Immuta is the modern data access and control solution for DataOps and engineering teams with cloud data ecosystems. Immuta automates access and privacy controls across multiple cloud services, eliminating the need for data engineers to copy or move data, identify and remove sensitive information, and manage complex user roles across multiple platforms. With Immuta, data consumers can safely discover, access and analyze more cloud data - even the most sensitive - without having to change how they work or adopt new analytics tools.

Immuta was founded in 2014 based on a mission within the U.S. Intelligence Community to build a platform that accelerates self-service access and control of sensitive data. Our award-winning automated data governance software platform creates trust across security, legal, compliance, and business teams to enable collaboration and ensure timely access to critical business data with minimal risks.

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Being an employee at Immuta isn’t just about the work. It’s about cultivating your expertise, taking care of family, growing personally, and enjoying what you do. We make a point of balancing serious work with good humor, camaraderie, and strongly encouraged vacations. We’re growing fast, and expanding our team in a variety of disciplines.

  • Values

Mission Focused

Born out of a government mission, we understand why data is about more than just analytics – it also represents our values. Our mission is to enable the legal and ethical use of data, ensuring that data is accessible to only those who need it, for the right reasons, and in the proper form.

Humble Intellects

We are experts in privacy, ethics, law, and engineering. But true expertise requires constant change – to always learn and to always adapt. And that means we excel as students and as teachers. We have something to learn from everyone, at any time, in any place.

Independent Achievers

We don’t need guidance to get things done, yet we know when to ask for help. We accomplish our mission while upholding our values, whatever it takes.

Helpful and Caring

For us, life is about the values we uphold, not the credit we receive or the attention we garner. We operate with respect and consideration of our peers, acting with empathy, honesty, transparency, and integrity.