ianacare organizes and mobilizes all the layers of support for family caregivers - all in one place. Our platform is a user-friendly way to coordinate everyday help (meals, rides, respite care, childcare, pet care, house errands) from personal social circles (friends, family, coworkers, neighbors). The #1 advice from social workers is to ask friends and family for help to prevent burnout and provide the best care, yet it's socially awkward and inefficient to organize the logistics. By leveraging the powerful combination of technology and real communities, ianacare effectively lifts this burden and ignites practical and emotional support.

ianacare's platform then seamlessly integrates and curates employer benefits, local resources, expert content, and personalized coaching - to personally guide the caregiver throughout the different phases of the journey. We have proven 83% increase of employees taking zero time off of work due to increased support. Reported 17% higher in feeling supported and 30% reduction in being overwhelmed. 

Our innovative and community-centered approach also helps employers create a tangible care culture by demonstrating their commitment and providing ways to come together as a community to support them. 



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We are a passionate team of caregivers, supporters, patients, and medical professionals. Our perspective continues to be shaped from all angles of this complex journey. We believe that caregiving in itself is not a problem to be fixed. Family caregiving is one of the most honorable acts of love. The problem is that it’s not supported as well as it should be.

Our mission is to encourage, empower, and equip family caregivers so they can fulfill one of the greatest purposes in life. We advocate for big picture changes while creating tangible support and tools today. Our hope is to shape generations to love and care for one another with humanity and dignity, especially during life’s most vulnerable moments. And we won’t stop until the 43.5 million family caregivers are embraced with the love and support they deserve.

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Flexible Time Off
3 week paid sabbatical after 3 years
Top-notch healthcare, dental and vision.