Thursday, October 11, 2018 - 9:00am

Golden Seeds Office Hours

77 4th Avenue
Waltham, MA
Golden Seeds Boston

Golden Seeds is pleased to announce an upcoming information presentation and Office Hours session. This event is limited to companies with a female entrepreneur in a senior management position. This session is limited to 16 entrepreneurs, so register early. Note: due to limited space, we ask that a maximum of TWO representatives per company attend.


Golden Seeds Info Session

Experienced private investors will lead a presentation on the basics of angel funding and the Golden Seeds investment process.


Golden Seeds Office Hours

Thirty minute-long one-on-one sessions with experienced angel investors who will provide feedback on your business venture or answer questions about the angel investing process. Time slots will be assigned when you arrive.


Please note: Attending an Office Hours session does not guarantee your company will be considered for funding by Golden Seeds. This is not a screening session and you are not pitching for funding.


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