Inari is the SEEDesign™ company. We embrace the diversity and complexity of nature in every aspect of our business to drive innovation – to push the boundaries of what is possible. Through our unrivaled technology platform, Inari uses predictive design and advanced multiplex gene editing to develop step-change products. We are taking a nature positive approach to unlock the full potential of seed that will transform the food system. The results will lead to more productive acres delivering value creation for farmers and a more sustainable future for our planet.

Our success is dependent on great minds, collaborating to generate bright ideas and deliver exceptional outcomes.

Recent News: Inari Raises $124 Million to Design Seeds for a More Sustainable Food System


Growth powered by technology, seeded by people

Our team is driven to transform the global food system for the benefit of farmers, society and the planet. We’re powered by a strong focus on camaraderie, professional development, and external collaboration with leaders of industry and academia, all of which allow us to forge personal connections that strengthen our teams.

  • Values

Ambitiously grounded

We embrace challenges and take risks to deliver high impact results. We respect diverse views, seeking out and supporting ideas from others.

We’ve deliberately built a team that brings diversity of thought to all aspects of our business. A team that generates new ideas, approaches, and ways of operating. We’ve intentionally combined experience with potential, bringing agriculture industry experts together with bright minds from areas such as academia, human therapeutics, software, and consulting.

Collaborative innovators

We are curious explorers who believe collaboration can overcome limitations and expedite success. We bring new people together to cultivate diversity in thinking, development and execution.

Building connections across teams is vital to our culture. Partnerships and collaborations, internally and externally, drive our ability to deliver world-changing impact.

Stewards of our planet

We hold ourselves accountable for the footprint that we create and strive to protect the earth for future generations.

We challenge the status quo of the food system with our bold culture and desire for a more sustainable approach to farming. Our SEEDesign™ platform unlocks new possibilities using predictive design and advanced multiplex editing to match the diversity and complexity of nature itself.