Thursday, September 12, 2019 - 4:00pm


GA Boston
125 Summer Street, 13th Floor
Boston, MA
General Assembly

Are your data and engineering teams growing? Find your next hire at General Assembly.Hiring from GA is a great ROI. Skip the tedious resume screenings and connect with multiple candidates in one event. GA candidates can bring diverse professional experience to your team. Many of them are looking for junior-level roles aligned with the skills they just developed at GA, while others are suited for mid-career, management-level opportunities.

Meet the Tech Talent

This event features two types of candidates:

  • Data scientists, data analysts, and data engineers with experience in data visualization, regression and modeling techniques, machine learning, and tools like Python, SQL, Tableau, and Hadoop. Our skilled coders and statisticians have collected and transformed extremely large datasets into usable insights with predictive power.

  • Software Engineers, skilled in Git, Javascript, jQuery, HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, Node, Express, React.js, MongoDB, SQL, problem-solving, planning, modeling, and maintaining applications with client-API architectures, as well as software engineering principles including design patterns, sorting algorithms, big O notation, recursion, and data structures from linked lists to binary trees. These engineers have worked in teams and independently to build functioning sites that solve real-world business problems.

How it Works: Two Simultaneous Talent Showcases

Drop in anytime to chat with our candidates in an informal, science-fair-style event. Share any open job opportunities at your company. The concentrated meet-and-greet format will allow you to:

  • Meet and interview multiple candidates in a short time.
  • Review and discuss candidates’ portfolio projects.
  • Find the right cultural fit for your company with informal, one-on-one conversations.

Let us accelerate your hiring process by connecting you with quality talent in Data Science and Software Engineering. We’ll do all the work; you just have to show up.

Drinks and light refreshments are also on GA! A talent book with a profile on each candidate, as well as a schedule of the data science presentations, will be sent to registered guests the week of the event. If you can’t make it, let us know your hiring needs and we would be happy to recruit talent exclusively for you.

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