Saturday, February 18, 2017 - 10:00am

Excel Bootcamp

General Assembly Boston
125 Summer Street
General Assembly

We’ve all heard of Microsoft Excel, and yet a surprising number of people have little to no experience using it. In this class — ideal for people working in business, management, or simply interested in getting more organized — you’ll learn the basics of the application, including calculation, formatting, and charts. The class will also extend beyond the simple addition of data and will put students in a position where Excel is no longer a chore, but a powerful tool to assist in manipulating data efficiently. You’ll learn various functions to help you organize and analyze data and go through situational overviews of time-saving shortcuts to improve your efficiency dramatically.

- Input, transform, and format data for more productive use.
- Analyze data to improve decision making.
- Organize and package data for external consumption.
- Learn how to easily manipulate datasets using pivot tables and other functions.
- Find out how to leverage the onboard data analysis tools to make effective conclusions on data.
- Master the art of shortcuts to streamline the process of analysis in Excel.

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