Boston AI/ML startup building solutions to help nonprofits fundraise more intelligently.


124 Vernon Street
Newton, MA 02458

Company Overview

Gravyty helps nonprofits raise more money and build better relationships with donors

We analyze private, public, and behavioral data to help predict which donors and prospects will give the next biggest gift and offer prescriptive suggestions through email, calendar, CRM, and mobile to help fundraisers work more intelligently. Our solutions improve the workflows and outcomes in a market that includes 600,000 nonprofits across higher education, hospitals, causes, and more. Notable customers include Yale, Yeshiva, United Way, Lahey Hospital, and more.

Our technology-focused approach is pushing the industry forward. We apply artificial intelligence and machine learning - terms not typically associated with the nonprofit sector - to do things that are magical, automatic, and meaningful for organizations, their supporters, and those they assist.

As a company, we are funded by notable Boston-based investors from Launchpad, Stage1, NXT, and more. We are the first member of Pledge 1% Boston in which Adam and Rich pledge 1% of their personal equity to nonprofits on exit and we are proud alumni of MassChallenge and the Babson Butler Venture Accelerator. We are looking to grow our team and on the lookout for smart, driven people who want to apply computer science, data science, and marketing to something brand new in a sector that improves the lives of millions around the world.


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At Gravyty, we are intentional about building a great culture for ourselves, our supporters, and our customers. We work hard to embody a winning spirit ("Win Every Day" is stenciled on our wall) as well as a foundation of humility and deep purpose ("Software with a soul" is on all our t-shirts and marketing material). We find that this balances an ability to execute quickly with a fun, personal approach to business.

Further, we developed core principles that are displayed in our office and are included in every proposal we send to customers and partners.


Lindsey Athanasiou
Director of Sales

"I recently left a career in higher education fundraising to join Gravyty and couldn’t be happier with my decision. We work hard, fast, and always with a healthy dose of weird humor. Artificial intelligence is a really exciting and evolving space to be in; every day, we learn and improve our products. I love having the opportunity to help non-profits achieve new fundraising heights with Gravyty."

Jonathan Michaels
Head of Software Development

"Working at Gravyty gives me a large degree of control over product and technology decisions, as well as influence on the direction of the company, that I would not have at a large corporation. At Gravyty,​ we don't believe that product decisions should only come from the top; making product decisions truly is a collaborative effort between the technology side of the company and the business side. The team at Gravyty is highly motivated, willing to speak their minds, and willing to hear what everyone has to say. That is exactly the work environment that I believe helps us succeed."






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Posted on: November 1, 2016