Tuesday, May 23, 2017 - 6:00pm

Swap Meet

WeWork Fort Point
51 Melcher St., The DugOut
Boston, MA
WeWork Fort Point & Hyperscale

Rebuild financial services for the cloud era. At our Swap Meet we will buy, sell, trade, and launch Web services for your industry. It will be a fun event where we map functions and figure out who is buying, selling, and building the services we need. Jeremy Josse of Brock Capital will be in the house to advise about funding enterprise spinouts and startup. Come if you are working on cloud and IT architecture for banks, securities, insurance, or related startups. WHO IS IT FOR? * Banks * Insurance companies * Securities and investment firms * Cloud and service architects * Startups and vendors providing relevant Web services THE PLAN Andy Singleton of Hyperscale.ai will describe the movement to cloud and shared services and lay out some big areas of finance IT that will use a lot of shared services - by line of business, or by function. Mapping: we break into groups to map those areas into more specific services. Each group brings back a diagram on a big poster. Swap meet! Participants have sticky notes with different colors (sell / buy / build) where they can write their name and their interest. They post the sticky notes onto the relevant diagrams. Networking: Snacks and beverages. While socializing is going on we will compile a list of buyers and sellers from the sticky notes.

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