Filtered is a platform that helps companies hire better engineers based on ability, not resumes. We're allowing non-technical teams all over the world to feel empowered hiring engineers.

We’re closing the gap between what companies want to do when hiring and what they actually need to do.

To do that, we need time, happy customers, lots and lots of data, and the most caring team on the planet. 

Our product is used by Startup Unicorns and Fortune 500 companies.


All of us here are making this company something personal.

In fact, apart from the software, we’re finding ourselves becoming a strong, ambitious, and creative (plus, proudly multicultural) team as well. This is due to a foundation of encouraging excellence through everyday learning and creativity.

It’s not easy to build a culture of learning, teaching, forgiveness, and leading by example. But we do our best.

An interesting bonus is that in a company of less than 50 people, our quirks define the company. Every new person who joins brings something unique which shapes how we spend our day and what we learn from each other. We’re hoping not to lose that feeling as we grow.

Usually, startups don’t have a lot of room for people without previous experience, but at Filtered we choose to learn together, coach where necessary, and seek outside guidance when we reach our limits.

…. we like to get out there and have fun too.