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How Tech Companies are Celebrating Pride Month 2022 Edition banner image

How Tech Companies are Celebrating Pride Month 2022 Edition

It's Pride Month! Here is how tech companies are supporting and celebrating LGBTQ+ employees in the workplace during Pride Month 2022. There are lots of guest speakers, special events, history lessons, drag bingo, and more planned! 

This year for Pride Month, Perch will be celebrating with a variety of events throughout the month of June. To kick off the month, we will be launching a variety of campaigns encouraging our employees to add their pronouns to their email signature and Slack profiles, as well as adding the Pride flag to all of their online platforms.

We will also be hosting two company-wide events. The first one will be a Perch Connection Conversation Panel where we will be moderating a panel with members of our Perch Pride ERG to discuss the experiences of being part of the LGBTQI+ community in the workplace. To close out the month we will be having a virtual drag bingo show!

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Celebrating Pride at Nexthink is all about supporting and respecting our colleagues. This month, we’re hosting a series of PRIDE events throughout our offices all over the world, from brunches to apéros, to bring our teammates together and foster unity, tolerance and, of course, pride for our LGBTQIA+ friends, family and colleagues. We’re also hosting a Pride Panel in partnership with the Athena Collective and some of our very own Nexthinkers. In addition to these month-specific celebrations, we make a concerted effort to champion diversity programming all throughout the year; we have ongoing Diversity Dialogue webinar sessions; we use inclusive language in the products we build; we run our job descriptions through a gender decoder to help uncover and eliminate language that might subtly bias applicants. Plus, our Talent Acquisition team participates in Diversity Training to make sure equality is always top of mind in our hiring. We’re always looking for ways to improve our efforts and foster a safe, tolerant environment where our team is comfortable and proud to be themselves.  

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Throughout the year, we hold events hosted by our ZoomInfo Pride Employee Resource Group and this year, we were thrilled to work with James Barnes the Trans Coach to present LGBTQ+ Understanding & Empathy, deliberately holding this event ahead of Pride month because at ZoomInfo, we practice inclusivity, LGBTQ+ understanding, and celebration all year long.

This June, we're looking forward to hosting a Drag Culture & Impact presentation to discuss Drag's influence on the LGBTQ+ movement, media, arts, pop culture, and the world around us.

In addition, a percentage of proceeds from these events will be donated to Outright Action International, which supports the LGBTQ+ community in the Ukraine.

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This Pride Month, JOOR is taking a stand and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community in our workplace by sharing resources about the month's history, the importance of pronouns and ways to be a better ally to our LGBTQ+ colleagues. We are also hosting global events for everyone to get involved with including having Svetlana Stoli, the Russian powerhouse, host a Drag Queen Bingo game live in our NY office!! We are also partnering with Confetti, for a virtual LGBTQIA+ History & Culture Jeopardy game, where employees will learn and be tested on LGBTQ+ terms, pride around the world, activists, and more! On top of that, we are changing our JOOR logo to incorporate the colors of the LGBTQ flag for PRIDE Month! We are excited to celebrate this month but also all year round!

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Duck Creek is once again celebrating PRIDE this year with a variety of events, speakers, and educational resources. Each week will focus on a different theme: awareness, current issues, allies in action, and closing with celebration. Duck Creek Gives Back is also partnering with local organizations in several US cities to collect supplies for homeless youth, primarily members of the LGBTQ+ community. Local Duck volunteers will be dropping these off in June and the efforts will continue throughout the year.

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We are very excited to be celebrating Pride! On June 1st, Mynd announced our newest MRG (Mynder Resource Group), PRISM (People Respecting Individuality and Sexuality @ Mynd). We are so proud to officially launch the resource group and will be celebrating all month long. We will be releasing a Pride video, featuring our Mynders, in addition to providing educational and celebratory offerings throughout the month on our company-wide internal channels and via our social channels as well.

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During the month of June, our DEI committee will continue with weekly share outs highlighting resources, history, and incredible folks within the LGBTQIA+ community. A member of the queer community (it's me!) will be giving a Lunch & Learn on the history of Pride month to be followed by our Pride Party Happy Hour, including trivia from the Lunch & Learn, a pride flag color challenge, and Drag King bingo!

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For this year’s Pride, connectRN is celebrating with a combination of in-person and remote events to meet the lifestyle of both our HQ team and the clinician population that we serve. We will be hosting an educational storytelling event to highlight LGBTQ+ experiences from our teammates, and planning a variety of live events to celebrate together. A major tenet of connectRN Pride is rooted in community orientation, and this year we will be supporting local and national LGBTQ+ owned businesses as well as volunteering in health and wellbeing spaces that directly benefit members of the LGBTQ+ community.

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We're kicking off the month by featuring/spotlighting our LBGTQ+Ally employees in our social posts, they'll share personal stories, experiences in the community and how they're excited to give back to the community with Spoiler Alert.

We'll then identify primarily black trans focused organizations to help support, whether with pledges in time or with donations.

Finally, we'll close out with some other planned LGBTQ+ initiatives to give back to the community along with featuring our current partners we volunteer with and donate to already.

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This year Workhuman Pride will focus on illuminating connection, purpose, and the whole human. We’ll be shining a light on our humans and their personal Pride stories in a panel discussion, and will be adding a special glow to this year’s celebrations with a drag bingo event. And this year is a special one… for the first time since 2019, Workhuman will be marching in-person at two Pride parades in Dublin Ireland and Providence Rhode Island. We’ll illuminate the streets of Dublin and Providence during these weekend events, and bring our office spaces to life with an in-office celebration to boot.

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Vista is hosting a variety of rich and exciting events for team members to attend throughout June, including happy hours, Drag D&I workshops, and virtual talks like the Director's Perspective on TRANSTYX - Tunisian Film and Play, La Barber - Queer Barber Shop in Berlin, Tiq Milan - Trans Rights Speaker and Lenny Emson from KyivPride NGO. These virtual events are scheduled for a variety of time zones, and will be recorded and available async to all team members across the globe. For our team members located in Spain in the Barcelona area, we wholeheartedly encourage them to attend an in person happy hour and to march as a group in the Parade, thanks to VistaPrint becoming an official sponsor of Barcelona Pride Festival!

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The Pridecones offer regular programming all throughout the year, but of course, our Pride Month programming is the pinnacle of our offerings. This year for Pride Month, a committee of 7 people organized 4 virtual events, a month-long volunteer drive, and created 3 pieces of Cedar / Pridecones branded swag. The events include a panel focused on queer business owners, a panel discussing gender-affirming healthcare with medical professionals, a Drag Bingo extravaganza, and a live recording session of our Pridecones podcast that will feature a mixology class led by a queer business owner. It's our hope that by providing a wide variety of offerings that amplify queer voices, further educate our allies, and celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community, that the impact will extend far beyond the month of June.

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Motional, a global leader in driverless technology, is proud to honor PRIDE Month. The company will be hosting internal celebrations across its U.S. offices, and will be featuring members of its Pride, Resources, Inclusion and Support at Motional (PRISM) Employee Resource Group on Motional's social channels.

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Celebrating Pride at Nexthink is all about supporting and respecting our colleagues. This month, we’re hosting a series of PRIDE events throughout our offices all over the world, from brunches to apéros, to bring our teammates together and foster unity, tolerance and, of course, pride for our LGBTQIA+ friends, family and colleagues. We’re also hosting a Pride Panel in partnership with the Athena Collective and some of our very own Nexthinkers. In addition to these month-specific celebrations, we make a concerted effort to champion diversity programming all throughout the year; we have ongoing Diversity Dialogue webinar sessions; we use inclusive language in the products we build; we run our job descriptions through a gender decoder to help uncover and eliminate language that might subtly bias applicants. Plus, our Talent Acquisition team participates in Diversity Training to make sure equality is always top of mind in our hiring. We’re always looking for ways to improve our efforts and foster a safe, tolerant environment where our team is comfortable and proud to be themselves.

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At Bamboo Health, we are excited to celebrate Pride Month with several initiatives. We’ve made updates to our HRIS system to make it more inclusive by adding non-binary as a gender selection and allowing employees to display their pronouns on their profile. We’re also hosting a Trans-Inclusivity Workshop where we will learn ways to reduce harmful outcomes that stigmas create in marginalized populations. Lastly, we’re partnering with Sweet Evening Breeze, a local Louisville, KY organization that works to address homelessness among LGBTQ+ youth. We’re donating 100 care kits that will provide toiletries and other necessities to the youth and are encouraging employees to join us.

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The theme of Salsify's Pride events and initiates this year is being beyond an ally in and out of the workplace. Some of the events employees can participate in is drag bingo, a cooking class led by a chef from the LGBTQIA+ community, and an awareness in the workplace workshop led by a speaker.

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During Pride month and throughout the entire year, we celebrate our Toast LGBTQIA+ communities and recognize the unique identities and contributions that make us better. Multigrain is our ERG for LGBTQIA+ Toasters and their allies. All year long, Multigrain hosts informative workshops and networking events, and creates a safe space for us all to learn together. This community truly encompasses our "embrace a hospitality mindset" value by welcoming everyone, fostering a supportive environment, and helping all Toasters grow.

During Pride month, Multigrain will be hosting a variety of events, including trivia nights, virtual celebrations and activities, and mentorship opportunities for our community. We will also be provided learning opportunities, charitable giving resources, and supporting local Pride parades where applicable. Follow our Instagram channel, @LifeAtToast, to hear from Multigrain's newest board members on what Pride means to them!

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Lose It! celebrates Pride Month! We invite our users to personalize their experience in our app ( by selecting our Pride theme and checking out our gender inclusivity profile settings. A proud sponsor of Rhode Island PrideFest 2022 (, we welcome all to come by our table on June 18, 2022 to spin the wheel of prizes and pick up some swag! We are also offering to reimburse our employees who would like to participate in local pride events in their cities.

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At Panorama, Panorainbow (our LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group) and the Pride Month Committee have a month full of activities planned including political action and collective action, inclusive language presentations, and a pride hackathon.

Also, each week throughout the month of June we will be sharing a Pride Month Newsletter, which highlights ways to lift the voices of the LGBTQ+ community through books, artists, films, music, businesses, news, social media, organizations, and more.

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At SevenRooms, our #RainbowRoomies Employee Resource Group is celebrating Pride Month with some amazing events. We'll kick off the celebrations by having an in person happy hour at an LGBTQ+ owned establishment for our Rainbow Roomies and allies in NYC.

Later, we'll keep the party going by holding a virtual drag bingo hosted by Screaming Queens.

It's all part of our effort to make DEI intentional by creating a more inclusive workplace through recruitment, retention, professional development, networking and mentorship.

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One of our five Employee Resource Groups (ERG) Out @ Recorded Future, alongside our D&I committee, is dedicated to empowering and promoting visibility of the LGBTQIA+ employees of Recorded Future and allies. For this Pride Month, all parts of the business have come together to offer various opportunities to employees. Employees will have the opportunity to participate in celebratory programming like an LGBTQIA+ Trivia, a Drag Bingo, pride-themed happy hours and mixers, as well as celebrate Pride at DC’s Pride Parade on June 11th. Pride Month is also about learning and giving back. For this reason, our training team has put together a LinkedIn Learning Path focusing on being a good ally in the workplace and building an LGBTQIA+ supporting organization. Insikt Group, our research division, is also drafting a Pride report, to be published this month, that focuses on Russia's Anti-LGBTQIA+ War. Finally, employees will be encouraged to take a day off for volunteering, this Pride Month or in the near future.

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We’re full of Pride year-round at CarGurus, but go even bigger in June to join the global celebration, conversation, and push for acceptace and change. Our 2022 Pride month activities include:

  • An AMA with a senior leader in our [email protected] ERG about his experience being out in the workplace for 20+ years, followed by a celebratory happy hour featuring drinks and treats from LGBTQ+-owned businesses
  • A talk with queer Lao and Vietnamese community organizer Kevin Lam, who’s bringing social transformation to Asian communities in Boston and beyond
  • An interactive workshop to help Gurus become even better allies to those in marginalized groups in their daily work and lives
  • A Pride-themed CarGurus email signature for all employees to use as a show of support and solidarity
  • A roundup of steps everyone can take to learn about, honor, and support LGBTQ+ people and initiatives everywhere

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EnergySage is excited to celebrate PRIDE month! Team members from our employee-organized Making a Difference committee have arranged a movie screening and discussion of Paris is Burning, as well as a lively LGBTQ-themed trivia event emceed by Boston-based Queen, Zon Legacy Phoenix. Event donations will be collected for The Trevor Project, a nonprofit organization providing crisis support services for LGBTQ+ young people.

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In honor of Pride this year at Zus we have started a Pride book club & discussion channel. We are reading Stonewall by Martin Duberman. Later this month we will have in person and virtual roundtable discussions with lunch catered (or reimbursed) from LGBTQIA+ owned businesses.

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To help celebrate Pride Month, Forward Financing is hosting two workshops led by external speakers for our team members. The first session will dive into the history and intersectionality of both Pride Month and Juneteenth, and the second session will train employees on foundational LGBTQIA+ terms, key concepts, and actionable allyship tips. Lastly, Forward has made company donations to two charitable organizations that support the LGBTQIA+ community, and sent additional information about each organization to our team members. We are excited to continue our support of the LGBTQIA+ community!

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At Catalant we are kicking off Pride Month with our 3rd annual Virtual Piano Bar. Jon Richardson, a songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and vocalist based in Provincetown is turning up the volume during this event that quickly has become one of Catalant's favored traditions. Our LGBTQ+ ERG, Rainbow Road, is sponsoring other pride month iniatives to drive chariable donations and support for Boston queer owned businesses.

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Gitlab recognized and celebrates PRIDE month in a number of ways, including:

  • Virtual Pride Parade
  • Async Pride Education & AMA
  • Virtual Drag Bingo
  • Pride Month Literature Party

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📚 READ: Resources! We are working on an AWESOME resource guide with events, books, films, and so much more you can utilize this month and beyond. 

👀 SEE: NYC friends, we've scheduled a visit to the Leslie Lohman Museum! It will be on 6.30 and it's around the corner from the office. 

ACT: Stay tuned for an invite to "Call for Equality & Coffee Chat" on 6.22 where we'll jump on Zoom and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights by sending letters to senators, organizations, and other government reps!

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Shoobx’s Underrepresented Founders Grants program supports those of the LGBTQ+ all year long and was born out of their mission to make equity management more equitable – involving grants that cover subscription fees for the company’s software platform and providing access to other resources.

Shoobx invites companies to apply for their program if founding members identify as underrepresented in the startup community – whether because of gender, race, sexual orientation, disability, or other factors.

There are a lot of parallels to the startup ecosystem and founders, attorneys, and investors face daily on how they should act, and what they should know. Shoobx’s Underrepresented Founders Grants Program can provide resources to founders to demystify how to get started – and educate them on what to expect, making for an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, regardless of how they identify themselves.

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For Pride Month at DraftKings, our Business Resource Groups, DK Pride and DK Shades, are hosting a fireside chat on June 8th with Jason Collins, the first-ever openly gay player in the NBA. In this fireside chat, Jason talks about his achievements as a professional athlete, policies that have been created to support athletes, the importance of allyship throughout his NBA career, and sound advice to strengthen the Black and LGBTQ+ communities.

DraftKings will also spotlight the co-chairs from the DK Pride Business Resource Group to share their stories, accomplishments, and goals during their time as leaders of this community.

Explore draftkings' company page

For Pride Month at Amwell, we have an upcoming Pride presentation on June 30th with the theme Pride Across the Globe.

Explore Amwell's company page

A couple ways that Embark recognizes and celebrates PRIDE month:

  • Putting together "pride boxes" for employees which will include a hat with Embark's Pride logo and "Pipcorn" from a LGBTQIA-owned business
  • Inviting employees to participate in an "All the Letters" workshop by Monica D. Livingston on understanding and supporting LGBTQIA+ colleagues and communities

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In honor of Pride Month, Skillsoft is taking both internal and external actions to drive continuous improvement and progress for LGBTQ inclusion through a Lean / Love / Lead learning experience. From an internal perspective, Skillsoft is furthering its commitment to DEI by elevating the voices of underrepresented communities within our company through an inaugural Employee Advisory Group (EAG). Additionally, we’re organizing a virtual Pride Parade via Microsoft Teams to build community across the organization and providing Pride “swag” for purchase with all proceeds going to the Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network (G.L.S.E.N).

From an external perspective, Skillsoft is publishing two blogs in honor of Pride Month: one authored by a co-chair of Skillsoft’s LGBTQIA2S+ Employee Advisory Group (EAG), Chris Whalen, focused on how the EAG is taking Skillsoft employees on a learning experience to Learn, Love, and Lead, as well as another blog focused on how to become an inclusive leader, with contributions from our EAG co-chairs. In addition, Skillsoft’s podcast, The Edge, has released an episode with guest speaker, Antonia Forrester, Senior XR Technical Specialist at Unity and LGTBQ+/DEI advocate, to discuss her learning journey as a self-taught coder, and how she has used technology to assist in her advocacy work for women in tech and the LGBTQ+ community. Lastly, Skillsoft has organized an Inclusive Leadership webinar with Flavia Moreira, an influential DEI leader, who will provide guidance on how to foster diversity, equity and inclusion within your organization through inclusive leadership practices, as well as through frameworks to facilitate dialog.

We encourage all learners to check out Skillsoft’s DEI courseware series, which teaches allyship best practices and how to use privilege and power to support and raise the voices of those who remain underserved. 

Explore skillsoft's company page

The Newest Tech Companies Hiring on VentureFizz banner image

The Newest Tech Companies Hiring on VentureFizz

Check out the four newest companies to join VentureFizz! These four companies have open jobs on our site across all functions, and are hiring in multiple regions, including many open remote jobs.  Check them out! 

Industry:  AI & Machine Learning, Enterprise Software / SaaS, Gaming
Number of Employees: 1 - 25
Modulate makes online spaces more inclusive for everyone, starting with tools to ensure safer - but still expressive - voice chat.


Industry:  Enterprise Software / SaaS, Healthcare & Pharma
Number of Employees: 26 - 50
Outcomes4Me is on a mission to improve health outcomes by empowering patients with understandable, relevant, and evidence-based information.


Industry:  Hardware & Robotics
Number of Employees: 51 - 100
Fortify was created to break the cycle of long lead times and inferior materials in traditional manufacturing. The company was founded on research on composite 3D printing by Randall Erb and Joshua Martin at Northeastern University. 


Industry: AI & Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Crypto, FinTech & Payments, Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 250 - 500
Earnix is a global provider of real-time AI-driven rating, dynamic pricing, product personalization, and fully operationalized telematics solutions for leading insurance carriers and banks.


9 Tech Companies Hiring for their Hardware Engineering Teams banner image

9 Tech Companies Hiring for their Hardware Engineering Teams

Check out these 9 awesome tech companies that are currently hiring to fill out their hardware engineering teams across the US and remote.

Industry:  Consumer, Hardware & Robotics
Number of Employees: 1,000+

The Motional team is made up of engineers, researchers, innovators, dreamers and doers, who together are creating a first-of-its-kind technology with the potential to transform the way we move. We’re behind some of the industry's largest leaps forward, including the first fully-autonomous cross-country drive in the U.S, the launch of the world's first robotaxi pilot, and operation of the world's most-established public robotaxi fleet. 

Click here for jobs

Industry:  Energy & CleanTech, Hardware & Robotics
Number of Employees: 51 - 100

WiTricity is the global industry leader in wireless charging, powering a sustainable future of mobility that is electric and autonomous. WiTricity’s patented magnetic resonance technology is being incorporated into global automakers’ and Tier 1 suppliers’ EV roadmaps and is the foundation of major global standards developed to support wide-scale adoption. 

Click here for jobs

6 River Systems
Industry: Hardware & Robotics, Other
Number of Employees: 101 - 250
6 River Systems (6RS) is an industry-leading solutions provider working to make fulfillment faster with innovative products that generate immediate and lasting value for our customers. Through an award-winning combination of collaborative robots, artificial intelligence and operational expertise, 6RS makes your entire fulfillment workflow more efficient. 

Click here for jobs

Industry: Consumer
Number of Employees: 26 - 50
Droplette is a technology company revolutionizing the skincare industry with its breakthrough device. We are driven by the belief that technology has the power to improve health and wellness, and we are dedicated to creating products and solutions that improve upon the way things have always been done, starting with skincare.

Click here for jobs

Industry:  Consumer, Enterprise Software / SaaS, Hardware & Robotics
Number of Employees: 51 - 100
Superpedestrian is a transportation robotics company located in Cambridge, MA. Founded out of MIT in 2013, Superpedestrian develops technologies for micro-electric vehicles that optimize safety, reliability, and performance.

Click here for jobs

Industry:  Development & Interactive Agencies, Hardware & Robotics
Number of Employees: 250 - 500
We’re reinventing manufacturing: Markforged was founded in 2013 on the belief that additive manufacturing can transform how entire industries operate. Our platform, The Digital Forge, continues to make that possible.


Desktop Metal
Industry:  Hardware & Robotics
Number of Employees: 250 - 500
Desktop Metal is accelerating the transformation of manufacturing with 3D printing solutions. Founded in 2015 by leaders in advanced manufacturing, metallurgy, and robotics, the company is addressing the unmet challenges of speed, cost, and quality to make 3D printing an essential tool for engineers, designers and manufacturers around the world.  


RightHand Robotics
Industry:  Hardware & Robotics
Number of Employees: 51 - 100


RightHand Robotics builds a data-driven intelligent picking platform, providing flexible and scalable automation for predictable order fulfillment. The software-driven, hardware-enabled modular solution is capable of adapting to any picking situation bringing reliability to order fulfillment in growing industries such as electronics, apparel, grocery, pharmaceuticals, and more.


Sea Machines
Industry:  AI & Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Hardware & Robotics
Number of Employees: 26 - 50
Sea Machines Robotics (SMR) is an industry leader and a fast-growing, venture-funded, start-up company specializing in autonomous technologies for maritime markets. SMR applies its practical artificial intelligence (AI) to the massive global ocean transportation market.


The Most Popular and Favorite Slack Channels from Tech Companies banner image

The Most Popular and Favorite Slack Channels from Tech Companies

Not only is Slack a key part of how people communicate these days, but it has also become a way for companies to maintain their culture while working remote over the past couple of years.

So, we thought it would be fun to showcase the most popular or favorite internal Slack channels for companies. There are definitely some unique ones to check out!

We love seeing how Toasters come together over shared interests! Slack is a great way for us to connect over hobbies, learn something new, or get to know others across the business. We have countless channels for a variety of activities, interests, or shared experiences. Below are a few of our favorites:

#cooking- Toasters' love for food extends beyond supporting the restaurant industry- we also love to cook! Our #cooking Slack channel is full of delicious recipes, Instagram-worthy photos, and advice on how to perfect just about any dish.

#pets- Does anything brighten a day like an adorable pet picture? At Toast, we call our pets "biscuits," and we love showing them off! Every day, Toasters are sharing pictures of their beloved pets- dogs, cats, and even guinea pigs! This channel is also a great place to share training tips or favorite pet-friendly activities.

#toast_parents- The #toast_parents Slack channel is a beloved space for parents across Toast. It is a safe space to share updates about your children (or as we call them, "croutons"), post adorable pictures, connect over shared experiences (both fulfilling and challenging!), or ask for advice. A recent favorite ask: "SOS: Anyone know how to get sidewalk chalk off of fabric?!"  

Explore Toast's company page

Our popular and fun Slack channel is:  #doug

The purpose of the channel was originally to post pictures of our CEO's adorable Goldendoodle, Doug who works really hard in the office 😉! However, the channel has now expanded to posting any cute pet(s) and/or child(ren) pictures 😊

Explore Centaur Labs' company page

Nasuni Cranks

Nasuni Bicycling Club for Events, Commuting, Track, Road, Cyclo-Cross, Mountain, Touring, Gran Fondo, Randonneur, and Recreational Cyclists.

Explore Nasuni's company page


A space where all employees can share their furry, feathered, and scaled friends! We've seen everything from dogs & cats to newly hatched chicks, to a pair of axolotls. Slack emoji for the channel: :pumbaa: face of Pumbaa, a Boston terrier. Boston is where Droplette is based! 

Explore droplette's company page


Spread love it's the Brooklyn way. This channel is used to celebrate wins and highlight our amazing coworkers!


This is a great place to see all the non-human friends of your coworkers. Don’t worry too much about the title - you’re welcome to post pictures of your own pet. Warm fuzzies guaranteed


The joys of raising and arguing with tiny versions of yourself! All things parenting, fun or not!

Explore starburst's company page

With a lot of our workforce still working remotely, we rely heavily on Slack to stay connected with our teams. We have a ton of fun Slack channels that are active each day, here are a few of our favorites:

Each of our Employee Resource Groups have their own Slack channel, like #zoom_in_color, #aapi, #zip (ZoomInfo Pride), and #zoominfo_win (Women’s Initiative Network) where we discuss upcoming events, interact with daily questions, and learn more about each other, from each other.

At ZoomInfo, we love our pets! Our #dogchannel and #meowinfo channel are active each day with employees sharing photos, stories, and pet parenting advice When you work in tech, sometimes gardening is just the kind of hobby to help you unwind, and our #garden_zoomies channel is full of photos that employees share of their personal gardens!

For those of us who still love music that brings us back to our high school years, our #zoom-emo channel is where we can discuss music, nostalgia, and upcoming shows - it was never a phase!

Explore zoominfo's company page

Our most popular channel, hands down, would be our Perch Pets page. Most days, employees share cute photos of their cats and dogs, but we've had chickens and ducks featured on this page as well! We also encourage posts of pets that are near and dear to us, even if they are no longer with us or aren't our personal pets. We hope that this channel brings positivity to the workplace and bonds team members across different teams. We've even had some clever memes created from our pet pictures. It definitely creates a sense of virtual pet therapy on days when you have a lot on your plate and need a quick pick-me-up. Fun Fact: Pet posts on this channel average reactions from 20% of our employee base.​

Explore perch's company page

#woof and #meow

For Cedarians to share all things dogs (#woof) and all things cats (#meow)


For Cedarians to talk about anything and everything related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe!

Explore cedar's company page

#outof-home-office - Channel encouraging team members to take time out of the (home) office and share their midday walks, hikes, breathers with their team!

#foodies - Channel to share delicious food we love and delicious food we make.

#family - Channel to share personal excitement: kids, pets, significant others, etc.

#reading - Channel to share interesting reads, articles, etc.

#social-share - Want some extra love on your social post? Use this channel to get more engagement from the team.

#baseball - Channel for those who have love of the game.

Explore's company page


The description of the channel is simply "warm fuzzies" and is used to celebrate all types of wins for the company. On any given day, there are personal call-outs and thank you's for team members, celebrating huge team milestones and wins, sharing press and company awards, celebrating birthdays and company anniversaries. It's the place everyone goes to for that daily-lift and energy around why it's so amazing to be a Mynder!

* Favorite custom Slack emoji: 🚀

Explore Mynd's Company page


Slack channel at Linus for pet owners & lovers to share photos of their pets with co-workers throughout the day!

Explore linus health's company page

Some of our favorite Slack channels include #cute-animals, #dadjokes, #hottakedebates, #eeeeeats, #tv-and-film, and #swifties (yes a channel dedicated to Taylor Swift). But one of the most popular channels is.


This is where Panoramians can give a shoutout to anyone for anything. It doesn't have its own emoji, but do you ever feel like remote high fives are missing that special "something" you get from slapping a real-life hand so hard it stings? One of our Software Engineers created a website that won't help with that but does add a degree of fun to our remote high-5s - Give your remote coworkers the high five they deserve, remotely!

Explore panorama Education's company page


Description of the channel in terms of its purpose: Pets are a part of our families! We share pictures of our pets being cute, funny, crazy, cuddly! It’s a fun way for us to get to know the extended parts of each other’s families. Usually, we see some personality of our team members shine through in the pictures of their pets. From sleeping new puppies to styling bandanas of good boys to crazy kittens, we share it all!

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At Pluralsight, we make sure that everyone feels heard, valued and respected—because everyone deserves to be. #shoutouts is a company-wide channel that allows us to celebrate good people doing good work. This channel not only allows us to recognize our colleagues but it also allows us to cultivate a culture of gratitude.

Our values are a big deal, so we'll typically react with the value that's being embodied in the shoutout.

Check out this awesome video on how we cultivate a culture of gratitude in Slack!   

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We're a team of active outdoorsy types. We all took a ski trip this past February and had a lot of fun sharing plans and pictures throughout the Slack channel.

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Description of the channel in terms of its purpose - Flywire is a global company with 12 offices scattered around the world. This is a channel for our employees (FlyMates) to post pictures of their travels! FlyMates are often traveling for vacation or for work and we encourage our FlyMates to post pictures in the #travelfun channel. It's one of the most popular Slack channels at Flywire!

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The purpose of this channel is to celebrate wins across the company...from positive feedback from a client to a successful marketing campaign. However, it's mostly used to celebrate new customers! Favorite custom Slack emoji - The Googly Eyes 👀....when we see these eyes in the channel with a person tagged, we know that it means someone closed a new deal!

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Posts of comments on the phone and responses to emails that are HILARIOUS.


Employees use this channel to notify everyone when they’re bringing in their pup, post dog pics, etc.


Employees submit ideas for our company TikTok channel.


We complain or brag about the daily Wordle, Quordle, Octordle, Nerdle, Heardle,  etc. puzzles ...)

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A place to share pictures and stories of your SmartBear furry friends.


Say thanks to people in public - whether it's for going all out on something or being there when you needed someone to listen.


This is a hub for resources, conversations, recent news, and inspirations for understanding the importance of diversity, inclusion and equality within SmartBear, and the world as a whole.


Parent community, life hacks, activity ideas, and photos!

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We use this channel to find things in common with our coworkers for meaningful connections on non-work topics (including Question of the Week and educational resources on different cultures).

* Favorite custom Slack emoji for the channel: 

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We’re big on recognition here at CarGurus, so our #valuesinaction Slack channel is always buzzing with thank yous, shout-outs, and virtual high fives to Gurus who embody our core values in their day-to-day work and other key moments that matter. Recent posts express gratitude to individuals and teams for everything from new product launches and successful events to collaborative teaming and game-changing support. Most-used emojis vary by topic, but clapping hands 👏👏🏻👏🏼👏🏽👏🏾👏🏿 patter throughout the channel!

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The Latest Tech Companies Hiring on VentureFizz banner image

The Latest Tech Companies Hiring on VentureFizz

Check out the five newest companies to join VentureFizz! These five companies have open jobs on our site across all functions, and are hiring in multiple regions, including many open remote jobs.  Check them out! 

Industry:  Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 26 - 50
At CartonCloud we use innovative ideas to build solutions that power an industry. Our mission is to transform the logistics sector through end-to-end simplicity and empower our customers to take on the big players in the industry through providing tech solutions.


Industry:  Security
Number of Employees: 26 - 50
RaySecur’s security scanning technology is used by leading Fortune 500 companies, including 4 of the 5 largest US corporations, and government agencies to detect security threats and keep their employees and operations safe across the globe.


Industry:  AI & Machine Learning, Crypto, FinTech & Payments, Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 1 - 25
The first AI-enabled fintech company focused on revolutionizing the nonpofit sector to empower nonprofit donors to increase their impact for their favorite nonprofits. 


Third and Grove
Industry: Development & Interactive Agencies
Number of Employees: 26 - 50
Third and Grove is an industry-defining team of strategists, creatives, designers, and technologists committed to solving challenges for brands we love. 


Industry:  Energy & CleanTech, Enterprise Software / SaaSNumber of Employees: 1 - 25

Embue's whole building intelligence and automation platform enables multifamily apartment building owners and managers to reduce energy usage and carbon emissions, operational waste and infrastructure risk. 


The Definitive Guide to the Top Energy & CleanTech Companies Hiring in Tech banner image

The Definitive Guide to the Top Energy & CleanTech Companies Hiring in Tech

In honor of Earth Day approaching, we have created The Definitive Guide to the Top Energy & CleanTech Companies Hiring in Tech.

All of these companies have a presence on VentureFizz and are hiring!

Not only will you find lots of great job openings, but we also have lots of great content to help you learn more about the company, its people, and culture. VentureFizz Pro Tip: this content is also incredibly useful for prepping for any interviews at these companies!


Spoiler Alert

Number of Employees: 26 - 50
Spoiler Alert is a remote-first software company helping food and CPG brands manage excess inventory to increase recovery and reduce food waste. 

Watch: CxO Briefing: SpoilerAlert CEO & Co-Founder Ricky Ashenfelter




Number of Employees: 1,000+
Aspen Technology is the company that’s embedding artificial intelligence (AI) throughout industrial manufacturing environments. Our leading-edge software helps the world’s largest oil and gas, chemical and engineering companies achieve their goals in safety, sustainability and operational performance. 




Number of Employees: 51 - 100
We connect people and solar energy companies, lowering electricity costs and protecting the environment. Our mission is to make it easy for everyone to access clean, renewable energy.

Watch: CxO Briefing: Ampion COO Andrew Kvaal



Number of Employees: 101 - 250
Bevi is on a mission to disrupt the beverage supply chain and replace single-use water bottles with smart water machines.



Number of Employees: 51 - 100
WiTricity is the global industry leader in wireless charging, powering a sustainable future of mobility that is electric and autonomous.



Number of Employees: 51 - 100

Sense’s mission is to reduce global carbon emissions by making homes smart and more efficient. Our energy data and tools demystify home energy use, empower people to take command of their usage, and enable utilities to build a cleaner and more resilient grid.

Watch: An Inside Look at Sense's Engineering Team



Number of Employees: 51 - 100
At EnergySage, we believe in a world powered by abundant, affordable, clean energy. A career with us will allow you to solve difficult problems that lead to a healthier, more sustainable planet, while having a lot of fun along the way. There’s never been a more important, rewarding time to work in the clean energy industry. We hope you’ll join us!  

Watch: EnergySage's Engineering Team: An Inside Look



Number of Employees: 101 - 250

Through transformational plant breeding technology, we are creating a new horizon in agriculture that is more predictive, efficient, affordable, inclusive, and respectful of the environment.

Watch: Inari's Engineering Team: An Inside Look


Perch Energy

Number of Employees: 26 - 50
At Perch, we believe business can be a force for good. So we’re on a mission to make clean energy options more accessible, more affordable, and more equitable for all.


Unique Company Holidays & PTO Policies banner image

Unique Company Holidays & PTO Policies

Take a look to see the unique holidays and PTO policies that companies across the tech industry are offering!

At ButcherBox, our people are our biggest asset and we always are thinking about ways to help make our their lives better.

One of our priorities coming out of our annual engagement survey, was understanding how to help folks prioritize their mental wellness and self-care. We launched programs like BetterUp to give people the opportunity for coaching that spans the professional and personal, started tracking PTO to understand if people are taking enough time off, and launched initiatives like weekly yoga to give breaks during the day. And we are always looking for new ideas!

Our Chief Operating Officer had an idea last year, which was to test a company-wide self-care break and this year and today was the day. We know that March is a long month where there isn’t a company-wide break so as our founder, Mike Salguero, thought about the date, March 22nd came to mind. It’s a special date to him as it happens to be his Mother’s birthday!

So, in this grand experiment, ButcherBox employees were asked to take Tuesday, March 22nd for themselves. They were encouraged to do whatever feels right and supportive for them. Sleep in, watch bad tv, cook an elaborate lunch, spend time with a friend, go on a walk….whatever felt good. Mike shared with the company that he personally would be cooking “Linda Soup”, his mother’s world famous beef soup recipe, and followed by sharing the recipe for “Linda Soup”.   

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One long weekend a month, at least. We recognize every major federal holiday, and in the last year we added in two more company PTO days in March and August, two months that feel the longest because they don't have a federal holiday that allow for a long weekend.

Winter break between the last week of Dec and first week of Jan - ~21 company holidays recognized throughout the year, that's 4 weeks of company time off!

This is all on top of flexible PTO for folks to take more of their time off to recharge

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At Alyce, we reserve the first Tuesday in November as "Give First Day" -- while for our US employees, it's often aligned with Election Day, our team globally uses it as a day to give back to their respective communities.

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At NuvoAir we implemented "Slow Down Week" twice/year:

The last week of December and the last week of July. Slow down week is a week where no major meetings are happening and no major decisions are taken -- we hope this makes taking time off more accessible to team members, tackling their fear of having work piling up during their vacation time!

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In addition to offering Flexible PTO to all of our employees ( PTO is untracked and unmeasured), we offer Monthly Mental Health Days. One of Simon's top priorities is to focus on the wellness of our employees. For that, we strongly encourage employees to take one mental health day a month to reset.

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Our founder, Rob May is a HUGE NCAA fan. We get half day Thursday and all day Friday kicking off March Madness!


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Cogito has two "unique" holidays:

  • Juneteenth (observed), Monday, June 20, 2022 (June 19th is a Sunday)
  • Native American Heritage Day, Friday, November 25, 2022

As a Cogician, you are also entitled to 20 days of Vacation, 5 days of sick time each new year, 11 scheduled holidays, 2 floating holidays, and 2 “Be Gentle” days for a total of 40 days.

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Panorama fully shuts down two weeks a year. Panoramians get to enjoy a week of summer break and a week of winter break where everyone at the company takes time off.

We offer flexible vacation and encourage team members to take off at least 4 weeks a year. We believe taking vacation time is an important part of a healthy and happy life. And we believe that vacations make Panoramians better at their jobs.

Panorama Education observes traditional holidays like New Year's, President's Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas. We also celebrate days of cultural importance like MLK Jr. Day, Juneteenth, and Indigenous People's Day.

Any additional one-off closures are announced as they arise, such as taking the day off after Panorama's 10th birthday this past week.

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Flywire has Digital Disconnect Days and FlyBetter days.

What is a Digital Disconnect Day?

  • A DDD is the opportunity for each FlyMate (Flywire employee) to take an entire day to spend time away from Flywire (i.e, disconnect and ‘unplug’ from devices) and to enjoy time alone or with family & friends. We encourage FlyMate to be diligent about disconnecting as best you can when taking a DDD. For example, spend the time on self-care, hobbies, or anything you enjoy that recharges you. We give these out once per quarter.

What are FlyBetter days?

  • If we truly want to “do better” in the world, we must take real action in our communities. At Flywire, we encourage all FlyMates (Flywire employees) to truly evaluate their own desire to have impact in the world, how they lead their day-to-day life, how they treat others, and whether there are ways that they can contribute to improving their country, community and themselves.

In an effort to encourage FlyMates to take even more action, in June 2020 our leadership team decided to provide FlyMates with two paid days of time off per year to dedicate their time to a social cause they care about.

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In addition to Unlimited Time Off, we offer 20 hours annually of VTO (Volunteer Time Off). It's a big part of our culture and each team tracks their use and comes up with creative ways to use it both independently and as a team. Often when members of our team travel, they carve out time to volunteer during their work trips. We like to give back in the communities we are working in and VTO helps Mynders do exactly that.

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Mental health and wellness have always been a core part of Onapsis' culture. That’s why we’ve introduced ‘Flexible Fridays’, a new pilot initiative with the intention to offer greater flexibility, help mitigate meeting fatigue, and support work/life balance. Flexible Fridays include two key components: No internal meetings on Friday afternoons and the opportunity to start the weekend early to recharge with family and friends.

Explore Onapsis' company page

Lovepop has unlimited PTO (at least 4 weeks are encouraged)! We are closed the last week of the year for a recharge week! (Christmas to New Year's)

Explore Lovepop's company page

We added Juneteenth to our time off calendar and in Ukraine, we have Women's Day off! In addition to our Unlimited PTO policy, we offer 12 weeks of fully paid leave to new parents and offer 1 day per quarter for volunteering.

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NuvoAir offers two Slow Down Weeks. Startup life can be chaotic, and even though we offer 25 days of vacation, we received feedback from the team that it felt difficult to take time off, for fear of missing important meetings and decisions in our fast-paced company. Last December we piloted a Slow Down Week and the team appreciated it so much, we decided to do another! Two weeks a year (the last week of July and the last week of December), the entire company pushes pause - no major meetings, no major decisions occur. A team that's burnt out isn't good for them or for the company, and taking time for R&R is so important in preventing that!

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Pavestep has two unique days:

  • 2nd Friday of every month is a half day
  • 4th Friday of every month is off!

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Crayon has an unlimited, 'take-what-you-need', paid vacation policy.

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Seismic offers an end-of-year, paid recharge week where our global offices shut down, allowing its employees to unwind while gearing up for the new year ahead.

Explore seismic's company page 

At Toast, we know how vital work/ life blend is for our employees. That is why we are proud to offer a flexible paid time off policy, where employees can take the time they need to recharge, enjoy activities they love, and spend time with family and friends. Additionally, after five years with the company, we offer a Sabbatical program, where employees log off for a consecutive four weeks. We love hearing how Toasters spend this time, whether they take the trip of a lifetime, hone new skills, or focus on a passion project.

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ZoomInfo has an unlimited PTO policy that prioritizes providing employees the flexibility they need to balance their work and life. At ZoomInfo, we recognize that we work better when we take time to recharge and care for ourselves.

This year, ZoomInfo is recognizing its first ever Annual Employee Appreciation Day Off. We organized this day in the middle of Spring when there is a long stretch between federal holidays. The beauty of Employee Appreciation Day is that the whole company gets a day to rest, relax, or do whatever makes them happy without having to worry about Slack messages or emails stacking up. 

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Every employee is off on their birthday.

We operate on an unlimited PTO policy - use as you need it and ask employees to use at least 2 weeks of vacation outside of our 12 observed holidays

Explore robin's company page

26 days off to start, 31 on your 2 year anniversary and 36 days on your 10 year anniversary (Personal, vacation and floating holidays included)

  • An additional day off during your birthday month
  • 2 days off to volunteer
  • 4 weeks sabbatical on your 5 year anniversary
  • Day off for Juneteenth

Explore reptrak's company page

The weeks of vacation we offer to all new employees grows to four weeks after two years and five weeks after four.

Unlimited sick leave and personal time, which gives people flexibility for things like medical appointments, religious holidays, attending parent-teacher conferences, etc.

A one-month sabbatical after 5 years, and again after 10 years. People use to take dream vacations, visit family overseas, attend playoff games, and more.

Several Mental Health Days off each year to help our Gurus recharge. These are always on Fridays so we can extend the weekend

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Only a few years ago, the entire SevenRooms team could fit in a single conference room. In the past few years, SevenRooms has experienced explosive growth and we now have employees throughout the US, Canada, London, Australia, Spain, and Hong Kong. With growth also comes a larger, diverse workforce with unique needs and this has made us think more critically about scaling our culture, processes, and employee offerings so we can continue to put our people first.

In addition to our unlimited PTO policy and recharge days once a month, SevenRooms introduced new initiatives this year to give employees time back to rest and recharge.

  • Fresh Start - All new hires start at SevenRooms with the first two weeks of employment as paid time off.
  • 7R&R - All employees up to 5 years of tenure are required to schedule 5 consecutive days of paid time off during the first half of the year and another 5 consecutive days of paid time off in the second half of the year.
  • 5+ Years - 10 consecutive days
  • On the 7th, 10th, and 15th Years - 20 consecutive days (1-month sabbatical) in a 12-month period

SevenRooms’ Fresh Start program also received recognition from Drew Barrymore on a recent episode of The Drew Barrymore Show, watch here!

Our choices around time and where we spend it are perhaps the single most important decisions we can be making right now. Time is precious and has real value, whether you earn it or you give it away. Our strategy is to always invest in any experiences which foster connection and meaningful relationships to build community.

Explore sevenrooms' company page

The unique company holiday where employees have the day off:

  • Starting in 2022, CallMiner has included Juneteenth as one of its standard company holidays.
  • Your company's non-standard PTO policy (non-standard meaning typical 2-4 weeks of vacation)
  • CallMiner has introduced a VTO policy (volunteer time off), where employees are encouraged to take a day off to volunteer for programs and events that positively impact their communities.
  • CallMiner also allows employees to rollover up to 40 hours (5 business days) of PTO from the previous year, which they are encouraged to use in the first quarter of the next year.

Explore Callminer's company page

As a bit of a background, Vestmark offers Saas based financial software to financial institutions and investment advisors. We also provide Back Office services, reconciliations, trading services, etc. I mention all of this because many Vestmark employees need to be available during the working hours of our clients. Therefore Vestmark’s holiday schedule aligns with that of the NYSE, which can be challenging and a bit limiting to offer a “unique holiday” schedule.

That being said, Vestmark recently added 2 additional holidays to our time-off program: 1) Juneteenth and 2) one more floater/personal day (for a total of 2 per year).

The NYSE recently added Juneteenth as a recognized holiday, so we are thrilled to be able to add that to our company holidays, as we think this is an important holiday and supports our diverse culture and other DEI initiatives.

In addition to Juneteenth, we have added one more Floater/Personal holiday this year for a total of two. This is another way to support the diversity of our employees to be able grant them time off for their varied and diverse religions and other interests.

We also just announced an enhancement to our PAID Parental Leave policy to cover 4 weeks fully paid. Although there are Federal and State “paid” leave laws, they don’t typically pay 100% of salary. We believe that it extremely important for all parents to be able to have bonding time with the new additions to their family. And to be able to do that without having to take reduced pay, go unpaid or use vacation time is a great benefit.

Explore Vestmark's company page

The company gives the day off for March 4 "Employee Appreciation Day"

Unlimited PTO

All employees are eligible for unlimited PTO, and we make sure they actually use it! We encourage our employees to take time off as they determine most appropriate for them - to explore and take vacations, to respond to dependent care needs, to take care of their mental or physical health - whatever is important to the individual employees.

Leaves of Absences is pleased to offer a variety of both paid and unpaid leaves of absence options for employees. Some paid leaves include but are not limited to:

  • Up to 16 weeks of Paid Parental Leave (for both parents upon the birth or placement/adoption of a child)
  • Up to 8 weeks of Pregnancy Loss Leave (both parents)
  • Extended Bereavement Leave

Explore's company page

At 3Play Media, employees are given 5 extra holidays in addition to their standard PTO!

Additional holidays at 3Play Media include, Your Birthday: Take the day or any day surrounding it within the calendar month off!, 2 Volunteer Holidays: A chance for all employees to step outside of the office and donate their time to any cause that is of importance to them, and 2 Floating Holidays: Spend time with your family and celebrate a special holiday that 3Play may not, no questions asked!

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Tech Companies Hiring for their Sales Teams banner image

Tech Companies Hiring for their Sales Teams

Check out these 23 hot tech companies that are currently hiring to fill out their sales teams across the US and remote.

Industry:  EdTech, Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 1,000+

Pluralsight is the leading technology workforce development organization that helps companies and teams build better products by developing critical skills, improving processes and gaining insights through data, and providing strategic skills consulting. 

Click here for jobs

Bamboo Health
Industry: Enterprise Software / SaaS, Healthcare & Pharma
Number of Employees: 250 - 500
Bamboo Health (formerly Appriss Health and PatientPing) is a healthcare technology solutions company, focused on fostering care collaboration and providing information and actionable insights across the entire continuum of care.

Click here for jobs

Industry: AI & Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 250 - 500
CallMiner is the global leader in conversation intelligence to drive business performance improvement.

Click here for jobs

Industry:  Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 51 - 100
mabl is a test automation solution that helps software teams test at pace with the rapid speed of Agile and DevOps delivery. 

Click here for jobs

Industry:  eCommerce & Marketplaces, Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 500 - 1,000
Mirakl offers the industry’s first and most advanced enterprise marketplace SaaS platform. With Mirakl, organizations across B2B and B2C industries can launch marketplaces faster, grow bigger, and operate with confidence as they exceed rising customer expectations.


Industry:  Enterprise Software / SaaS, Marketing & Sales Tech
Number of Employees: 101 - 250
Workable makes software to help companies find and hire great people.   


Industry:  Enterprise Software / SaaS, Marketing & Sales Tech
Number of Employees: 250 - 500


MoEngage is an insights-led customer engagement platform, built for the customer-obsessed marketers and product owners. 


Industry:  Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 101 - 250
Unqork is a no-code application platform that helps large enterprises build complex custom software faster, with higher quality, and lower costs than conventional approaches.


Industry:  Enterprise Software / SaaS, Marketing & Sales Tech
Number of Employees: 1,000+
Seismic, a rapidly growing Forbes Cloud 100 company, is the global leader in enablement, helping make sales teams better by becoming more productive and engaging with buyers in a compelling way. 


Industry:  Big Data & Analytics
Number of Employees: 250 - 500
Starburst is the analytics engine for all your data. We provide the fastest, most efficient analytics engine for your data warehouse, data lake, or data mesh.


Industry:  AdTech, Big Data & Analytics, eCommerce & Marketplaces, Enterprise Software / SaaS, Marketing & Sales Tech
Number of Employees: 500 - 1,000
Klaviyo (pronounced “clay-vee-oh”) is a marketing platform that helps businesses of every size deliver amazing experiences to their customers across email, SMS, and other owned channels.  


Industry:  Big Data & Analytics, Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 500 - 1,000
EDB’s enterprise-class software extends PostgreSQL, helping our customers get the most out of it both on-premise and in the cloud.


Industry:  Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 1,000+

Dynatrace provides software intelligence to simplify cloud complexity and accelerate digital transformation through our all-in-one platform powered with advanced observability, AI and complete automation.  


Industry:  Consumer, Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 101 - 250
Entera is a venture backed real estate technology company operating the leading SaaS + Services platform for real estate investors to ideate, transact and operate single family homes.    


Paperless Parts
Industry:  Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 51 - 100
Paperless Parts was founded with a mission to drive innovation by making manufacturing more accessible.


Gupta Media
Industry: AdTech, Big Data & Analytics, Consumer, Development & Interactive Agencies, Marketing & Sales Tech
Number of Employees: 101 - 250
Gupta Media is a performance marketing agency, founded on the idea that advertising creates huge leverage for our clients.


Industry: Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 51 - 100
PERSUIT is a LegalTech startup that’s changing the way companies engage outside legal counsel.


Industry: Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 51 - 100
Ably is the platform that powers synchronized digital experiences in realtime for 250 million devices per month.


Industry: Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 1 - 25
Anytime, anywhere.  Pavestep simplifies employee performance management. We help develop and motivate your people with continuous feedback, goal management, and flexible reviews.


Industry: Enterprise Software / SaaS, Security
Number of Employees: 1,000+
Mimecast delivers relentless protection. Each day, we take on cyber disruption for our customers around the globe, solving the number one cyberattack vector – email.  


Industry: Enterprise Software / SaaS, Marketing & Sales Tech
Number of Employees: 500 - 1,000
Acoustic is an open, independent marketing cloud and analytics provider. We’re reimagining marketing technology by lessening the burdens of repetitive tasks and equipping marketers with powerful tools that are simple and easy to use. 


Industry: Big Data & Analytics, Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 51 - 100
Radar is the leading geofencing platform. We help you build amazing location-based product and service experiences. 


Industry: Consumer, eCommerce & Marketplaces
Number of Employees: 1,000+
Explore, Experience and Share Our World. Exceptional career opportunities. Smart and collaborative coworkers. Millions of people who love our sites. Find it all here at the world's largest travel site. 


International Women's Day 2022 - How Tech Companies are Recognizing this Day and Accelerating Equality for Women banner image

International Women's Day 2022 - How Tech Companies are Recognizing this Day and Accelerating Equality for Women

In recognition of International Women's Day and this year's theme #BreakTheBias, we reached out to companies asking the following question: 

How is your company recognizing International Women's Day and accelerating equality for women?

Here are their responses. 

Forward Financing
In addition to the workshops and volunteer opportunities that Forward Financing is hosting, our VP of Technology, Brittney St. Germain will be facilitating a “Women In Tech” lunch for all women-identifying employees on the Technology team. The women will have the opportunity to ask questions, share their experiences working in tech, and discuss any challenges they may be facing. We are looking forward to learning more about the accomplishments of the women on our Technology team, and how we can continue to support them in their careers.
Duck Creek Technologies
Duck Creek Technologies will be kicking off the Month of March with a discussion on "What is Allyship?" with writer, speaker, organizational consultant, and public policy and communications specialist Malcom Glenn. During our annual user conference, Formation, we will also be hosting a Fireside Side chat on our main stage on March 7th with our Chief People Officer, Courtney Townsend, and Reshma Saujani, activist and Founder of Girls Who Code, a global partner of ours and Marshall Plan for Moms. In addition, our Women's Resource Group will be hosting events in honor of International Women's Day and Women's History Month throughout March.
For International's Women's Day, Cedar Women+ is asking Cedarians to share stories about women in their lives they value and appreciate. The final compilation will be shared as a podcast, so all participants can share with the most important women in their lives on International Women's Day.

Cedar Women+ is one of Cedar's three employee resource groups. The mission of Cedar Women+ is to support and promote all people who are underrepresented or face gender-based biases through cultivating an environment that connects, empowers, and advances all women, both professionally and personally. We strive to remove gender barriers, promote diversity and provide a safe and supportive community in the workplace for all Cedarians.
The Women’s Initiative Network is dedicated to accelerating equality for women by providing opportunities for professional development and community connection. Not only do we hold events like women in leadership panels, professional development workshops, happy hours, coffee chats, book clubs and more, but we also foster a strong sense of community among women at ZoomInfo by having a super active Slack channel where women from across the company (and across the world) share their input on daily discussion prompts.
Aqua Security
Aqua is honoring its women and making steps to #BreaktheBias through various initiatives. One example is a panel led by Aqua board member Rona Segev of TLV Partners and features 3 Aquarian woman. All employees were invited to attend and engage. Additionally, we’ve launched a new digital magazine to spotlight several of our women – keep an eye out for it on social media! (Follow us @AquaSecTeam on Twitter, Aquaseclife on Instagram or on LinkedIn).
At Toast, we're inspired by the uniqueness we all bring to the table and the diversity of the restaurant industry. We foster an inclusive culture where all employees are empowered, motivated, and supported.

We do this in many ways, one of which is our employee resource groups, known as Toast Communities. ToastHER is our Toast Community for female-identifying Toasters and their allies. ToastHER regularly hosts networking events, mentorship programs, and learning opportunities with both internal and external speakers. This community is on a mission to empower one another in the workplace, and help others develop the personal and professional skills needed to thrive.
In support of our mission to grow a diverse and inclusive workforce, Veeva is accelerating equality for women through our Veeva Women’s Community. This employee-led resource group takes an active role in promoting gender equity in the workplace. Initiatives include partnering with our talent attraction team to diversify the talent pool, establishing a mentorship program, and offering opportunities to learn and share through DEI-focused webinars and hot topic discussions centering women's experiences in the workplace.
Liberty Mutual
At Liberty Mutual, we’re passionate about inspiring and supporting women in technology every day. Whether it’s someone’s first introduction to STEM through our coding outreach programs, mentorship through our Women in Technology (WiT) community, or a new connection as an attendee at our annual Women in Tech Summit, we continue to find ways to ensure women feel valued for their individual strengths and are recognized for driving innovation. To honor International Women's Day, we’ll be hosting a variety of programs that highlight women who are making things better and helping create change.
Markforged is celebrating International Women’s Day by bringing in a female leader in STEM who has navigated a male-dominated industry, served in many engineering advanced technology development teams, and is an active member of IEEE. We chose to partner with her to provide meaningful insight and help our employees navigate their professional journeys. She will speak with our entire team and participate in a more intimate, private Q+A session with our WAM affinity group.
Onapsis employees across the globe will be getting together on March 8 for a day of giving back, learning, and fun. Onapsis will be building donation boxes for a local women's shelter, take part in a speaker session hosted by IWD, and our team will have the opportunity to take LinkedIn Learning courses. We will also be launching our first Employee Resource Group, to support, empower and recognize the business women of Onapsis.
Following this year’s International Women’s Day theme, [email protected], one of our Employee Resource Groups, will be celebrating Women’s History Month by #breakingthebias. We’ll be hosting a panel discussion featuring 4 women tech leaders at Pluralsight. During which, they’ll answer a series of questions related to bias and talk about their experience as a woman in tech. Though this event is specific to IWD. [email protected] has programming year round featuring educational resources, events, and mentorship opportunities for women and allies
To commemorate this celebration, Robin is bringing the first She Makes Sense sponsored event to all our Robinauts. She Makes Sense is an event-based platform for womxn at Robin to share their expertise and experiences in a casual and supportive space. Events are held monthly on Thursdays and are typically in a presentation or discussion-based format.

On Thursday, March 10th at 12pm EST, we will have a workshop led by Claire Wasserman from Ladies Get Paid on the topic of Self-Advocacy. Here's what we'll cover on this session:

Many of us think that if we put our heads down and work hard, our work will speak for itself. But it’s actually the opposite: to get ahead, WE have to speak for our work. But easier said than done. Led by Claire Wasserman, the author and founder of Ladies Get Paid, this workshop will give you the tools to take risks, be bold, and make sure your voice is heard. Key takeaways include:
  1. Identify internal roadblocks (imposter syndrome and perfectionism) and how to combat them​
  2. ​Track and articulate your strengths and accomplishments
  3. ​Find advocates and allies
  4. ​Gain visibility and project authority
Each day of March, we are posting a Fun Fact on slack having to do with notable women in history or the history of IWD
To celebrate International Women’s Day this year, Women at Starry is relaunching their “Nominate a Starry Woman” spotlight program. All employees are able to nominate a woman who has positively impacted them, their team, or Starry by submitting their name to the group. We did this last year as well, but this year the intention is to highlight more women. Those who are selected will be recognized company-wide on Slack as well as our internal website and newsletter.
Agero’s Women Who Lead associate resource group has invited employees to submit recognitions of women mentors, role models, and leaders from across the business who have dedicated themselves to the advancement of Agero. These recognitions will be shared broadly to celebrate the talent we have! The ARG is also hosting a panel consisting of a handful of leaders who will share career development insight with a focus on equality for women.
Hi Marley
Aside from our ongoing DEI efforts and the establishment of a 'Womnx across Marley' employee resource group, Hi Marley will celebrate International Women's Day by conducting an employee-led social campaign. We are asking each of our team members to share a story about a woman that has positively impacted their life (personally or professionally) and to thank that individual via social. Employees will then also nominate individuals in their network and encourage them to do the same to share the goodwill. By shining a light on these stories we hope to elevate the voice of women and also share how actions large and small can have a profound and positive impact on the lives of others.
Simon Data
Simon Data is supporting the 2022 International Women's Day theme, "Break the Bias". We asked our team to provide a picture of their arms crossed to show solidarity; we are making the submissions into a sharable collage for social media channels. Together, we are pledging to forge women's equality, celebrating the achievements of women, and raise awareness against bias.
Allego is excited to celebrate International Women's Day as a part of Women's History Month. In March, we are conducting a workshop on common biases that women face in the workplace with the intent of mitigating it, offering a movie discussion on RBG, and hosting Women's History Trivia.
Bamboo Health
Bamboo Health is hosting author Jill Eaton to speak to us about “Gender Communication Differences: Why They Matter at Work.” Jill will share the latest research, with examples from her corporate and personal experiences, and lead a discussion about how our position on the gender spectrum impacts our relationships and effectiveness at work. Bamboo Health will also host a virtual Women’s History Trivia in celebration of Women’s History Month.
Diversity, equity, and inclusion is at the heart of the company’s mission, both internally and in its product development. In recognition of International Women’s Day, Motional is hosting a number of initiatives aimed at supporting its female workforce and promoting the acceleration of women across STEM fields. This includes internal workshops, women’s leadership panels, and educational spotlights of prominent female leaders across varying industries. Motional will also be featuring a number of its female employees across its social media channels throughout the month, highlighting the many career opportunities in the AV industry.
We are running a few events during Women's History Month!
  • Toast to Women at Formlabs on 3/8 with treats from local women-owned restaurants
  • Hosting a Women's Networking Night with a few panelists from Formlabs across multiple departments who will share a bit about their background and their career progression so far. We will then offer follow-up conversations split by universal skills such as negotiating & project management, and leave time for open conversation / networking.
  • Book club - reading "Women & Other Monsters" - Formlabs provides the books and we meet to discuss over 3 different meetings.
  • We have a Women in Engineering Affinity Group that is a very active community for women at Formlabs, with a couple women-specific slack channels that are pretty active as well.
Starburst is recognizing and celebrating the incredible women of Starburst through a month-long social campaign. We will amplify the voices of our women employees by sharing their views on what it means to be a woman in today's workforce and what makes them proud to identify as such. These posts will be coupled with photos displaying their diverse and unique identities — whether it be a photo of them doing something they love or sharing a part of their lives outside of work.
At GoTo, it’s our mission to cultivate and celebrate a culture of gender equality by representing and empowering women+ and allies. We strive to make our company a place where everyone can do the best work of their lives, and feel comfortable bringing their full selves to work. In recognition of Women’s History Month, and the international theme #BreakTheBias, we are hosting a number of events aimed at supporting our employees in their understanding of unconscious bias. For the first time, GoTo will be hosting a company-wide development time, with live and self-paced learning opportunities, for employees to understand the various kinds of unconscious bias. In addition to providing educational opportunities for all employees, we are providing a safe space for women+ and allies to reflect on the theme for the month, and to feel comfortable expressing themselves, their feelings, and their stories. In addition to thought leadership throughout the month, we will be volunteering as a company with San Francisco Village to host intergenerational conversations with older adults. Ultimately, we hope that everyone at GoTo feels they have a voice, a sense of community, and endless opportunities to grow as a professional. GoTo is hiring globally! Interested professionals can visit to learn more!
[email protected] Employee Resource Group (ERG) is spotlighting women across the organization daily via our Women's slack channel, organizing an International Women's Day Trivia designed to test our knowledge on the influential women and events of the past that contributed to our culture and society today. We are also hosting a [email protected] panel for the entire company to discuss the importance of recognizing Women's History Month. Just recently, we had an inspiring female speaker come to talk about her successful career journey and to give advice to other women.
On March 8th, SmartBear is hosting a fireside chat with Tory Frame. Tory has had a diverse career, from a Partner at Bain and Company to researching accountable and responsible AI. During this event, Tory is sharing best practices with SmartBear employees on how to create successful and inclusive global teams. We’ll also launch our, ‘This is what a _____ looks like,’ initiative on social media. This campaign will highlight some of the accomplished women at SmartBear who hold leadership positions across all departments at our company and who serve as mentors and role models to their colleagues.” - Maureen Plowman, SVP Brand & Corporate Communications at SmartBear.
Klaviyo is celebrating International Women's Day (and Women's History Month) with a series of events sponsored by The Kladies Collaborative, our employee resource group for women. Events include a Munch 'N Learn with a beloved Klaviyo customer and female founder, a build your own terrarium workshop, a panel discussion with female Klaviyos who also run a side hustle, and a fireside chat with director, writer and filmmaker, Rachel Feldman, about her film, LILLY, about Lilly Ledbetter's fight for gender equity.
Our Women at Perch ERG is hosting a series of engaging events to recognize and celebrate Women's History Month, open for members and allies. One such event was an open discussion focused on caregiving; the group provided a safe space to discuss topics such as re-entry after taking maternity leave, balancing the demands of work with caregiving, and how Perch supports women in these ways.
Lose It!
Lose It! sponsored tickets to the California Conference for Women for anyone interested in participating and is hosting a lunch and learn to discuss learnings on March 8th.

We are recognizing the women at Lose It! through an employee-led campaign that is set to go live on March 8th. Lose It! maintains compensation equality among our employee population through annual salary adjustments that benchmark on market data
The Women In Technology employee resource group (WIT) at Vista is hosting multiple celebrations to recognize women throughout the entire month of March. These volunteers have brainstormed, planned, and promoted events such as a panel discussion with female leaders across Vista and Cimpress, as well as Women’s History Month themed trivia. WIT will also be featuring woman-of-the-week posters, honoring various women throughout history. Along with these events, WIT is encouraging Vista employees to give shoutouts to women they admire and want to recognize throughout the entire month. Beyond Women’s History Month, WIT is always dedicated to building a supportive community for women and allies across Vista, Cimpress, and the technology industry.
Zus Health
For International Women's Day Zus will be donating to a charity focused on helping Women in Ukraine, and will be matching employee donations to any women-focused organizations in the month of March.

We will also be holding on-site and virtual lunches on IWD, with lunch sponsored (or reimbursed) from women owned restaurants and will be discussing Women who inspire us.

To accelerate Women every day at Zus we are focused on building an inclusive and diverse workforce, we are constantly working to remove any bias from our interview and review processes and we look at compensation on a regular basis and adjust folks to ensure parity.
Throughout March, our [email protected] ERG will host various events and learning opportunities that amplify and celebrate women's voices, contributions, and experiences for all employees. These include a week-long #BreaktheBias learning challenge, ongoing Women's History Month trivia, a volunteer event to support a local women's shelter and advocacy organization, and gift card giveaways for Gurus' favorite women-owned businesses.
Nexthink makes a conscious effort to champion equality in the workplace throughout the year with programs like our “Diversity Dialogues,” an ongoing series of webinars featuring special guests to discuss topics from women's issues to creating diverse and inclusive spaces. International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month are wonderful opportunities to continue these conversations. This month, Nexthink is hosting a panel discussion with our own woman leaders to discuss their experiences in a male-dominated industry and how, through their roles, they are “Breaking the Bias.” To highlight our most admired leaders, we recently launched our “#YoureIT” social media campaign which encourages Nexthinkers to share a post showcasing a woman who has inspired or made an impact on them, using the hashtag to create a chain reaction of positive, female-empowering posts!

Beyond these initiatives, Nexthink also runs our job descriptions through gender decoding technology to help uncover language that might subtly bias applicants. Our aim is to be as inclusive as possible and using tools like a gender decoder helps us match our words with our intent. There's always room for improvement, and we regularly evaluate our benefits, compensation packages, programs, and policies to ensure we are moving toward a more equitable workplace for all.

Team members will be wearing shirts to recognize the day in colors which embody the cause and symbol of hope and feminism.

Some employees will be recording a video on their views on Women’s Day, they will talk about the significance of women in their lives, how important role they play in office/ work to support them. Today there is more acceptance than ever before that women bring different involvements, perspectives and skills to the table, and make irreplaceable contributions to decisions, leadership capability or technology innovations or contributions.

A quick workshop will be conducted to talk on casual women centric issues/ topics.

Rue Gilt Groupe
Rue Gilt Groupe is proud of its commitment to developing and empowering women, not only on International Women’s Day but every day. To celebrate IWD, RGG is hosting virtual small group conversations for Associates, led by its women leaders, to discuss how we can collectively #BreaktheBias at work, at home and in our communities. Plus, Gilt is launching an “Inspire & Empower on International Women’s Day” boutique and will donate 10% of the boutique’s proceeds to support Project Glimmer, whose mission is to inspire every girl to envision and realize her empowered future.
The theme of IWD 2022 is “Break the Bias”. We are encouraged to celebrate women’s’ achievement, raise awareness against bias and act for equality. This is the first year we will be able to host a selection of hybrid events and we are very excited. We will be celebrating by hosting an internal panel event for our humans including our guest speaker, Mary Ann Sieghart, author, broadcaster, and current affairs commenter. We will also be sharing curated trainings, hosting coffee connections and giving our people a chance to share IWD with pride by providing swag. We will be sharing everything on our social channels including sharing employee stories about how they beat the bias so make sure to follow @Life at Workhuman on Instagram.
Crayon is taking incredible steps to further elevate women within our organization such as prioritizing hiring more females for typically male-dominated departments such as sales and engineering and promoting more females into management-level roles. Crayon also added a new female board member to its board in 2022 and signed a parity pledge with our investor, Gaingels, committing to interview and consider at least one qualified woman for every open leadership role.
WorkStep will be celebrating International Women's Day all week long by bringing visibility to the incredible achievements of the women on our team, women through history, and to a women centric non-profit our team will select for a day of giving with a company fundraising match. Scheduled also during this week of celebration is an IWD presentation during our weekly all hands meeting and a Women in WorkStep Leadership panel where we will learn more about our leaders and discuss the ways we can all help "break the bias".
Our Women of Acquia Employee Resource Group, and our regional teams in EMEA and India, are hosting events throughout Women's History Month, including several panel discussions with female leaders and rousing rounds of women's history trivia. Acquians also have access to online resources available for self-paced learning. Keep an eye on our social media on March 8th to hear directly from Acquians on why International Women's Day is so important to us!
At DraftKings, we emphasize the importance of International Women’s Day by recognizing March 8 as a global company holiday, celebrating the amazing achievements from women employees across our company. We have a variety of initiatives that celebrate women and empower gender equality taking place throughout March and year-round in collaboration with our Inclusion, Equity and Belonging team, Business Resource Groups (BRG), Corporate Social Responsibility team and Employee Benefits team. We continue to stay committed to increasing diversity and inclusion within our workplace and platform.

This month, we are hosting Valerie Gordon, a 10-time Emmy winning television producer and engaging speaker, for the Commander-in-She: Communicating with Confidence Workshop for employees to improve communications with confidence and influence.

DraftKings also recognizes the importance of offering equitable opportunities for employees hoping to plan a family, regardless of gender, marital status, or sexual orientation. We are proud to provide workplace lactation support as breastfeeding employees face a multitude of logistical, emotional, and physical challenges which can impact ability to succeed, at both feeding and work.

As a company, we continue to add and enhance female sports offerings and promotions across our platforms.
Perch Energy
Here at Perch Energy, we'll be announcing our newly formed women's resource and networking group. For our first event, we'll be hosting a guest speaker to meet with the group and discuss ideas around building your personal brand.
Here at Ably, we are bringing our [email protected] ERG together for a virtual lunch, providing employees with digital memberships to AllBright Collective (an online community for women in business to drive change), and writing an internal blog post highlighting the advancements we've made at the company and our ambitions for the year ahead.
“One of the best ways to support women to achieve positive results in their careers is for executive leaders to mentor and educate through sharing their knowledge and experience in any way possible – from personal conversations to podcasts, speaking engagements, written articles and beyond. Getting information out there on what has worked for you and what hasn’t is a great way to help those coming up through the ranks. I’m excited to have recently relaunched my award-winning podcast, Table Fries, that spotlights the diversity of women at and elsewhere who are successful engineers, product managers, service managers, sales leaders, and marketing folks. Because when women are able to build thriving careers in a supportive environment, we all win.”

– Jeanne Hopkins, Chief Revenue Officer at
iRobot is excited to celebrate International Women’s Month by uplifting the incredible women in our organization. We’re kicking off the month with a panel discussion hosted by female leaders on advancement, advocacy and promotion of women at iRobot.
Seismic recently launched a community of belonging focused on women, Seismic Sisters, as part of its broader Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives. To celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, this group is internally hosting a panel with Seismic women leaders focused on life and leadership; spotlighting women employee Q&A; and hosting a photo contest focused on empowerment.
At Spiff, we care about women and continue to work to improve and accelerate equality. Spiff has recently launched our BIDE committee- which stands for Belonging, Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity. A focus of this committee is on creating a safe and productive environment for an increasingly diverse team- and to us part of that means taking a look at how we're empowering the women who work at Spiff and fostering an environment where all women are heard, respected, and valued.

A part of that work includes creating a community for our Lady Spiffers where we share all kinds of resources, go to ask questions, and essentially act as a support group for one another. One of the conversations we had about International Women's Day was around the idea of female empowerment and what that actually means. We saw amazing participation in this conversation and came away with some great action items as well as a huge appreciation for one another.

Another area of opportunity unique to Spiff is the opportunity to educate the market on the biases surrounding women in sales and similar commissionable positions. Because of the information we are able to leverage from within the Spiff platform we want to help facilitate a more productive conversation about the barriers to success women face in these key roles. Most importantly, we want to ensure the market is aware of pay gaps between men and women as we make a concerted effort to improve and avoid gaps within our own organization.
Cogo Labs
At Cogo Labs, we have developed a month-long series of programs to acknowledge and celebrate Women's History Month. To invest actively in providing opportunities for engagement, we have a virtual cooking class for members of our Women's Collective ERG on International Women's Day. Throughout the remainder of the month, we are facilitating donations for women-centered charities. We are always looking for ways to support both internal Cogo members and members of the greater Cambridge community and this month we are exploring ways to elevate female thought leaders in tech.
For International Women's Day, Brightcove is raising awareness across the organization by hosting a fireside chat with our Chief Marketing Officer, Jennifer Smith. We are also sharing videos on PlayTV via social media and educating employees about external opportunities they can get involved in, such as the Women in Leadership event being sponsored by Toastmasters International.
3Play Media
Here at 3Play Media we are recognizing International Women's Day with a fireside chat with our very own Stacey Santiago, Senior Director of Technical Support and our newest Tech Lead Manager, Jazmin Gonzalez-Rivero.

Stacey has been in the tech world for the last 10 years and fell in love with being deeply rooted in the era of disruptive innovation. Being a woman in tech to her means helping to drive change through leading by example, creating opportunities for all women, and always challenging the status quo.

Jazmin, a graduate of Olin College, where she focused on applying engineering to real world problems, has taken that technical foundation and continued to develop it over the last 7 years. Being a woman in tech means bringing her whole self to the office every day while working collaboratively to solve difficult technical and human problems.

Additionally, we will continue to celebrate local women owned businesses when we have catered events as we do throughout the year.
Recorded Future
One of our five Employee Resource Groups (ERG) Women @ Recorded Future, alongside our D&I committee, is dedicated to empowering the women of Recorded Future and those in the cybersecurity community to reach their full potential by cultivating strong communities in the company and in the tech/cyber industry. For International Women's Day this year we will support local women-owned businesses, have employees attend educational talks about women's issues, organize a professional development workshop and more!

But beyond this month, our ERG works year-round to support women at Recorded Future. Through our Empower Scholarship, employees have the ability to attend conferences or events promoting women and/or diversity in our field. Recorded Future is also a close partner to Women’s Society of Cyberjutsu which gives members access to speaking and networking events, technical training courses, community service opportunities and helps enable us to diversify our talent pipeline to close the gender gap in tech roles.
Skillsoft just announced today our strategic partnership with iamtheCODE, the first African-led global movement to mobilize government, private-sector, and philanthropic foundations. The goal of this partnership is to advance STEAMED education for women and girls in marginalized communities. The partnership is designed to support iamtheCODE’s mission to train 1 million women and girl coders worldwide by 2030 and is consistent with Skillsoft’s social impact mission to open doors to new possibilities through learning.
iamtheCODE will be launching its digital learning platform powered by Skillsoft’s Percipio in Africa’s largest refugee camps where tens of thousands of young girls and boys will have online and offline access to one of the world’s richest and most intuitive learning interfaces. The curriculum focuses on teaching four core, in-demand programming languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python), as well as skills development in wellbeing, design, innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurship in alignment with their 12 week mentoring program.
Concurrent with International Women’s Day 2022, this partnership is designed as a model of public and private cooperation that aligns with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to empower marginalized women and girls across the world. iamtheCODE’s mission is a direct implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development to improve economic outcomes for women and girls and is also a focus of the World Economic Forum’s Reskilling Revolution.


The Newest Companies Hiring on VentureFizz banner image

The Newest Companies Hiring on VentureFizz

Check out the six newest companies to join VentureFizz! These six companies have over 90 jobs open on our site across all functions, and are hiring in multiple regions, including many open remote jobs.  Check them out! 

Berlin Brands Group
Industry:  Consumer, eCommerce & Marketplaces
Number of Employees: 500 - 1,000
Berlin Brands Group (BBG) has been designing, producing, and selling products in the home & living, consumer electronics, sound & light and sports categories since 2005. We have achieved the unicorn level in 2021, making us one of Europe’s largest digital companies.


Industry:  Healthcare & Pharma, Venture Capital
Number of Employees: 1 - 25
ianacare helps working family caregivers manage the practical and emotional challenges of providing care for loved ones.


Industry:  AI & Machine Learning, eCommerce & Marketplaces
Number of Employees: 26 - 50
Dianthus is a tech meets ecommerce company with a suite of custom AI powered tools. We acquire Shopify and WooCommerce brands and rapidly grow them with AI and Machine Learning.  


Industry: Big Data & Analytics, Enterprise Software / SaaS
Number of Employees: 51 - 100
Radar is the leading geofencing platform. We help you build amazing location-based product and service experiences.


Cohere Health
Industry:  Healthcare & Pharma
Number of Employees: 250 - 500
Cohere Health is illuminating healthcare for patients, their doctors, and all those who are important in a patient’s healthcare experience, both in and out of the doctors office. 


Industry:  Consumer, eCommerce & Marketplaces
Number of Employees: 101 - 250

Flexcar empowers all walks of life the flexibility to have a car of their own without the hassles of traditional car ownership. Convenient and affordable, Flexcar is here to disrupt a 90 Billion dollar industry by providing customers an alternative to car leases and ownership.