Tuesday, September 12, 2017 - 6:00pm

Startup Board Game Night for Resilient Coders

WeWork South Station
745 Atlantic Ave. 8th Floor
Boston, MA
East Coast Product

BGN Fans,   

We're excited to bring you September's Board Game Night, as always hosted by East Coast Product, and this month sponsored by WeWork and Fort Point Legal. Special thanks to Fort Point Legal who's giving away another $100 Amazon Gift Card this month!!

Your $5 registration includes drinks and snacks. All proceeds benefit the ever awesome Resilient Coders, an organization dedicated to making web tech education more accessible to urban youth.

Half-networking, half-gaming -- it's the only event in Boston that brings together innovation enthusiasts for an evening of friendly competition and great conversation. Don't forget to spread the word; Like us on Facebook, use the hashtag #BGN26, and tweet us @BGNio to stay in the loop and build our community.

Our games include:

• Settlers of Catan

• Race to the Galaxy

• Dominion

• Marvel Legendary

• Succession

• Puerto Rico

• DiXit

• San Juan 

• Or bring your own! 

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