trying to parent, or be on Zoom calls when some were sharing a small apartment with roommates competing for quiet space. Like most humans sharing this experience, our people grumbled about the inconveniences.  That quickly shifted to health concerns as COVID swept through the world, and financial concerns as everyone had people in their lives facing layoffs and other monetary hardships.

So we did what we had been preparing for the nine plus years leading up to the pandemic.  We leaned hard on our culture.

I’ve been in a people role my entire career. I had an epiphany in my first job out of school that to scale a growing company, you had to both understand and embody your culture and its value if you are to have any long term success or healthy scalability. I’m not good at so many things, but of that one core element of business, I was adamant.  So with each start up I’ve been a part of, that’s the piece I’ve tackled first.  Once you have that nailed, you can build everything else around that solid foundation.  And yet, that assumption that I’ve built my career on was truly put to the test for the first time in thirty years during this pandemic.

Rapid7’s culture is focused on five core values. They are so much a part of who we are, perhaps sometimes we take them for granted.  However, they became omnipresent when we were all focused to work from home.

IMPACT TOGETHER.  We call ourselves “moose” and the duality of its name being both singular and plural has become synonymous with teamwork. With the playing field leveled with everyone at home and behind a camera, we found new ways to partner and deliver for our customers - and each other.  We found new ways to leverage our technology, and found creative ways to connect as teams and as a company. For a tribe that was largely centered around face to face collaboration, we found new ways to connect, whether it was through more frequent Town Hall meetings, Friday night virtual concerts, or daily announcements to keep everyone on the same page.

BRING YOU. The essential meaning of this value is about everyone feeling like we are able to bring our authentic selves to work so we can deliver our best impact. In the early days of the pandemic, we all apologized for the disruptions made by our children, dogs barking, spotty internet and the like. Very quickly, however, we embraced those challenges, and realized that every single one of us was struggling with something.  So we began to invite those “challenges” into the conversation.  Humanity took over, and barriers were broken down. We found that all those different elements of our personal lives that never usually felt appropriate for “work” soon bonded people together. Prior to March, we were pretty comfortable with our notion of ability to “bring you” to work.  Since then, I’d say we took that value to a completely new level.

CHALLENGE CONVENTION. This speaks to our innovative nature. We might be a bigger company now, but we still operate with the soul of a start up. Who acquires its  biggest company to date in the middle of a pandemic?  That’s right.  We did. Who gets out in front by creating a “Little Moose Academy” for parents of young children at home? We did.  Who finds creative ways to continue developing people and keep career evolution happening even though we can’t be together?  We did.  Starting the Monday after we were sent home to work and needing to onboard 34 people, I marvel at the ingenuity and creativity being driven by our holistic team. We have risen to the occasion in ways that cheer each other on to accomplish just about anything...and our bottom line is reaping the rewards.

BE AN ADVOCATE. The core of this value is about doing what is in the best interest of our customers - both externally and internally. Keeping that mindset in forefront of our work, we worked backwards from the outcome we wanted to achieve, and then altering our approach in this “new world” to ensure we were providing the best possible experience to deliver to that outcome.

NEVER DONE. This one is all about continuous learning and having insatiable curiosity. Over the last nine months, it’s also come to reflect the stamina and resilience we’ve all needed to embrace to aid us in powering through trying times. Without question, 2020 has been exceptionally challenging on a number of fronts, but it is remarkable to see how rather than complaining, so many of our people will focus on the positives about what they’ve learned, how they’ve grown, and how they’ve given back. The notion that we were able to transform our #rapid7givesback program to a virtual one across the globe during this time and our people were willing to give their time and energy to support primarily STEM and D&I programs is astonishing.

For most people, 2020 will come crashing to an end and be remembered as an epic dumpster fire of a year because of the chaos it created for the entire world. Of course, I am deeply saddened by the health, financial and other challenges this year has caused. And yet, I am the girl who finds the opportunity in the chaos.  I will remember 2020 as the year that allowed me to prove a theory created decades ago right, and see that culture - when it is organic, authentic and real - can sustain and navigate a company through literally any challenge.

Christina Luconi is Chief People Officer for Rapid7. Follow her on Twitter: @peopleinnovator.  Photo courtesy of Rapid7.

How Companies are Giving Back to their Communities banner image

How Companies are Giving Back to their Communities

As the holidays are quickly approaching, we decided to connect with several companies to see what they are doing year-round to give back and support their communities. 

Veracode has partnered with Charity Miles, the app that turns all the miles you might walk, run or bike into dollars for charity. Veracode is committing $1 for every mile an employee accumulates until December 1st to Resilient Coders for #GivingTuesday. Resilient Coders trains youth in underserved communities in areas such as software engineering, website development, and app design. The organization works to achieve social justice through economic empowerment, and the opportunity for meritocracy in tech by providing better access to high-growth careers. So far, Veracoders have earned $9,400 toward this goal!

Explore veracode's company page

Chewy’s philanthropic mission to help fulfill the urgent needs of shelter and rescue organizations ensures that pets have basic necessities, like meals and supplies, despite challenging circumstances. Chewy’s donations have provided pet food, healthcare supplies, and other essential products to animal welfare organizations and pet parents throughout the country in partnership with and other animal welfare organizations.

Chewy is celebrating this year’s Giving Tuesday by providing an easy way for pet parents to give back by making a purchase on on December 1, 2020. To learn more about this campaign, click here.

Explore CHEWY's company page

For years, we've focused the month of October as "Rapid7GivesBack," participating in supporting organizations in each of our regions across the globe, primarily targeting STEM and DEI focused organizations. This year, we launched it virtually in October, and announced we'd be focusing these efforts year round going forward. We are now able to keep each other updated on the work through slack, capturing on our microsite, and highlighting volunteering efforts each month to build awareness.

Rapid7 Team Culture

Explore Rapid7's company page

We recently participated in our parent company's global "Dept Cares Day." Every year, we invite employees to donate some of their time to give back to their communities. We pick a date and teams from around the world volunteer at various initiatives in their hometowns and home countries. This year is obviously challenging with the pandemic, so we decided to come together for a beach cleanup at Salisbury Beach so that we could gather safely while still volunteering our time. A small group of Rocket folks fueled up on our favorite donuts from Changing Tides in Newburyport and got to work collecting trash on the beach and throughout the parking lot. We also encouraged other employees that could not join us in person to clean up around their own neighborhoods or communities.

Explore Rocket Insights' company page

HealthcareSource has been involved in a handful of ways of giving back, some of these initiatives include:

  • Team members hand sewed masks and distributed them to local healthcare providers, first responders, schools and other locations in need throughout our communities. We had enough fabric to create over 850+ masks! Team members also created kits for local post-acute providers to use while residents and staffs needed to quarantine on location. The kits included crosswords and word searches, plants, coffee gift cards and more.
  • Thank you, healthcare workers video montage
  • Blood “Drive-to-Donate”. Given the increased need for blood, and lack of donations across the country, HealthcareSource employees volunteered to donate.
  • HealthcareSource employees participated in the Virtual Walk to End Alzheimer's on Sunday, September 27th! The team raised more than $3,500 for the Alzheimer’s Association!
  • For the last 2 years HealthcareSource has participated in the Wonderfund! Employees purchase holiday gifts for children in need who are part of the Mass DCF program. We are kicking off this program again this year!

Explore healthcaresource's company page

Giving back is integral to Vecna Robotics and is embedded throughout our community interactions during the year. In fact, employees can take up to 4 hours a week in PTO to spend on community service. In the last 6 months, through company-wide participation, Vecna Robotics has donated clothes to Second Chances, books to More Than Words, food/household items to the Middlesex Human Service Agency, Outfit and PJ Packs to Cradles to Crayons, and toys for Toys for Tots.

Explore Vecna Robotic's company page

Every other month, TRUX selects three employees to spotlight. Each spotlighted employee is able to donate $100 to a charity of their choice. Including our employees in charitable giving is a great way for us to celebrate our team and give back to the community!

Explore TRUX's company page

Last week, ZoomInfo kicked off its 2020 Winter Donation Drive, during which its 1,600-plus employees will spend the next month competing to raise the most money for their local charities, including Newton's Cradles to Crayons. They'll look to outdo their efforts from 2019, when they raised more than $240,000 in cash and in-kind donations for youth- and family-focused organizations. “It has never been more important for us to step up and help our communities,” said Henry Schuck, Founder and CEO of ZoomInfo. “We can make a significant impact by helping to brighten the holiday season for those families in our communities who have endured a really challenging year.”

Explore zoominfo's company page

We’re collecting donations to put together both Housewarming baskets (materials needed when you move into an apartment such as cleaning and laundry products) and Blessing Bags (facemasks, hand sanitizer, gloves) for people supported by the Friends of Boston’s Homeless organization.

Explore Leanix's company page

As daycares, public parks, and camps were off-limits this summer due to the pandemic, Hometap teamed up with Heading Home, a non-profit organization on a mission to end homelessness in the Greater Boston area. Together our team got creative, crafting 18 activity kits filled with art supplies, crafts, cooking supplies, and more to help underprivileged families learn and have fun at home. 

Explore Hometap's company page

In September, PrismHR held our first-ever Charity Auction for Education with items donated by employees with big talent and big hearts. Our Culture & Engagement Team created a special bidding site to display the items up for bid which included handmade knit hats and jewelry, family photo shoots, craft beer sampler packs, sports memorabilia, custom comic and cross-stitch art, and plenty of tasty treats. Nearly $2,800 raised for The National Center for Learning Disabilities, an organization that works to improve the lives of 1 in 5 children and adults nationwide with learning and attention issues.

Explore Prismhr's company page

At Mimecast, building resilient communities is core to who we are, and giving back is at the heart of the Mimecast Way. Our employees deliver cyber resilience every day to the organizations that we are privileged to call customers. As part of our commitment to global resilience, we've built our Resilience Together program to bring meaningful and sustained support to the global communities where we live and work.

We are also proud to support our veterans through our partnership with Home Base, a Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital Program.

Explore Mimecast's company page

iboss hosted their first Virtual Volunteering Event on World Kindness Day to benefit youth experiencing homelessness. iboss employees and their families were given the opportunity to create Bare Necessities Bundles through an online activity to provide essential items such as socks, deodorant, and other hygiene items for junior high and high school students in need. The kits also included a personalized letter of positivity to help bring confidence and comfort, empowering them to succeed. With the help from Building Impact, all Bare Necessities Bundles will be distributed by local organizations to the youth they serve. Kits will benefit: Catie’s ClosetCovenant House, and Stand Up for Kids

Explore iboss's company page

Through Imprivata’s Volunteer Program, our employees have had the opportunity to learn about and volunteer with organizations focused on providing opportunities for youth. For the past three years, Imprivata has provided mentors for BUILD Boston, an organization that offers entrepreneurship classes to high schools students in under-resourced communities. Our BUILD group has been working on a virtual design challenge that solves a problem directly related to the impact of COVID-19 on a specific community using the design thinking process

Explore Imprivata's company page

We have two iZoCares days a year where we organize around giving back by making changes internally and externally. The hackathon is a chance to challenge what's possible with a focus on anti-racism in our organization, community, and industry. The areas we've started working include: donation matching (Equal Justice Initiative, Southern Poverty Law Center, NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, among others), Equity Learning Lab (education and internal change efforts), STEAM opportunities for youth and equity in audio education.


Explore izotope's company page

SuitUp is an organization that increases college and career awareness and preparedness for students in underserved communities through innovative business competitions. We recently had the pleasure of volunteering with this fantastic organization. After spending a week with these smart, determined, and creative students working to create a new product for Nike, we were beyond impressed. We can't wait to work with them again!

Cybereason Company Culture

Explore cybereason's company page

Supporting our global communities is something we take pride in at Recorded Future, and 2020 has given us the opportunity to give back in several ways. This year, we have raised funds to provide lunches for first responders from a local food truck, given t-shirts and snacks to homeless shelters, and donated to charities supporting LGBTQIA+ groups. In lieu of a holiday gift this year, Futurists have the opportunity to make a donation to one of four global charities, and we will also be providing Thanksgiving dinners to low-income families in need in the Boston area.

Explore recorded future's company page

Toast’s mission to empower the restaurant community to delight guests, do what they love, and thrive was really put to the test this year. On March 17, 2020, we launched Rally for Restaurants, a grassroots initiative to give restaurants a fighting chance during the COVID-19 health crisis. Since then, we’ve written letters to congress, actively lobbied to help secure funding for the industry, and partnered with groups ranging from The Independent Restaurant Coalition - co-founded by Chef Tom Colicchio - to Pepsi to José Andrés' World Central Kitchen to help advocate for restaurateurs and the community during this unprecedented time. We’ve launched products 12-18 months ahead of schedule to support the restaurant community better adapt to the pandemic, such as flat-fee delivery services and contactless payments. What’s next for us is to continue doing everything we can to help the restaurant industry recover and come back stronger leading up to the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine.

In addition to Rally for Restaurants and our community response to the COVID-19 health crisis, we’re committed to our purpose of enriching the food experience for all. Through this, Toast’s corporate philanthropy efforts drive impact across the cause pillars: food, community, and environment. Key results included providing 50,000 meals to at-risk children through No Kid Hungry and rescuing nearly half a million pounds of food in partnership with Project Bread.

Explore toast's company page

Cantina's "Innovation with Impact" program is accepting applications from organizations who are focused on helping to drive and support positive change. The selected partner will receive Cantina's pro bono services (design research, experience design, product design, or software engineering) for up to 8 weeks. This could be everything from designing a new mobile app to rethinking a service experience or as simple as helping create a project strategy.

Organizations with social mission projects in climate, sustainability, land conservation, food and food waste, justice and equality, poverty, homelessness, healthcare, education, and arts and music are some of the areas our team would love to solve with you. Other projects and impact areas outside of this list are also encouraged to apply. 

To learn more about the program and apply, please click here:

Explore cantina's company page

Once again this year, as an ongoing charitable effort, Bullhorn has teamed up with amazing charities, both domestic and abroad, for their Holiday Heroes campaign. The holidays can be festive for most people, but they can also be challenging for others. At Bullhorn, we care about the community and try to make the holidays extra special for those children and their families who might need some extra support during this time of year. The Holiday Heroes Drive is part of our global Bullhorn Cares program, our employee volunteer and service initiative. It allows employees worldwide opportunities to find causes that are important to them and connect with their local communities. Volunteerism and service are integral components of our company’s fabric. Serving our communities globally is part of the Bullhorn culture, and our employees donate to organizations that give back to underserved and underprivileged children and families as well as to families of children with devastating medical conditions. All employee donations will be matched by Bullhorn.

This past July, Bullhorn took a stand against racism and launched an employee campaign called “Taking Action”. Here at Bullhorn, in an effort to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in our organization and in the technology industry, in hopes of making an immediate impact, we launched a donation campaign for the NAACP. In 30 days, our employees contributed a total of $12,500 which Bullhorn matched, donating a total of $25,000 to the NAACP.

Explore bullhorn's company page

Duck Creek Technologies’ global corporate social responsibility program, Duck Creek Gives Back, consists of a corporate matching program, global volunteer opportunities and a global team to support local and digital events. Locally, our Ducks contributed to their communities by participating in blood drives, food pantry work, food drives, clothing drives, COVID-19 mask making, and virtual mapping of remote areas for emergency service assistance. Duck Creek Gives Back has also provided donations to support disasters around the world through our global partnership with the Red Cross.

Duck Creek Company Culture

Explore duck creek's company page

Yesware has offered full access to free seats for black owned small businesses in our community. We also supported local restaurants by purchasing gift cards for our employees.

Explore yesware's company page

At EDB, we do a yearly gift drive during the holidays for the Department of Children and Families. We also contribute to organizations leading the fight for racial and social justice through donations to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Black Lives Matter and Amnesty International. We believe it's important to listen to the concerns and ideas of our team, and to contribute positively to our communities based on their input and our company core values.

Explore edb's company page

We just announced our Picking With PurposeTM Program in which we’ve partnered our robotic automation solutions with food rescue organizations City Harvest and The Greater Boston Food Bank to pick, pack, and distribute food to families in need in time for Thanksgiving. Berkshire Grey donated about 40,000 pounds of food, used one of our robotic automation systems to pick and pack that food into meal boxes for families in need, and our team members volunteered to run the system.  City Harvest and The Greater Boston Food Bank are distributing the 4,000 meal boxes we produced.  This is just the beginning.  We are building a sponsorship program to make Picking With PurposeTM an ongoing initiative. 

Explore Berkshire Grey's company page

Tufin has done some additional perks during the past several months. Our CEO Ruvi Kitov gave all our employees extra PTO days to use as he knows everyone is working very hard during these challenging times. We have recently invested in a Wellness App called Wellable that our employees can take advantage of and have done several virtual Happy Hour events. Some of those have been a Rock N Roll Bingo, Halloween Trivia Contest and a Cocktail making class.  We also plan on doing a lot more with the community in the next several weeks, as helping others is what Tufin is all about.

Clora sent gifts to a family in need. The family consists of a mom, dad, 4-year-old girl, and 7-year-old boy. Although it's a smaller size family, dad has a chronic health illness and mom is undergoing cancer treatment so they have a lot of needs.

Charity: Project Just Because

Clora Charity

Explore clora's company page

19 Companies Expanding Their Customer Success Teams banner image

19 Companies Expanding Their Customer Success Teams

Looking to take the next step and advance your career in Customer Success? Look no further, here are 19 companies currently looking to expand their Customer Success teams!

Mirakl powers your platform business strategy by allowing you to quickly launch an online marketplace. 

Takeoff's mission is to bring fresh and affordable groceries online!  

Exoprise empowers IT teams with solutions that enable effective adoption and management of mission-critical, SaaS applications and Cloud services with its CloudReady application performance monitoring solutions. 

VIEW ALL OPEN CUSTOMER SUCCESS JOBS uses computer vision and machine learning to transform smartphone cameras into clinical grade medical devices. 


Fairmarkit is the intelligent sourcing platform that empowers organizations to more efficiently purchase the goods and services they need.


Hi Marley
Hi Marley is a purpose-driven SaaS platform built for the insurance industry by people who know and love insurance. 


At CarGurus, we're building the world's most trusted and transparent automotive marketplace.



Unqork is a no-code application platform that helps large enterprises build complex custom software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than conventional approaches.


Unstack's no-code marketing platform gives marketers and entrepreneurs the fastest way to launch and scale a business.


The RepTrak Company
The RepTrak Company™ is the world’s leading reputation data and insights company.


HqO’s tenant experience solutions scale across portfolios – fast. Our platform and data help commercial real estate firms adapt to evolving markets, maximize asset value, and modernize tenant experiences.


With Rapid7 technology, services, and research, organizations around the globe can break down barriers, accelerate innovation, and securely advance.


IANS provides experience-based security insights for Chief Information Security Officers and their teams. 



Benchling makes life science research faster and more collaborative.


ChaosSearch delivers the true promise of data lakes, instantly turning cloud object storage into a hot analytics engine.



Openly is a technology-enabled premium insurance provider working with independent agents.


Reggora is a VC-backed technology company that is automating the residential valuation process.



Starburst is on a mission to power analytics anywhere. We help companies quickly unlock the value of their data by making it easy to access.


athenahealth is a leading provider of network-enabled services & mobile apps for medical groups & health systems.


Can't find your perfect fit?  Be sure to check out our full Job Board to see our full list of job openings.

Unique Perks in the Tech Industry banner image

Unique Perks in the Tech Industry

We decided it would be interesting to take a look at some of the unique perks that come with working for specific companies. Take a look below to see what these companies are offering, and how some are adapting to better suit their employees in this era of remote work.

Here at Quick Base, we’ve expanded our Wellness Benefit program for all employees. This benefit is typically $650 per calendar year and provides reimbursement for anything wellness related, anything from a gym membership to a bike to fishing gear. To help support our employees during the pandemic, we increased the benefit to $850 through the end of 2020, and also encourage employees to use this reimbursement to make working remotely easier. Employees have used the Wellness Benefit for desks, office chairs, even a coffee subscription! We’ve also encouraged employees to take the flexibility they need; we have so many employees balancing work, kids at home, caring for family members (furry family members included!) and we want to ease the stress as much as possible.   

Explore Quick Base's company page

Tulip offers a special budget to create employee-led, Bottom-up events! So if an employee has a crazy cocktail hour they want to run for the team, lead a book club, or find teammates who would like to go kayaking on the Charles, they are welcome to organize and utilize the budget to do so!

Explore Tulip's company page

Pre-Covid we offered a commuter stipend and have now converted that into a work from home stipend. It goes into your first paycheck of the month for you to use for whatever office supplies you may need. 

Explore Piaggio Fast Forward's company page

We cover 100% of health, dental, and vision insurance premiums for both our employees and their families because we truly want to take care of our people.

Explore connectrn's company page

Virgin Pulse offers free lunch when you go into the office. 

Explore Virgin Pulse's company page

At Yesware we moved from in-person, in-office meditation and yoga classes to virtual versions of both. We're also doing more unique virtual team building events through Thriver, who is offering pretty interesting events. So far we did a trivia night and we're also going to be doing a virtual magic show. But probably the most unique thing we did was through Goat2Meeting, where we paid a donation to an animal sanctuary and farm and got a virtual tour and met a bunch of animals over Zoom!

Explore Yesware's company page

While we are also doing the GrubHub giftcard to new employees in place of the first day team lunch they would normally go on, we are ALSO doing a free Headspace membership for all employees. Headspace is a mindfulness app that has workouts, meditations, and more!

Explore everquote's company page

We offered employees every 3rd Friday off for a Wellness Day in 2020. This allows staff and their families to disconnect, focus on adapting to our new normal and to generally recharge. In addition,we also have partnered with ModernHealth, an employee wellness platform that offers wellness services for mental health, professional coaching, meditation and more!

Explore edb's company page

We have a Monday morning all hands. We used to order breakfast into the office. Now, we have been sending some random breakfast related packages - everything from Tatte gift baskets to Flour Pop-Tart baking kits. We try to always send from local businesses, as we know they are also struggling to adapt to the new normal!

Explore numerated's company page

Our of our core values is Meritocracy and when we see great performance, we want to reward it. We spun up the Starburst Swag Store, and managers can issue "All-Star Bucks" (We call our team members All-Stars), and employees can redeem them for cool branded swag. This also helps us welcome new employees with All-Star Bucks so they can get themselves outfitted and ready to represent the company!

Explore starburst's company page

Our employees’ mental health has been top of mind throughout the pandemic. To support employees throughout this stressful time, our CEO, David Cancel, spontaneously gave the entire company four extra days off over the summer. We also have started guided yoga and meditation breaks during the workday, and we have provided a subscription to the Headspace meditation app for all employees free of charge. Another unique perk that Drift offers is our sabbatical - after every three years of employment every Drift employee has the opportunity to take a one month sabbatical. We have seen a lot of our three year employees take advantage of this in fun, unique ways, especially during the pandemic.

Explore drift's company page

A few of Veeva's unique perks include:

  • Veeva Giving: At the beginning of each year, every employee has the equivalent of 1% of their base salary to give to the non-profit or charity of their choice. Our employees are passionate about different causes and this gives them the autonomy and ability to make a donation towards what matters to them most.
  • Work Anywhere: Our employees have the choice to work from home or in an office on any given day. We want everyone to work in an environment that is best for their productivity and life needs.
  • Veeva Break: Veeva closes its offices around the globe for a week at the end of December. By taking time off together, it allows for all of us to get a better break with family and friends and be recharged for the New Year.

Explore veeva's company page

Due to COVID-19, Hydrow evaluated its current benefit's offering and made some necessary changes to continue supporting our people across all levels. Here are a few of the perks we are excited to offer: 

  • A yearly subscription for all employees to Headspace because we want to put our employee's health and happiness first.
  • A Coffee of the Month to foster a shared and connected experience during our daily work-from-home lives as well as maybe widen our coffee tastes by trying encouraging employees to try something new that they've not tasted before (if an employee does not drink coffee they can use the reimbursement for tea, soft drink, etc. - anything non-alcoholic).
  • We launched Hydrow’s Parental Program to help our full-time employees with children under the age of 16 with childcare and more. This new benefit, started September 2020 and will run through May 2021, was part of our larger commitment to creating a culture that is awake, aware, and in action when it comes to helping our crew when they need it most.
  • And lastly, be understanding and flexible with work schedules by reinforcing internal policies.

Explore Recorded Hydrow's company page

Some of the unique perks that Mimecast has to offer include: 

  • SitterStream: A virtual, on-demand babysitting (ages 5-9) and tutoring (ages 10+) service offering 30, 60, and 90-minute engaging, fun, and educational sessions for your children.
  • Screen Stars: A virtual, on-demand babysitting (ages 4-9), and homework support service (target age range of 10-18). This service will support accountability and planning for homework. Note that this is not tutoring, which SitterStream provides.
  • Caregivers Employee Resource Group: The mission of this employee resource group is to provide space for Mimecasters, who are caregivers at home, to share experiences, best-practices, and connect with one another.

Explore Mimecast's company page

At TRUX we have been offering exclusive perks including:

  • Socially distanced outing for small groups like apple picking or golf (following all the state guidelines).
  • We gave employees the tech/tools they need to make an at-home "office away from the office" with wireless keyboards, additional monitors, bookshelves, desks, and more.
  • Job sharing and flex-time to help employees balance work/home life.
  • We are offering to pay a portion of each employee's internet/wireless bill.

Explore TRUX's company page

On top of fantastic Blue Cross Blue Shield medical options, Klaviyo also offers:   

  • WFH stipend to set up at home office needs
  • Klaviyo University: Klaviyo University was founded in 2019 to provide company-wide learning and development opportunities across the entire company. One of our core values at Klaviyo is that we are curious and we aspire to “always be learning.”
  • Training & Learning Allowance: each employee is eligible to spend up to $3,000 per year on training and learning related expenses.
  • Fitness reimbursement for in-class and online + new wellness reimbursements coming in January 2021, to include more than just gym memberships and classes.
  • Parental leave: All parents are entitled to up to16 weeks fully paid parental leave

Explore Klaviyo's company page

Some of the unique perks at Nexthink include:

  • Competitive Compensation & Benefits: Nexthink offers 100% healthcare coverage to its employees, as well as dental, vision and life insurance. Employees are offered stock option grants, pension plans, 401K plans, retirement plans, and other great benefits
  • Time Off When Needed: Nexthink knows life isn't always work, work, work. It's important for employees to recharge their batteries and take care of their health - especially during these times. The company offers flexible work hours, paid time off, sick days, paid holidays, volunteer time off, sabbatical, bereavement leave, unlimited PTO, and 16 weeks maternity leave and 4 weeks paternity leave.
  • Development and Volunteer Opportunities: Nexthink encourages its employees to push their careers where they want to go. Nexthink offers professional development, tuition assistance, apprenticeship programs, job training, diversity programming and more. Nexthink also recently launched the CSR platform - Alaya - globally. The platform allows individual employees to donate time and funds to non-profits of their choice and get company support for initiatives close to their hearts.

Explore nexthink's company page 

A few of the unique alterations Rapid7 made to adjust to in this new remote world include:

  • Financial allotment for WFH setups
  • Global days off to unplug, rest, and recharge
  • Daily Lunchtime Trivia in Slack with a $25 (or country equivalent) donation to organization of choice
  • Friday Concert Series highlighting guests and our own Moosicians  

Explore Rapid7's company page 

We wanted to ensure that our employees were set up for success and felt supported when we first transitioned to working remotely as a company. We have tried to remain as flexible in our hours as possible to balance work and home life for employees and provided additional company-wide days 

One of the benefits we began to offer was a Home Office Stipend. This allows team members to furnish their home workspaces with whatever they may need. We also expanded our monthly Remote Work Stipend to all employees to cover additional electric or internet costs while working from home. 

We have also shared Uber Eats vouchers for the whole company to celebrate monthly birthdays and anniversaries.

Additionally, we were focused on supporting the mental health and wellbeing of our team members by offering a free subscription to the Calm meditation app. This was part of a greater effort of providing resources and information to support our team during a difficult transition and  any personal situations people may have been experiencing. 

Since we are an audio tech company we thought this aligned well with how we work since Calm offers music, meditation, stories, peaceful background sounds, and even offers things for children!   

Explore iZotope's company page


I had a chance to round up some of our awesome benefits that were introduced once we went remote. Here they are:

  • Generous home office and telecommute stipend
  • Virtual Fitness Classes
  • Virtual Open Mic Nights
  • Loaner laptop program for parents with children doing virtual learning
  • The Kinda Guide, a weekly resource for parents with tips and tricks for navigating remote learning, in partnership with EdNavigator 
  • Expanded care benefits to help employees who are balancing caring for others while working remotely 

Explore toast's company page

How Employee Resource Groups Help Your Diversity and Inclusion Mission banner image

How Employee Resource Groups Help Your Diversity and Inclusion Mission

Carbon Black is committed to investing in diversity and inclusion and views this as a critical source to our long-term success. To help us improve, drive change, and foster our people’s professional development, we found Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) can play a significant role in creating a better workplace. If you're an organization considering ways to enhance your company culture, consider ERGs.

What is an Employee Resource Group?

ERGs are employee-led, self-directed volunteer groups that investigate and share opportunities to network, foster mentoring and career development, and attract diverse talent.

Why are ERGs Important?

ERGs not only create inclusive communities where employees can feel supported, but they also enrich your overall company culture. Here are some things they can do:

  • Serve as champions for diversity and inclusion at your organization and help identify opportunities to become more inclusive.

  • Identify best practices and communicate broadly for others to consider using.

  • Benefit personally and professionally through networking, professional development, and learning opportunities.

  • Share knowledge, raise cultural awareness, and enhance your company’s cultural competence and links to the community.

  • Work as an employee support system, providing coaching, education, personal growth, best practices, and idea sharing.

  • Help with recruitment and retention efforts.

How Does it Work?

Internal employees sign up to serve as ERG leaders. These leaders will fully run and manage all events and communication for their ERG group, with support and guidance from your HR or Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) team. A D&I Project Manager (PM) will host quarterly check-ins to ensure progress is made toward initiatives and money is allocated efficiently.

How Can Your Company Support the ERGs?

You'll need to work with your finance team to determine an annual budget and share this with ERG leaders at the time the ERG is formed.

In establishing the ERG, you need to appoint someone who can manage the expenses for accounting purposes. They need to understand how to forecast and budget so expenses don’t exceed available funds.

Recommended Positions for ERGs

The following are the recommended positions when forming Employee Resource Groups. However, individuals can take on more than one role if interested or needed.

ERG Chair

The overall lead for the ERG will manage the group and is responsible for communications, activities, and frequency of meetings. Groups will meet quarterly (in-person or virtually) at a minimum. This person will respond to employee inquiries that can be tied to the group’s mission.

As your ERG forms and grows, you may need to customize and add roles that align with your group.

ERG Bookkeeper

This ERG member will be responsible for managing the annual budget. The bookkeeper is accountable for providing the accounting of their expenses to HR at quarterly check-ins.

ERG PR/Events Chair(s)

This ERG member will be responsible for managing the ERG’s communication channels.

For events, ERG groups can host internal and external discussions and events (depending on available resources). Should they chose to host, promote, or attend an event outside of your organization, have the ERG work with the D&I PM to ensure leadership and/or PR is aware of how and when your company’s logo and name will be utilized in a public-facing manner.

ERG Advisor

This is a member of your senior leadership team who is a supporter and advocate for the group, providing strategic guidance and serving as a liaison to other leaders within the ERG and HR. He/She acts as a mentor to the ERG Chair. This role is recommended for those ERG Chairs who have not managed a team or been part of a highly cross-functional team but is not required.

Employee Resource Groups are invaluable in an organization’s mission to become a more inclusive employer where all employees feel like they can bring their true self to work. Building these and supporting them will not only help your company culture, but they will also be a wonderful resource while improving diversity and inclusion.

Maritza Gamboa is the Diversity & Inclusion Program Manager at Carbon Black.
22 Incredible Coworking Spaces in Boston (A Guide) banner image

22 Incredible Coworking Spaces in Boston (A Guide)

Coworking. It’s a style of work where people who regularly work from home, freelancers, and remote workers can come together at a centralized location. Coworking spaces will provide desks, Wi-Fi, food and beverages, and other amenities that corporate offices offer.

Coworking spaces are also growing in presence around the country and Boston is no different. Last week, we took a deep dive into what coworking is and how it benefits Boston’s innovation community and ecosystem. In that feature story, we showcased WeWork, Workbar, and Cambridge Innovation Center.

However, there are more than just three coworking spaces in Boston. Below is a slideshow we’ve compiled featuring over 20 coworking spaces in the city that have their unique features. If you’re curious about joining one of them, a link is on each slide.

Colin Barry is an Editor & Staff Writer to VentureFizz. Follow him on Twitter @ColinKrash