Scientists and engineers at FeatureX use computer vision, deep learning and statistical machine learning to understand the past and predict the future. 


101 Main Street, 14th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142

Company Overview

An early-stage startup located in the heart of Kendall square, FeatureX builds three things: products, technologies, and teams. We value innovation and creativity, excellence in research and development, and delivering world class products.

At FeatureX, our team uses machine learning and other AI technologies to discover meaningful patterns in the world's data. Through computer vision, deep learning and statistical machine learning, our scientists and engineers build tools to understand the past and predict the future. We discover signals in diverse sets of data, including millions of high-resolution satellite images and financial market time series data.

At its core, FeatureX is devoted to machine learning research and development. We make extensive use of open source deep learning and statistical machine learning libraries, but go beyond that to develop unique architectures and algorithms. Here are a few of the areas on which we're focused:  

  • Innovative structures for CNNs
  • General/discriminative adversarial learning (GAN)
  • Autoencoders and unsupervised pattern recognition
  • Coevolutionary Learning and Rule Induction
  • Financial Asset and Cross Asset Prediction and Modeling
  • Recurrent neural networks and LSTMs

We are hiring skilled researchers and engineers in the fields of computer vision and machine learning. If these topics and our business sounds intriguing, don't be shy--we'd love to hear from you!  


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At FeatureX, our company culture is defined by much more than just the foosball table and happy hours (though we won't lie, those are pretty crucial too). We hire team members who are eager to learn, are driven to produce original research and high-quality products, and are committed to supporting one another in our personal and professional growth.

As a team, our expectations of ourselves and one another are high. We work with intellectually stimulating and engaging peers every day, and we expect to impact the world in a positive way. We also expect maximum fun at company outings and casual after-work dinners!

As a company, FeatureX makes this easy. We care for the health and happiness of our team with 100% health and dental coverage, a fully funded HSA, monthly gym membership, cell phone reimbursement, MBTA reimbursement, food, and entertainment.

We also address the intellectual needs of the team, regularly sending members to worldwide scientific conferences and attending local lectures and meetups as well. It's no coincidence that we're right in MIT's backyard; we're in their buildings too, attending their talks and meeting their professors or guest speakers. But some of the best talks are those that don’t even require leaving the office. FeatureX hosts a weekly seminar during which we discuss a recent or relevant paper in the field of machine learning. We gather with invited guests from MIT, Harvard, and other members of industry to dig deep into challenging and interesting machine learning topics. The seminars are crucial in keeping the team current and stimulating new ideas.    


Pau Kung
Computer Vision Research Scientist

I really like the research environment at FeatureX. It’s stimulating! I have to tackle a lot of very interesting or challenging problems that use machine learning in a novel way and I know that I'm doing important work in leveraging satellite images. Doing this alongside a really nice cohort of people makes the whole process a lot more fun. I have a lot of ownership over the problems I'm solving but also a lot of collaboration and opportunity to learn new things from. 

The machine learning seminars that we host are great as well. We invite people from MIT, Harvard, and other companies within the industry to come disucss papers. It’s become really valuable to have people from varying backgrounds get together to discuss groundbreaking, forefront research.

The one reason I came here rather than anywhere else is the potential – there’s a lot of potential for company growth, and at this current stage there’s a lot of opportunity for personal pursuits, growth, and contribution. The return is tenfold – developing new technologies, building products, and scaling the technology. That’s very attractive.

Another factor is leadership. Gil has a lot of experience to bring to the table. Not many companies in this space can say that. That alone is worth the opportunity. Very worth it.

Emily Rogers
Recruiting and Operations Coordinator

I've never been happier at a job - and that's because the best thing about FeatureX is that it doesn't feel like a job. I come into an environment every day, surrounded with brilliant minds and passionate people. Every member of this team cares about the work we do and what we produce. We also care about our successes - both as a team and our own personal success. It's truly a unique place to be. 

Jeet Mohapatra
Machine Learning Intern

I’m really enjoying my internship here. First of all, the employees at FeatureX really know how to do research, and it’s not just bottom-line focused or narrowed into churning out product that may or may not work. We’re meticulous about how we take the steps, and Gil is really focused on that which is great.

The ability to do research was what drew me to FeatureX. My hope when I started was that I would get a lot of practical and theoretical experience in machine learning. Now, after almost two months, I have received what I expected from the practical training and even more than I expected from the theoretical. Everyone is super smart and has helped me out and taught me a lot. I didn’t necessarily have experience with everything, but they made the transition and learning curve a lot easier.

I've had a lot of fun here too. I'm getting pretty good at foosball! 

Matt Falk
Senior Software Engineer

I joined FeatureX because I was looking to challenge both my strengths and weaknesses. Since joining, I have had the ability to nourish my coding expertise, while at the same time learning all about statistics and machine learning. Through the many internal machine learning discussions that take place as well as the weekly seminars (where we present and dissect in industry paper) I have had the opportunity to ramp up quickly in the machine learning space.

I moved to Boston to join FeatureX and am glad to have found a group of people that I really enjoy working with. It's made for an especially enjoyable work environment, as well as place that I don't mind hanging out at even when I am not working!



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