Monday, June 19, 2017 - 11:45am

Is Equity Crowdfunding Right For Your Early-Stage Company?

281 Summer Street 2nd Floor
Boston, MA
The Capital Network

Is Equity Crowdfunding Right For Your Early-Stage Company?
Get your questions answered at this workshop on the structure, rules and regulations around engaging in Equity Crowdfunding. A year on since the May 2016 SEC Equity Crowdfunding New SEC Guidelines there is a new wave of opportunity for investing - now ANYONE from the accredited investor to your grandma can invest in the next big thing, but what does this really mean for your early stage company? Is this actually an alternative to raising traditional rounds of funding?

Questions answered include:

WHY should I care about regulation crowdfunding?
WHO can engage in regulation crowdfunding?
WHAT is regulation crowdfunding?
WHERE can regulation crowdfunding happen?
WHEN can I engage in regulation crowdfunding?
IS regulation crowdfunding right for me?

Food & Networking time included

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