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Grubhub Company Overview

Here at Grubhub we’ve been dedicated to giving diners the most convenient way to order food from their favorite restaurants.

While we are food-obsessed, we are also customer-obsessed. We look to constantly innovate our technology so our diners’ food experience is memorable, restaurant owners get more business and individuals across the country looking for work can deliver the food from the restaurant to the diner flawlessly. We take great pride in knowing that we are a part of 24 million diners food ordering experience and feature 300,000 restaurants in 4,000 US cities and London, across our suite of apps (Grubhub, LevelUp, Seamless, Tapingo, AllMenus and MenuPages).

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Our Values

Customer Obsessed.  Diners, drivers and restaurants are WHY we’re here. We serve each with pride and building amazing experiences for them is our purpose.

Diverse Collaborators.  We value all perspectives and believe they create better products. We work across teams and boundaries because we are better together.

Curious Innovators.  We ask ‘why?’ and ‘why not?’ We are passionate about understanding new things and solving problems in creative and unconventional ways.

Scrappy Entrepreneurs.  We have a determined spirit, a bias for action, we think like owners. At every level, we are committed to rolling up our sleeves and getting the hard work done. We thrive in quick decision-making environments where accountability is high, and we can take risks and jump on opportunities. We challenge the status quo every day.

Rigorously Analytical.  Data is our native language. Every hunch can be tested, every impact can be measured and everything measured can be optimized. Nothing is sacred except for continuous improvement.

Authentically Fun.   Life is short and we have real lives that are important to us so we don’t want to work a boring day job.  We are proud of our culture that fosters excitement and creative energy while encouraging individuality and a healthy work-life balance.

Alex Shuck LevelUp
Alex Shuck
Director of Marketing & Analytics

Everyone here knows what’s going on with the business—what’s working, what’s not working—and it’s very transparent from the top down. I think that transparency just makes all of our passion for the mission of LevelUp even bolder.

Alex's three favorite places on LevelUp: sweetgreen, Sip Cafe, House of Siam

Cindy Tran LevelUp
Cindy Tran
Software Engineer

What gets me most excited about the future of LevelUp is this really strong network that we’re building. We’re growing really fast, and we’re looking to add a lot of value for our users and merchants. I love coming in every day. Everyone here is super smart and super friendly—and I get to learn a lot.

Cindy's three favorite places on LevelUp:​ Tea Do, Momo N Curry, Oath Pizza

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