Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 6:00pm

Why aren't we moving? An insider look at the MBTA.

Alley powered by Verizon
10 Ware St
Cambridge, MA
Civic Series

You are on your way to work when the train comes to a screeching halt. Or maybe your train has been replaced by shuttle service once again. Perhaps, the board says your train is one minute away and ten minutes later you’re still standing on the platform. Public transportation can drive us crazy while also being a significantly better option than braving Boston traffic. We longingly admire European cities transit and wonder why can’t Boston do the same?! 

At our next Civic Series event, join us to learn what is going on behind the scenes in our transit system, dispel some of our favorite transit myths, and get your lingering questions answered such as:

  • What is a cascading delay? 
  • Why can’t transit fund itself?
  • How is the money flowing and being allocated?
  • What is all the fuss about the green line extension?
  • What exactly is happening underground?

The event will be presented by transportation expert, Matthew Ciborowski, Senior Planner at Arup and lifelong transportation devotee. The presentation will be followed by an extensive Q&A, beer, and snacks! 

SPEAKER: Matthew Ciborowski

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