Tuesday, July 16, 2019 - 6:00pm

Scaling Up Business: Building Collaborative Teams and Work Environments #SUB2

285 Summer St
Boston, MA
Boston New Technology

21+. Join us to:

  • Meet and learn from experts in building collaborative teams and work environments

  • Ask our experts your questions about building teams

  • Network with startup founders and business professionals

  • Enjoy dinner with beer, wine & more

Scaling Up Business is an event series designed to help local businesses grow operations and sales, quickly and effectively, once they have product-market fit. Join founders, managers, executives and consultants to learn strategies, best practices and actionable tactics to drive profitable growth from accomplished experts in a variety of areas, including leadership, sales, marketing, engineering, human resources, finance, operations and law.

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Talk 1: The Future of Work Redefined: The Impact of Rapidly Changing Workplace Demographics and How to Adapt

Why does the future of work matter? Millennials are the fastest growing and most racially and ethnically diverse generation of the workforce. Companies and their leaders that want to remain competitive must be able to effectively connect with this demographic and increase empathy and collaboration across generations, races, ethnicities, and genders. Join this interactive workshop and learn key ways to enhance sponsorship, reverse mentoring and inclusive leadership in your organization.

Josuel Plasencia, Co-Founder and President, Forefront

Presenter: Josuel Plasencia, Co-Founder and President, Forefront

Josuel Plasencia is the Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Forefront, a premier training provider for the future of work, helping leading employers become more innovative, competitive, and profitable as workplace demographics in the United States continue to shift rapidly. He has been featured in NBC, ABC, PBS, C-SPAN, and the Wall Street Journal. Josuel has corporate experience in the areas of finance, business strategy and international development with Accenture, Goldman Sachs, EY, KPMG, BNY Mellon and the Boston Red Sox. He is a World Economic Forum Global Shaper, NationsWell Council Member, 4.0 Schools Fellow, Kairos Fellow, StartingBloc Fellow and a member of the LeadBoston Leadership program. A thought leader in millennial engagement and diversity and inclusion, Josuel has spoken at renowned events and conferences, including speaking at the United Nations, Liberty Mutual, Deloitte, Columbia University and at South by Southwest, the Ashoka U Changemaker Conference, and the ALPFA Convention. He has a Bachelor's of Science from Babson College. Josuel currently sits on the Alumni Leadership Council of the National Academy Foundation and is a former board member at ALPFA, the largest Latino business association in the United States. Josuel enjoys dancing salsa, playing guitar, following the Mets and travel.

Talk 2: Gaining Insight on Our Personal Filters to Improve Collaboration

Everyone has a unique filter through which they see the world. What is the impact of this filter upon interactions in the workplace? This presentation will help attendees to understand how insights into their own personal filters will improve collaboration, communication and teamwork in today's multicultural workplaces.

Kari Heistad, Founder and CEO, Culture Coach International & Diversity Dashboard

Presenter: Kari Heistad, Founder and CEO, Culture Coach International & Diversity Dashboard

For more than 20 years, Kari Heistad, CEO of Culture Coach International(CCI), has focused on helping organizations solve teamwork issues that arise from diverse and multicultural teams. Intent upon helping companies understand the bottom-line impact of cultural and diversity issues, the work of CCI is both practical and strategic. Kari helps organizations align their work of diversity and inclusion to solve issues that keep senior leaders up at night. In 2017, Kari founded the Diversity Dashboard, which is an online project management software, custom-designed for diversity professionals, to help them track their activities, measure their results and report the ROI of their work and its ability to build inclusive, effective organizations that drive business results.

Talk 3: Culture and Collaboration with Remote Teams

Technology has made remote work more efficient than ever. It's become common at tech startups in particular, who increasingly see distributed workforces as a way to access a broader talent pool, save money, and offer employees more flexibility. However, remote work comes with a number of important challenges. Companies are being forced to rethink the ways they develop company culture and the way employees collaborate. The speaker is Jesse Gildesgame, CEO of BooksTime, a national bookkeeping firm with both remote and office-based teams. He will share lessons learned, common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and provide actionable tips for companies with remote teams.

Presenter: Jesse Gildesgame, CEO of BooksTime

Jesse Gildesgame, CEO of BooksTime

Jesse is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping other entrepreneurs succeed. He previously held a leadership role at Language International, a successful Harvard Business School startup that enables language students to find and enroll in language courses around the world. He's a graduate of Bowdoin College and a member of Founders Pledge.

Joining the speakers for the panel discussion:

Tanya Garvin, Account Executive at Poppin

Tanya Garvin, Account Executive at Poppin


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