Tuesday, June 20, 2017 - 9:00am

Gigaom AI Workshop – Boston

290 Congress Street 7th Floor
Boston, MA

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As an executive, you are probably trying to make sense of all the possibilities with AI and the dizzying array of competing platforms. At Gigaom, we’ve developed an AI Workshop to help you learn how to apply AI in your business and what all the various AI tools can do for you today.

This June we’re taking the show on the road, and bringing this special one-day workshop to three cities: San Francisco, Austin, and Boston. Join us in a city near you for a hands-on introduction to AI that will give you a working knowledge of what you can do with cloud-based AI offerings from IBM, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and others.

This workshop is ideal for managers of all levels. We start at 9:00 and by 4:00, everyone will have a working understanding of the capabilities of the key AI platforms, including what works right now and what doesn’t.

Sample Workshop Sessions

Build real-world AI solutions using the latest technologies from Amazon Echo, IBM Watson, Google, Salesforce Einstein, Microsoft, and open source options.

Predictive Customer/Lead Engagement – Really powerful use case for AI in operations. This demo highlights some of IBM Watson’s most useful APIs (Language Alchemy, Personality Insights). This functionality can also be applied across a range of media: social media, email, and content comments.

Predictive Sales – Learn how to score leads and effectively follow-up using Salesforce Einstein.

Voice Control of IoT Devices – Voice interface combined with AI technology will make the complex queries easier. See business applications for Amazon Echo devices.

Image Recognition – An extremely powerful application for nearly every industry. See Google’s current capabilities for facial recognition, emotion recognition, text recognition, damage identification, context awareness.

Speaker Bios

Christopher Mohritz is a lifelong entrepreneur and technologist with a number of successful businesses under his belt; bringing a unique blend of technology know-how coupled with creative thinking and business acumen to each of his projects.

Since 2009, Chris has been building and leveraging artificial intelligence systems to cognify a wide range of business functions — marketing, sales, customer support and decision automation to name a few. And over the past five years, he has been building and operating a business accelerator for web/mobile startups, helping other entrepreneurs launch exceptional “AI-first” businesses.

Chris draws heavily from a deep background in technology — from operating nuclear reactors in the U.S. Navy to designing datacenters at Lockheed Martin. Complemented by a broad range of business experience — from technical sales for the Fortune 500 to project management in the public sector. Allowing Chris to bring a seasoned and unique strategic vision to implementing cognitive systems that drive real-world business value.

Byron Reese is the publisher of Gigaom. He has been building and running Internet and software companies for twenty years. Of the five companies he either started or joined early, two went public, two were sold, and one resulted in a merger.

In addition to serving in a wide range of senior management roles, from CEO to VP of Marketing to Chief Innovation Officer, Byron has produced diverse body of patentable work, authored an award-winning book about the future of technology, and given dozens of talks to both technical and non-technical audiences around the world. He is presently writing a book on AI set to be published in 2017 by Atria, an imprint of Simon & Schuster.

Bloomberg Businessweek credits Byron with having “quietly pioneered a new breed of media company.” Wired Magazine describes him as “a tall Texan who serves as Demand’s chief innovation officer and who created the idea-spawning algorithm that lies at the heart of Demand’s process.” The Financial Times of London reported that he “is typical of the new wave of internet entrepreneurs out to turn the economics of the media industry on its head.” And Business Insider concluded that Byron “seems like a kooky – and awesome guy… We’d love to buy him a beer.”

In addition, Byron and his work has been featured in hundreds of news outlets, including New York Times, Washington Post, Entrepreneur Magazine, USA Today, Reader’s Digest, NPR, and the LA Times Magazine.

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